Spiekeroog holidays – travel guides and tips for the North Sea island

Enchanted by Spiekeroog

Of the East Frisian Islands, Spiekeroog is the quietest and greenest. What is there to discover and where to find the right apartment? Tips for Spiekeroog.

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An island with ten letters

My most beautiful North Sea island starts with S. A Y does not appear in it and it also has more than four letters. In fact, it has ten letters S-P-I-E-K-E-R-O-O-G. And actually I should not write about her here, because I would like to have her for me alone. Spiekeroog has enchanted me.

Beach of Spiekeroog – it is not beautiful?

Famous Spiekeroog fans

I am not alone with this enthusiasm for Spiekeroog, unfortunately word has spread that the North Sea island is a unique idyll. The ex-Federal President Johannes Rau and Richard von Weizsäcker like her as well as Revolverheld singer Johannes Strate liked to vacation there. Rocket engineer Wernher von Braun even graduated from the Spiekerooger boarding school.

The beautiful dunes of the island

What is the beauty of this island? It’s the time out. There is nothing on Spiekeroog. Only the most necessary and in addition the North Sea with beach, waves and wind. Nothing distracts from the essentials, no shopping malls, no golf courses. Event highlights are a paper boat regatta or the dune singing. And yet vacationing on Spiekeroog is dangerous, because it’s always a bit of a confrontation with yourself. Only with time, little external stimuli and distractions can explore the deeper layers of your own being. This is the only way to see where tensions or injuries are. That can be tough.

There is really nothing on Spiekeroog but sand and sea.

Spiekeroog is not an island to present his new shoes or cars, that does not suit her. That’s exactly what makes it so pleasant for me and the most beautiful of the North Sea islands. You do not have to make any decisions, there is only a small supermarket, a pharmacy and 800 inhabitants.

The ferry to Spiekeroog.

The ferry to Spiekeroog

At seven in the morning. In Neuharlingersiel, the sun rises over the ferry dock and dabs pink sky into the clouds. At the very end of the jetty, the green ferry rocks gently. People stand patiently at the wharf, waiting for the containers to be stowed away. Craftsmen still smoke a cigarette, travelers tapping bored on the cell phones. If you want to go to Spiekeroog, you have to put up with a different timetable every day, because this is where the water and the moon determine the rhythm of the ship. The ferry to Spiekeroog is dependent on the tide, that is, it runs in the rhythm of low and high tide. The schedule of the ferry writes different departure times in its table every day.

This morning, the departure time of the ferry to Spiekeroog fits perfectly with the sunrise. In the shallow watt a group of spoonbills, oystercatchers take a foot bath and seagulls sail calmly in the sky. Already on arrival, the shutdown begins. It is as if the hustle and bustle on land. The constant distraction and tearing out of the moment lingers on the mainland, while the mind absorbs this expanse.

The old island house on Spiekeroog

Arriving on Spiekeroog

After 45 minutes, the ferry arrives at the port of Spiekeroog. While on the other East Frisian Islands fish sandwich stands and snack bars receive visitors, there is nothing here. Only hectic loading operation, the turf from the mainland wants to be loaded as well as the paint buckets of painters. Everything goes on the bike or the electric cart, because on this island vehicles are frowned upon. Even the bikes are not welcome, but are tolerated. The island is small enough to be explored on foot – or traditionally by horse tram.

Morning mood in the village of Spiekeroog

First, it goes to the village. And that’s where Spiekeroog spreads his magic. Especially in the morning, when the haze still hangs in the streets and the sunrays illuminate every mini-water droplet. Spiekeroog’s village is believed to have been preserved since the 16th century. While on the other East Frisian Islands storm surges repeatedly led to destruction, the ensemble of the village has been preserved here. The narrow streets, the low brick houses and the green windows spread a mood as in the Bullerbü books.

The most beautiful thing about the island is its trees

Sights in the Spiekeroog village and on the island

The Alte Inselhaus is one of the oldest buildings in the East Frisian Islands. It dates back to 1705 and is today a café, restaurant and holiday home. Almost opposite is a spectacular building: At Haus zur Linde a thick linden tree grows so close to the building that the house has to be adapted to the tree again and again. It is today a hotel and restaurant.

The old island cemetery


Unseen is also the old island church with the associated Drinkeldoodenkarkhof. The tombs are reminiscent of a large shipwreck. In 1854, a bark from Bremen with 216 emigrants stranded in front of Spiekeroog, all of whom wanted to seek new happiness in New York. A storm thwarted the plans and capsized the ship. The Spiekerooger had no lifeboats and could only watch. 77 people drowned, they were buried in a dune on the island, today’s memorial Drinkeldoodenkarkhof. This was something that people never wanted to experience again, which is why the German Society for the Salvation of Shipwreckers was founded as a result of the accident.

Here you can learn about the lifestyle on the island once and now

island Museum

Quite pretty under trees is the low, white captain’s house. It dates from 1715 and today acts as an island museum. It informs about life on Spiekeroog then and now, it shows wreckage of stranded ships, but also art, furnishings and everyday objects. www.inselmuseum-spiekeroog.de.

Old rescue shed in the west of the island

Museum Pferdebahn

The train station and Weststrand are connected by a special means of transport: the horse-drawn carriage, whose wagons roll on tracks and are pulled by horses. It is one of the last remaining horse trolleys in Germany, for the 1.5 kilometer long route about 15 minutes driving time is needed. It runs from mid-April to mid-October and costs 4 € for adults, children 3, dogs 1 €.

Horses on Speikeroog

Spiekeroog’s spa park

Behind the post office and next to the horse station is the Kurpark, a stretched gem on Spiekeroog. It is not only worth it because of the concert pavilion, there is a green oasis of peace between trees and benches.

Curious shell museum

Shells can look very strange, as proven by this small museum on the car-free North Sea island. More than 3000 shells from all over the world, sometimes snow-white, sometimes mackerel, sometimes dark. They carry no real Latin names but fantasy names that make many a guest smile.

The reading pavilion on Spiekeroog

reading pavilion

What a nice idea: Spiekeroog is a pavilion in the middle of the dunes, to give the holiday makers a refuge for reading. The reading pavilion is furnished with cozy wooden chairs and has a wonderful view of the overgrown dunes. It is open from 9am to 6pm. If you go, take a thermos of tea and biscuits with you.

Again the pavilion, because he is so pretty

National park

The sperm whale skeleton on the ceiling is the biggest attraction: The National Park House provides information about the Wadden Sea World Heritage, explains the tides and is a meeting place for guided tours and events.

De Utkieker

A lean bean man looking out to sea – the bronze statue “De Utkieker” graces the island since 2007. It is 3.50 meters high and eye-catching in the dunes. Right next to the statue is a summit book, in which the Spiekeroog guests can perpetuate.

Cult pub Old Laremie

Old Laremie

On the way to the campsite in the west of the island is a white house in the dunes. It was once part of the island airport, but Spiekeroog has not existed for a long time. Today, Old Laremie is a place of worship. The pub, which was once part of the island airport, has long since become a place for the art of living. This is not least due to the owner Dirk Nannen, who has given her unmistakable appearance with beach items and upcycling art. There are also concerts and cultural events.

Hiking trail on the island

Hike to the Ostplate

The East Frisian Islands are always the most beautiful in the East, as it is in Spiekeroog. The east is almost deserted as the roads are wide, but it is worth taking the 7-kilometer hike. Nowhere is the speed of land change on the North Sea easier to observe than here, the area was still a sandbar in the 1950s, today it is overgrown with dunes with bushes. Be sure to stay on the trails, nature is strictly protected. Often, seals can be seen and observed there.

For children to Tobenq

For parents and children

When it rains, parents do not have to despair on Spiekeroog. There is the indoor playground Trockendock. The covered area offers children with fishing trawlers, slides and a football table enough space to have fun. Especially popular is the large room full of sand. In addition, many events take place, from pizza baking to paper boat tinkering.

Sunrise over the harbor Neuharlingersiel at the pier to the ferry to Spiekeroog

getting there

The ferries to Spiekeroog start from Neuharlingersiel. If you arrive by car, you can park it there on one of the long-term parking lots. (per started day from 5 €, www.inselparkplaetze.de). If you are arriving by train, book a ticket to Esen or Norden and from there continue by bus or taxi to Neuharlingersiel. Long-distance buses go directly to the coast.

In the morning on the ferry to Spiekeroog even shrimp cutters can be observed

The ferry takes 45 minutes and is tide-dependent. The ferry to Spiekeroog costs back and forth 20,50 €, more at www.spiekeroog.de. Getting there is faster with the water taxi of the BTS, a one-way trip costs from 25 €, Spiekeroog is an island of pedestrians, that gives her this particularly decelerated mood. Even bicycles are not welcome, but tolerated. As the only one of the East Frisian Islands, Spiekeroog does not have its own airfield. But you can also by Watts walk to Spiekeroog, the dates can be found here.

Beach chairs are also available


A map of Spiekeroog can be found here as a PDF

A colony Löffler in the North Sea


The many shops in Spiekeroog village offer souvenirs, it is easy to find beautiful while strolling. But much more individual are self-made souvenirs from the island, which has amazingly many creative courses on offer. There you can forge your silver jewelery yourself, take painting classes in different directions or book a photo seminar – and then have many nice souvenirs in your luggage. All homemade. More information about the offers at the tourist office. There is a fresh market at the west end of the village, open every day from 7 am to 6 pm, Saturdays until 5 pm and Sundays from 8 am to noon.

The baker of the island

The island bakery on Spiekeroog opens at 8 o’clock, but is closed on Mondays. It is also delicious on the back deck, where you can sit. It is open daily from 7.30am to 5pm.

Bakery – a wonderful place for breakfast

With dog

If you want to spend your holidays on Spiekeroog with your dog, you must know that there is a must-have obligation throughout the island. This is due to the Wadden Sea National Park. The island has a dog beach set up, where there are even beach chairs.

The architecture of the place is something special

Hotel and apartment on Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog to find a holiday apartment in the summer holidays, is not so easy, because many guests book on departure already for the next year. The choice is limited anyway, because the island is small. Nevertheless, it is always possible to spontaneously find something, but then often no longer at a bargain price. The tourist office is happy to help you find apartments and hotel rooms. There is also a board with free rooms on the island at the harbor. On Spiekeroog there are also group hostels, such as the Sturmeck, which is also used as a youth hostel, and the YMCA house Quellerdünen.

Summit book with enthusiastic guest signatures

Camping and campground

Spiekeroog can be spotted on the camp site at the most primitive and close to nature. Between the dunes igloos or large family tents are set up, it is one of the most beautiful natural tent sites in Germany. One sleeps there in the middle of the dunes, under the stars, which does not disturb any strange light when sparkling. Since the campground is popular, you have to book far in advance for the summer season. If you want to camp on Spiekeroog, but should know that the way to the campsite is long and especially with small children exhausting. The journey by horse-drawn carriage also helps a little because it only takes guests half the distance. With a lot of luggage, however, you have the option of letting suitcases and bags, as well as tent and co by luggage service, to the campground.

Campground on Spiekeroog

Why Spiekeroog is the most beautiful North Sea island for me

  • There are no cars. That makes a very special mood. It is not this humming over the village and the countryside, you do not have to be careful that someone just roars around the corner, fast are at most the bikes. This is incredibly relaxing and has something beautiful overslept.
  • The old village is absolutely beautiful with its houses, almost all built in the same style.
  • The dunes. When the morning mist hovers over you can also think you are in the mountains.
  • The offshore sandbank makes the main beach very wide and offers birds a great resting place

Fasene are almost trusting on Spiekeroog

Facts about Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog is one of the East Frisian Islands. It lies between Langeoog and Wangerooge. It belongs to the district Witmund and has about 800 inhabitants. The highest elevation Spiekeroogs measures 24 meters, it is the Wittfdün, which incidentally is also the highest “mountain” Ostfrieslands. And another number: Spiekeroog is about 18 square kilometers in size, about 10 kilometers long and two kilometers wide. It is located 6.5 kilometers from the mainland. If each East Frisian island has its own character, one louder, the other nobler, then Spiekeroog is probably the most romantic creator with the greatest serenity.

Camping in the dunes of Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog is the second-easternmost of the East Frisian Islands. I have already written about other East Frisian Islands. Here you can read my tips on Juist and here I did an elven hike on Juist and was in the mud with Heino. Here are some tips for Norderney and here I have extensively tested the bathhouse and Thalasso Center.

Car free North Sea islands are by the way:

Find the pheasant

Oak forest, once planted by brave women as protection for their fields

Other bloggers have written to Spiekeroog. I find the Swiss perspective on the island of Inge from the Swiss blog Travelexperience exciting. And also Ellen from the Swiss blog Patotra was in the mud and has looked at Neuharlingersiel. Check her in.

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