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Sports Dentistry

More power through relaxed muscles with your individual sports track.

Our practice specializes in function diagnostics for jaw malpositions. An important focus here is the enhancement of athletic performance in both competitive and recreational sports. With the help of custom-made sports tracks – due to the optimal relaxation of the chewing and neck-neck muscles – after insertion, the athletic performance is increased and the risk of injury is minimized. We are on the subject of sports track in Erlangen as experts to the side to maximize your athletic performance.

How does this work? How can you increase your performance by wearing a so-called sports track? In heavy tensions, especially when practicing a sport, malfunctioning biting leads to performance losses in the mobility, strength and coordination of the entire body of the athlete. Since the masticatory muscles are directly connected to the cervical and neck muscles, the malfunction of the temporomandibular joint during biting affects all the movements of the descending muscle chains. This impairment can have little effect in daily life, but in terms of performance when practicing a sport it is enormous, as some studies have confirmed. Repetitive movement patterns can cause unnoticed muscular dysfunctions that have functional effects throughout the body. The risk of injury is thereby drastically increased!

The basis is the knowledge that malpositions in the jaw or a too strong biting on the entire body statics have a negative effect. The consequences are muscular imbalances and joint functions, especially in the area of ​​the upper spine. If the athlete now wears the sports splint, the ideal bite position is found and fixed. This relaxes the surrounding muscles. The jaw is now in a position similar to the natural resting position without physical tension. This position is then fixed by the custom-made sports rail for the lower jaw.

Many high-performance athletes from all areas already use the efficient increase in performance through the sports track. In many sports performance could be demonstrated by wearing, such as golf, tennis, football, handball, athletics, equestrian sports and many martial arts. Also in mass sports, more and more athletes are opting for the dental splint, in order to be able to provide more performance in their sport with the help of an efficiently working body musculature. The effect of the sports splint was confirmed in several studies: Study on the effect of the DPS splint by D. Ohlendorf, M. Riegel, S. Kopp (2011) – Effects of changes of the lower jaw position on the quality of movement in sports motor tests (Manual Medicine, Issue 05, 2011).

Are you interested in the sports track to increase your athletic performance? Make an appointment with our certified sports dentist Dr. med. Rüdiger Aplas in Erlangen and get detailed information and advice. We are glad to be here for you!

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