Speech therapy practice 3x in hanover: list, kleefeld, bothfeld, logopedia hannover

Speech therapy practice 3x in hanover: list, kleefeld, bothfeld, logopedia hannover

Speech Therapy – Experts in Hannover

For voice and language: “BONA LINGUA”

How children and adults help improve their communication and quality of life!

What does Bona Lingua mean??

BONA LINGUA means “good language”, but of course the range of disorders we deal with is far greater. Our name is therefore rather for one holistic concept, the – comprehensive logopedic treatments for all age groups- also offers the best possible service.

What is special about us?

For example, by providing contemporary customer service, we understand that you can always reach us easily. If, in fact, no therapist is available, your request will still be recorded and forwarded to the person concerned and you will receive it within an hour a callback. We are always working to further improve our own standards, because BONA LINGUA wants new standards put. So of course we will always be your wishes appointments, therapists choice or practice account.

What speaks for good ambience and good advice?

But no matter what location: if you value one personal and comprehensive treatment If you are looking for a contemporary and pleasant atmosphere, then you will feel at ease in all our locations. Because one trusting atmosphere for small and large you can expect at BONA LINGUA.
You will be welcomed by modern practice rooms. Even the waiting area invites you to immerse yourself in an espresso or café latté in the magazines offered. We are convinced that a bright, friendly and functional appearance is more conducive to the therapeutic “setting” than a room with crowded shelves.

Why can we offer so many different therapies??

Our employees form expert teams, which is why we offer you throughout the spectrum of voting-, speaking-, language-, and dysphagia at least one specialist can provide.
A team with many colleagues also has one extensive competence and one experience from which everyone benefits.
This internal professional exchange and a targeted internal and external further education Already today we have made sure that we always have an open ear for your concerns and support you competently in all matters relating to the therapy. This includes, for example, the interdisciplinary exchange with doctors and institutions.

New ways and individual services.

This is also what our logo stands for: we listen to you and – if necessary – speak for you!
Does not work, we do not exist. Our experience in discussions with Doctors and health insurance companies, have often led to common solutions that are for the benefit of the patient.
A comprehensive consultation and enlightenment is therefore part of our offer and regardless of whether a therapy takes place in our premises, in a care facility or at your home: patients of all ages deserve the best (and even in their mother tongue if necessary: ​​Polish & Turkish). That’s why you choose BONA LINGUA – we look forward to seeing you!

0511 – 655 80 773
available: 24/7


Bona Lingua – Now 3 × for you in Hannover

Choose your cheapest practice location

You can reach all the practices under a telephone number: 0511 – 655 80 773 (available 24/7)
We look forward to it small & welcome large patients to our spacious, beautiful new premises.

Get a picture of our modern premises

When can speech therapy help my child??

Experience language with all senses

Unlike adults are the Disorder pictures in children more extensive and whose causes are linked to even more factors. An essential aspect is the right one Assessment of age-related development status. Many parents tell that their children do not speak as much as others or more indistinctly than others from an early age.
Sometimes that too motor activity restricted or it is one hearing impairment in front.

Other reasons include socio-cultural backgrounds:

For example, the fact that a child grows up in a multilingual household is an important factor. The way of “multilingualism“But here can be very complex: Both parents do not speak German, two languages ​​are spoken, the languages ​​are constantly changing or each parent speaks only one language with the child, and so on.

There are a large number of backgrounds in language development delays alone.
If you still have the Malformations of sounds (the classic here is the lisp), which in turn may lie in an insufficiently trained articulation musculature or, for example, in a jaw malposition.

Another typical speech-related abnormality in children is the interchanging of sounds, e.g. Potato instead of potato. The children can make the sounds, but not use them properly. It becomes clear how complex the topic of speech therapy in children really is. Here a sensitive speech therapist is needed.

In addition, there is still the area of physical and or mental limitations or a combination of these. But also traumatic Events that can even occur before birth can be found as triggers in case of a mutism (child does not speak) or one Auditory perception or processing disorder.

Which disturbance images are there?

  • Speech and speech disorders
  • in vocabulary and speech comprehension
  • in sentence structure and grammar
  • Phonological disorders
  • in articulation, oral motor skills
  • Late talker
  • Dysphagia (in orthodontic treatment)
  • Sucking and feeding disorders in infancy
  • Flow disturbances (stuttering, rumbling)
  • Speech disorders in disabilities
  • Speech disorders in disabilities
  • Speech development disorders in multilingualism
  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Auditory perception and processing disorder

What do I have to do to help my child??

In general, the pediatrician in the context of the U-investigations can determine, for example, if there is a language development delay. In addition are ENT, Dentists and Oral Surgeons possible contact persons. Important too audiologists or Social pediatric centers (SPZ).
Regardless, BONA LINGUA offers you one free initial assessment as a special service, because our speech therapists and their experience through the daily dealings with those affected make it often easier for us to assess the child. Incidentally, we have a very wide range of tests. In fact, there are age-related abnormalities, which disappear again on their own.

Basically, that applies the sooner a disorder is treated, the better are the therapy prospects. Therefore, it is better to check more than not enough!

Nevertheless, you still currently need a regulation in Germany doctor or naturopath, to be able to receive a speech therapy.
If you have received such a regulation then call us and we will arrange a timely appointment.

How is the therapy done by the speech therapist??

If the patient is new to us or has returned after a long break, one will first of all find one primary reporting instead of. In this case, the parents are usually a longer part of the therapy unit present before the therapist (speech therapist) alone the Testing and assessment continues to perform. Finally, you will receive a preliminary assessment and information about the further course of therapy.

In the following appointments, if the child is still accompanied, the therapist usually asks for brief feedback from the parent or guardian. The therapy is usually, however without the escort carried out.

The last 5 minutes of a session will then be available again to briefly explain the therapy results to the parents, to explain possible progress and changes, and to discuss the homework (!). Because even in speech therapy applies: Practice creates masters!

How long does the therapy last??

A therapy unit almost always takes in children 45 minutes, only rarely are 30 or 60 prescribed. Within this time window, the above process takes place.
A regulation usually includes 10 units, which should be done 1-2 times a week.

Unfortunately there is no rule of thumb, how many regulations are necessary. This, like the causes, depends on so many different factors that it is practically impossible to give guideline values.

Important NOTE:

You can make a great contribution to faster treatment success yourself by ensuring that the agreed deadlines are met. Even practicing with the child or the implementation of homework have a positive effect.

We will give you an expert assessment and will assist you with competence and ❤

Just make an appointment to get to know us at one of our locations.

You can also book appointments directly online with us.

☎ Direct telephone line: 0511 – 655 80 773

What can Bona Lingua do for adults?

Speech therapy for adults in Hannover

“Old burdens”

Many adults suffer speech abnormalities, very often from non- or wrongly treated causes from the childhood arise from. Once you have “arranged” the symptom, there is a risk that it will subconsciously become part of your own personality. A therapy is often considered again only when the circumstances change: A new partner, a new job, a new position. This then makes the treatment success often a challenge even to our experts.


A friend Error scope are disorders of the voice, which are also typical of many occupational groups, in which much is spoken or recited, for example, singer or teacher. While well-trained singers usually know the mechanisms around their voices, so they regularly train them and warm themselves before each performance, other professions often do not have that awareness. Anyone who has worked for days at a trade show, who sang a lot during a concert, or who spent hours singing after the rise of his favorite team, knows how much their own vocal cords can suffer. (Tip: Whispering only makes it worse!). If this problem becomes chronic and pathological then you need our support and help.


A special field are speech disorders, speech disorders or dysphagia as they look for one illness or an accident can occur. A neurological disease, For example, what happens after a stroke brings many concerns and questions to the person and family. Here we help with information and targeted therapeutic measures.

Information for the patient and the relatives

Education and advice is therefore our first important step. Our employees for the adult area then set up an individual therapy for the affected person. This is how your therapist gets you optimal support, to get back into your private and professional life. At a degenerative disease (for example, Parkinson’s or dementia) our goal is to maintain communication skills or swallowing and self-sufficient eating as long as possible.
A close exchange with the patient, the relatives and the nursing staff is particularly important to us and provides significantly more security for dealing with the respective illness.

Speech Therapy Experts work with you

In order to provide you with targeted advice for your needs, we put together a team of experts in the field of neurology last year. This specialist team especially cares about the therapy more difficult dysphagia (dysphagia) such as tracheostomy– or respiratory patients and provides training to facilities and nursing staff. If you have a question or need advice about a neurological illness, you can arrange a free consultation with one of our specialists.

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