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The Sport Suitability Test – The Sport Suitability Test

Before you can start studying sports, the first hurdle awaits you: the sport fitness exam. We have collected numerous information about the fitness test for you and collected tips from sports students for optimal preparation.

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Of the "Aptitude", "Sport entrance exam" or "Sport aptitude test" mentioned test is notorious for its claims and the high rate of diarrhea. Depending on the university, the failure rate can be up to 50 or 60 percent.

The test serves to test the sports motor performance of the applicants, to make sure that they have the necessary physical skills to study sports. Above all, strength, stamina, ability to coordinate, flexibility and speed are tested.

Depending on which university you want to study sports, the requirements of the sports fitness test can be very different. A correspondingly good preparation is the alpha and omega here.

But even passing the fitness test alone is not an indication that you can study sports at your dream university – here are some more criteria to meet.

138 colleges offering a sports degree

IUBH distance learning

AKAD University

WINGS – University of Wismar

accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg

ASCENSO Academy for Business and Media

Lake Constance Campus

BSP Business School Berlin

C3L – Center for Lifelong Learning University of Oldenburg

Campus M21

German Berufsakademie Sport und Gesundheit (dba)

Information about the sports aptitude test

Performance requirements of the sport fitness test

The sport fitness test is no nationwide uniform examination. The specific disciplines vary according to the university, and there are sometimes quite large differences between the requirements of the individual universities.

The number of exams is on average between 10 and 20 individual disciplines, usually only one of them can be passed at a time. If you fail to meet the required performance requirements in a second discipline, the aptitude test ends for you. However, this does not have to be the end of your dream of studying sports, because there is always the possibility to repeat the exam.

So that you get an idea, we have put together some exemplary sports disciplines:

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Swim, throw, jump and much more. The requirements you need to meet for a sports aptitude test can be found out here.


  • 100 m sprint
  • high jump
  • Shot Put
  • endurance running
  • throwing

team Matches

  • handball
  • basketball
  • Soccer
  • hockey
  • volleyball

do gymnastics

  • Jump (horse)
  • ground
  • horizontal bar
  • pull ups
  • Gymnastics dance

Rebound games

  • tennis
  • badminton
  • table tennis

Important: Please note the registration deadlines

Depending on the university, there are also different registration deadlines for the aptitude test, some of which end months before the actual test. For this reason, you should at least three quarters of a year before your intended study start to inform about enrollment deadlines and dates.

Appointments for the registration for the sport fitness test:

exam deadline
Sport University Cologne February Mid-October – December
Sport University Cologne May March – mid-April
Bavaria (BaySPET) beginning of July April May
TU Dortmund Mid-June March – mid-June
University of Hamburg Mid-July June

You see, the registration periods are very different! Informing is very important. In addition, many universities require a filing fee, but with 40 to 60 euros is not too high and is often refunded after the letter.

Further admission criteria for sports study

It is important to note that passing the aptitude test is not a guarantee that you will actually get a place. Rather, it is one of several eligibility criteria that must be met in order to study.

In addition to the aptitude test, the allocation of study places often takes place additionally through a selection procedure based on a numerus clausus. To some extent, study places are also awarded on the basis of the respective number of waiting semesters. If you speculate on such an option, you should also consider that the passed sports suitability test is valid for a maximum of one and a half to three years, depending on the university.

Recognition of the sports fitness test

The passed sports entrance test, in combination with the above mentioned criteria, entitles students to study at the university where the examination was taken – but not only at this university. Depending on the federal state, university and corresponding admission criteria, successfully passed aptitude examinations of other countries and institutes are also recognized.

For example, all universities in Baden-Württemberg have agreed to accept each other’s aptitude examinations, which were taken in the state itself. In Bavaria there is a centralized aptitude test (BaySPET), which is recognized by every Bavarian university.

In Berlin, however, no independently conducted test takes place; instead the passed examination of another university applies. The University of Oldenburg recognizes passed sports aptitude examinations from Bavaria, Bochum and Cologne, while the University of Bochum only passed its own aptitude test or the Sport University Cologne and again the Sport University Cologne as an alternative to its own test at the University of Bochum.

So, if you want to study at a university other than the one you also took the test for, then inquire in good time whether your achievements will be recognized here. In some cases, the results of the examination are also recognized on additional request.

Videos of the sports fitness test

Sport University Cologne

University of Halle

Ruhr-Uni Bochum

Exemption from the exam

Under certain conditions you can attend some colleges be exempted from the sport fitness test. However, this does not mean that you can avoid a certificate of achievement in this way, because in the case of exemption universities and higher education institutions require alternative qualifications. These vary greatly from college to college and may be, for example:

  • An instructor license of the Landessportverbund in the amount of 120 hours
  • Sport as a former advanced course, at least 11 points in the theoretical and practical Abitur exam
  • A certificate of a diploma pre-examination in the diploma course sports sciences
  • Proof of the successful study in all five sports of the aptitude test
  • Providing academic achievements which are equivalent to the required examination achievements and which did not date back more than 18 months (a board of examiners usually decides on equivalency)

By the great variation of the acknowledged as alternative proof of achievements you should best to inquire at the respective college itself, whether the qualifications you have provided are sufficient for exemption from the Sport Fitness Test.

Sport fitness test teacher

Even with a career as a sports teacher, there is no way around the sport fitness exam. Here, too, is to be wise about the requirements of the various sports aptitude tests and to prepare thoroughly!

Separate regulations for top athletes

For top athletes, depending on the university, special regulations may apply for the fitness test. Top athletes are those who can prove that they belong to an A, B, C or D / C squad or comparable support structures of a national top sports federation of the German Olympic Sports Confederation at the time of the examination.

  • At the Sport University of Cologne, applicants with this status have the opportunity to take part in the subsequent examinations for the fitness test even after a second deficit, and to repeat the second, unsuccessful discipline in a subsequent individual case examination.
  • At the University of Leipzig, top athletes will also be admitted to a Bachelor’s degree program through a separate selection process. For example, 10% of the places to be awarded within the university quota are awarded after the final grade to applicants who can prove their status as top athletes. Even if elite athletes still have to take the aptitude test, they can apply in writing to have their sporting top performance credited instead of the all-around competition. Which services are eligible for this is determined by the examination board.


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