Archive: Dietmar Mieth in 2007 © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

He is one of the most renowned German ethicists and in 1974 was the first non-priest in the world to hold a chair in moral theology. Now Dietmar Mieth turns 80 – and his expertise is still in demand.

In Erfurt a research position, in Wurzburg a lecture on the relationship between philosophy and theology, in Karlsruhe the Verfangsdialog on euthanasia, in Stuttgart a lecture on sexual morality and in Krefeld a book reading. For Dietmar Mieth, one of the most renowned German ethicists, retirement seems more like restlessness. This Wednesday he turns 80.

Christina Cherry

In Germany, sexual abuse in sports is to be systematically dealt with. Commission to address sexual abuse calls on children, youth and adults to report abuse offenses in sports.

This area is particularly taboo, writes the commission in its letter published this Monday in Berlin. He said there was a lack of knowledge about what conditions and structures had enabled and encouraged abuses there in the past.

Independent reappraisal necessary

The commission was convened by the German government's commissioner for abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig. It should expose structures that make abuse possible. The chairwoman of the commission, Sabine Andresen, emphasized that the reports of those affected who have come forward from this area so far have shown that an independent reappraisal is necessary there.

Christina Cherry
What remains?

Mesut ozil cheers here in 2012 © Alberto Estevez

Less than a week ago, soccer player Mesut ozil kicked off a debate about integration and racism. The question now is whether this debate will remain – and whether it might lead to the ie being addressed constructively.

Is there a debate – or just a brief outcry? In any case, just under a week ago, professional footballer Mesut ozil triggered a wave with his resignation statement: For days, he himself, the German Football Association (DFB) and the behavior of both sides have been the topic of dinner and journalistic articles. Quickly, a discussion about racism and integration also arose. And the role of sport in the inclusion of migrants.

Christina Cherry

Tippi Hedren receives instructions from Alfred Hitchcock during the filming of the movie "Marnie" (1964) © akg-images GmbH (epd)

His name makes the hearts of film lovers beat faster – and faster. For his thrillers still instill fear. 40 years ago Alfred Hitchcock died, 100 years ago he entered the film business.

"You never know the end," Alfred Hitchcock opined shortly before his death. And added that one had to die to know exactly what would happen afterwards. "Although Catholics have their hopes there." On the morning of 29. April 1980, 40 years ago, was the time.

Christina Cherry