Sports mouthguard – effective protection not only for the teeth

Sports mouthguard – effective protection not only for the teeth

If you look at the development in terms of protective clothing in the various sports, it becomes apparent that in recent years, protection and safety have developed rapidly, and today, for example, we hardly ever find a skier without a helmet on the ski slopes of this world. So it is with many sports activities, as well as the cycling and inline driving. Naturally we as dentists are also confronted with injuries in the dental and oral area during sports accidents and often have to provide dentures even for people with actually healthy and beautiful teeth.

In more extreme sports such as boxing and ice hockey sports mouthguards have been their raison d’être for many years, but also in many other activities, it would be useful to wear a protection for the mouth and teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 mouth injuries are prevented each year by wearing surgical masks. Nevertheless, the National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that more than 5 million teeth are lost to sports activities in the US every year.

Of course, in a dental accident, a tooth replanted again, so again used in the jaw (more on this in our blog post “Zahnuflall -and now”, but in many cases, we can often no longer consider that, since teeth cut off Most dental accidents involve the incisors, which is exactly the area that everyone can see, and a mountain bike crash (and many mountain bikers know how to get off the bike involuntarily) often happens Contact between the teeth and the handlebars and, in the rarest cases, it works well for the teeth, but unfortunately any impact on the teeth is detrimental to them, even if something does not break off or a tooth is knocked out Tooth roots are sustainably damaged, which sooner or later comes to light.

Why do so few athletes wear a mask??
Anyone who has used a mouth mask before, knows that this means getting used to it, because one first perceives it as a large foreign body, with which one can speak worse and has the feeling that he can barely breathe.

There are several types of mouth guards, ranging from “Uni models”, which are already bought ready. However, these never perfectly fit the individual dentition of each individual and thus provide sufficient protection for the teeth, nor can you breathe it sufficiently well and often they also pose a risk of injury to the mucous membranes in the mouth.

boil & Bite Mouthguard (cook and bite) fits bad and relaxes. The athlete must keep this mask on the row of teeth, this prevents him from excelling.

Individually manufactured Mouthguard not only offers the best protection for the mouth and teeth, but is also characterized by the highest wearing comfort.

Of course, a sports mouthguard does not provide 100% protection, but it significantly reduces injuries and in many cases prevents tooth damage / tooth loss and oral cavity injuries.

We are happy to advise you in our practice and find an optimal solution for your activities.

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