Sponsorship & contributions – Khadigram e Girls' School Association

Get involved in the fight against illiteracy and for equal opportunities.

With your help, the basic needs for clothing, food and basic medical care at schools and training centres are covered. Give the children a new perspective – they deserve it!

It has become a personal concern for all members to get involved in India and especially in the situation of women in order to help improve their often hopeless life situation – become a part of it!

We are very keen to transfer full donations to India for our projects.

Even small donations can help! Just like single drops of water fill a whole pot at the end, even small donations make a big whole possible!

The donations are primarily used to promote the literacy of children, primarily girls’ education, and to cover basic needs (food, clothing, basic medical care). In addition, we support the literacy of children in village schools in remote regions and run selective medical camps to care for children and the surrounding population.

At this point, there is always the question of the DZI donation seal. Please read our commentary here.

Great efforts with the monthly sponsorship for a schoolgirl.

With the assumption of a sponsorship they help a schoolchild directly and directly. With the contribution of 30 € (= educational sponsorship) you finance the lessons for the sponsored child, including all learning materials such as books, exercise books, pens etc. at our all-day school. In addition, a share of the salaries of the employees. (teachers, kitchen staff, cleaning lady, teaching assistant), as well as the transport from the place of residence to the school and back. In addition, the costs for regular excursions are included. With a contribution of 45 € you finance the child’s basic needs for clothes, three meals a day and medical care in the event of illness for the sponsored child.

An important note from the Stuttgarter Zeitung: “A sponsorship should serve the end in itself” Read now

To the donation seal DZI, read here our comment.

Support a trainee of the Nursing Academy during the training period.

By taking over a sponsorship for a student nurse, you are making it possible for a young woman to receive qualified training in healthcare. The contribution of € 60.00 contributes to the fact that a young woman can make this training at all. The financial means of the families do not permit such an education. Such trainings are connected in India with exorbitantly high costs and fees. With the sponsorship you finance the lessons, teaching materials, work clothes and transport to the training centres of the practical training part. (hospitals, medical practices). In addition, the contribution is used to finance the necessary fees for registering for the state-recognised examination.

An important note from the Stuttgarter Zeitung: “A sponsorship should serve the end in itself” Read now

To the donation seal DZI, read here our comment.

Support our association as a member.

With your membership fee of 40 € per year you contribute to the fact that necessary administration costs can be financed. We also hope that our members will represent the work of the association externally: Word of mouth, distribution of flyers, references to our public events.

Also the recruitment of new members and godparents is important and especially the raising of donations, on which we are urgently dependent for our work.

Furthermore, it is helpful if you can explore and initiate possibilities for one of our exhibitions. This serves the external effect of the association. The exhibitions are interesting and informative. Please feel free to contact our president Marianne Frank-Mast. ( For over 40 years she has been dealing with India, has travelled a lot in the country, was active for two years in the village Khadigram in the development cooperation and knows country and people very well ). Mrs. Frank-Mast also likes to give interesting lectures about India. See lectures / exhibitions.

We are happy to take part in competitions and tenders if you see any opportunities here. This is also important for our public image.

Once a year a general meeting takes place, to which you as a member are automatically invited. You will also automatically receive an invitation to our events.

To the donation seal DZI, read here our comment.

We are always grateful for volunteer work!

This applies especially to our stand activities and the annual “Festival in the Indian Village” in Althütte. Of course you are also welcome to promote our work. On request we will send you flyers of the association.

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