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Car games are very popular with boys, and most games are such racing games. We have set ourselves the task of finding such free racing games and posting them here. These games don’t have that cool graphics but they are still fun to play even if they are. There are free car games at http://www.autospielespiele.de

"On autospielespielen.de you will find a lot of great car games that are all available free of charge and not even a registration is required for them. It is simply a site that combines car games from different categories all in one place. So you can find what you are looking for and need more easily and enjoy it while playing the cool and new games. There are a lot of different ones and there is certainly something for every taste. ”

So have fun running online!

Hidden objects do not only play women, hidden object games all play because these games are more and more popular, I myself play and like to search for such online games. There are a lot of such games on the internet and almost all of them are free. Some games I can recommend are these:

This is just a small selection there you will find more such online games to play for free, all games are free games!

Here is a new version of the game Snail Bob, there is a total of Snail Bob 1,2,3,4 and now Snail Bob 5 is out. The game is great fun to play and is very popular with many flash players. The task in this game is to guide the schnekce bob safely through all levels. You can play Snail Bob 5 on KNUGO. There you can play the online game in full screen.

We are already looking forward to Snail Bob 6!

Everyone knows Angry Bird but this is not a classic angry birds game, but that doesn’t mean that this version also
is super cools. After the online game is loaded, click with the mouse on START and then again on Start.
Then a scissor appears where everything is already explained how one the game is playing, overall there is
Complete 24 different levels. What is immediately apparent is that this bird flies much faster

Here is a new cool free game to play online, this is a ninja online game that you can play for free: http: //www.kostenfreiespiele.com/spiel/Renn_Ninja_Renn_3.html

How to play: Wait for the game to load, then click with the Mouse on play game and then on new game. The game is played with keyboard, the controls are very simple.

There are so many free children’s games on the internet and many sites advertise that their games are for children but we have done a test and many games are not suitable for children at all. There are a lot of free games on the internet so these little flash games to play online and there are also very games for children. Two sites I can recommend are these two:

These two sides are safe and the games are suitable for children.

Have fun playing.

I used to have a blog at blog.com and had some problems because I liked to have a lot of online games and lots of flash games on my blog the page slower and slower why it was no idea, that’s why I decided to create another blog.

WordPress and games

WordPress and games

Have heard of several known wordpress that is much better. And that you can load many online games on it. Here I will introduce games, my favorite games are farm games, spongebob games and mario games.


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