Sports Studies at the HS for Management

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Subfield 5 20459 Hamburg

Wellersbergplatz 1 59427 Unna

Vulkanstraße 1 10367 Berlin

Hahnenkammstraße 1 91757 Treuchtlingen

Steinheilstrasse 4 85737 Ismaning

Dr.-Kurz-Str. 44 92318 Neumarkt, Germany

Rheinstrasse 10 8200 Schaffhausen

Contact Sabine Büchner-Brauns [email protected] 089 – 45 35 457 0

Seestadtstrasse 27 1220 Vienna

University of Applied Management

Studying at the private Hochschule für angewandtes Management (HAM) offers students a lot of freedom and flexibility. The largest private university in Bavaria offers a semi-virtual study and learning concept based on blended learning methods. Students only have to come to the university campus on three dates per semester for attendance phases. Each phase lasts five days and is used to participate in lectures and to hand in examinations. The remaining time of the studies can be arranged flexibly, the students receive the necessary documents over a learning platform of the university in the Internet and compile the contents independently or in the form of virtual seminars.

The courses offered at HAM include numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in business administration, sports management, business law and business psychology, all of which have been internationally accredited by FIBAA. The Bachelor and Master of Arts as well as the Bachelor and Master of Laws can be obtained as academic degrees. Students are characterized by a high level of achievement and determination and are highly self-motivated. Successful graduates therefore have good chances on the job market and are optimally prepared to take on management responsibilities in the company.

The campus in Ismaning

The campus in Neumarkt

At the Adventure Campus Treuchtlingen there is a wide range of sports on offer

HAM has several locations

Successful study: With us at the Hochschule für angewandtes Management.

Through learning in small groups, an intensive exchange develops

The lessons take place in modern rooms

Lecture in the field of sports management at Campus Ismaning

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