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Activity Center – the playground for your baby

Children explore the world in a playful way. Especially the little ones react gratefully to the stimulating atmosphere offered by a Baby Activity Center. An Activity Center allows babies to playfully connect their imagination and powers of observation with the world. The benefits of stimulating environments such as an Activity Center are also confirmed by findings in developmental psychology: For example, the earlier children can benefit from education and upbringing measures, the more positive the effects on their later success at school and on their health. This has to do with the fact that environments such as an activity centre for the baby stimulate perception in an effective way, which in turn leads to learning effects and has a positive effect on the ability of infants and young children to learn. “Activity Center” literally means Activity Center, because the focus here is on the most varied activity possible for the little ones.

Place your child under the Activity Center and watch as the little one’s attention is captivated by the attached rattles, squeaks and funny figurines. The predilection for patterns, contrasts and generally everything that moves is already strongly pronounced in newborns. Lying with your back on a mattress or a comfortable Activity blanket, a good Activity Center offers a spectrum of stimuli that will captivate your baby’s attention for a long time and every day. A more than pleasant side effect: the children stay busy while the parents can prepare food or simply relax nearby.

Activity Center for the baby – colourful, funny, pedagogically valuable

For Baby Activity Center the term Spielbogen is also common. The Activity Center is placed on a matching Activity blanket (often included in the scope of delivery) in a quiet atmosphere, either swing-shaped or consisting of two intersecting semicircles. Due to the open construction, in which the little ones can reach for the colourful play figures lying on their backs, optimal eye contact with the parents is guaranteed at all times. Toddlers often notice the long absence of their parents very quickly, which is why it is advisable to set up the Activity Center nearby. If the little one doesn’t disturb your longer absence, you can place a baby monitor nearby to check.

The central component is the Activity Spiral, which is designed differently for each Activity Center. It is attached to the figurines, to which the babies turn their full attention. It is already integrated in the Activity Center for the baby, and is also available separately for attachment to the cot or pram. An important criterion when choosing the right Activity Center is the materials used. There are three types: fabric, wood or plastic. Always pay attention to the “Tested Safety” seal. The pendants for the bows can also be purchased separately. So you can extend the colourful figure set and make it interesting for your baby anew. What you should look at when buying: The height of some Baby Activity Centers (especially those made of wood and plastic) is adjustable. Models made of wood and plastic are also easy to clean. Activity centers made of fabric, on the other hand, are plush and soft, but cannot simply be wiped off with a cloth. Note the machine wash option for the fabric variants. So you don’t have to torment yourself with an annoying hand wash when soiled.

Activity blanket – the colorful and plush soft foundation for the Baby Activity Center

Activity Centers for the baby serve the early child development and stimulate the learning behavior of children as soon as they are able to reach for the figures. Because of their educational value and the fact that they keep the little ones busy for a long time, they are the perfect playground for the home. With baby-walz you get Activity Center from many well-known manufacturers. From SOLINI, for example, cheerful models with different animal motifs are available. The Activity blanket is plush soft and invites you to stay longer. Equipped with pockets, crackling paper and a built-in mirror, the Activity blanket itself is an exciting playground to explore. Particularly practical: the play bow can be conveniently attached to four click fasteners provided for this purpose. SOLINI also offers wooden Activity Centers as an alternative to the fabric version. A practical variant is available from ROBA: on some models, the Activity blanket can also be used as a practical changing mat. This way you get a changing mat, a play blanket and a crawling blanket in one. Fisher-Price also has Activity Center on offer: the colourfully hanging, funny figurines optimally promote hand-eye coordination, and some models even play music when the baby is struggling. But no matter which model you choose for baby-walz: The chances are very good that the Activity Center will become your baby’s daily favourite playground at home.

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