Spending the night in a castle (▷)

Who the locations of the Knight and want to experience damsels up close, you can spend the night in a real castle.

There are various options from which you can choose the right one depending on your preference and budget:

1. Castle Hotels

Sleep in a historic castle building and feel like a real knight or noblewoman.

Even if the buildings are several hundred years old, you don’t have to do without the amenities of a modern hotel. Electricity, heating and running water make residing a little more pleasant than the castle residents had at the time. Nevertheless, you feel like you are back in the knighthood when you enter such a historic castle or castle building.

The special rooms and the ambience make the Uraub in an castle hotel an experience.

Get inspiration from the 8 most popular castle hotels here at travelbook!

2. Youth hostels

Spending the night in a castle doesn’t have to be expensive. There are also some youth hostels that are housed in castle buildings. There you can also spend a great stay in a real castle on a budget.

Castle Vacation with children

The great thing about youth hostels is that they are designed for families with children. That is why many also offer entertainment programs and activities related to castle life that are suitable for children.

Interesting youth hostels can be found all over Germany and most of them can also be reached by public transport.

➔ Here is a list of youth hostels in castles or palaces.

3. Campsites

Another exciting option are campsites that are on or close to a castle site. For example the campsite Burg Lahneck or the place Burg Eltz, where there are several castles nearby.

In such places you often have a great view of a castle. And it is a perfect starting point to explore one or more knight’s castles.

4. Medieval camps for children

Medieval camps are a great opportunity to live in a castle and at the same time to get to know the lives of people in the Middle Ages. You spend the night in tents on the Burgplatz or even in the old castle walls.

There are many activities around that Medieval life: Making clothes, building bow and arrow toys, singing old songs or playing adventurous medieval games. A campfire with stick bread should not be missing at a medieval camp, of course!

The children can visit many medieval camps alone without parents. The children then live together with youth leaders in the castle during the holiday camp. The advantage of these overnight stays at the castle is that they also get to know other children. The free time is usually not expensive, as many such free times are sponsored by churches or youth organizations and the castle offers cheap accommodation.

A medieval camp is offered, for example, by the Evangelische Jugendzentrale Otterbach or on the Johannitergut Beinrode.


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