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Sports therapy studies

You like to work with people and are enthusiastic about sports, but at the same time you are interested in different disciplines? Then the sports therapy study could be a good choice. Here we have put together all information about the study program: content, prerequisites, career opportunities & universities.

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Sport is trendy: gyms, boot camps and various trend sports – whoever moves remains fit and healthy. The study of sports therapy takes up this idea, because the importance of sport as a preventive and therapeutic measure for the health of the mind and body continues to prevail. At any age, exercise is an essential part of keeping your body healthy and sports therapists help you, among other things, to train the right movements.

The sports therapy study combines different disciplines and is therefore very varied and diversified. This makes the study exciting and allows you to think outside the box, because it is especially important in the field of therapy that you have a sound background knowledge, so that you understand and appreciate connections. Because the patients come to you with a variety of problems and backgrounds and need your help.

A small hint: If you do not find what you‘re looking for under the term “sports therapy” in your study program search, then you should also look for courses that deal with exercise, health or even prevention. Often, these programs are comparable or at least have a large content overlap, so you should expand your search radius in any case. By contrast, you will be more successful with the term “sports therapy” in the master’s program.

Did you know that .

. a ticket machine in the Moscow subway accepted 30 squats as a means of payment?

. It was Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (also known as “Turnvater Jahn”), who opened in 1811 in the Berlin Volkspark Hasenheide the first German gymnastics court?

. 1896 it was determined that a football field in Germany must be tree-free?

Sports Therapy Study:
All information

Course contents

The interdisciplinary bachelor sports therapy encompasses various areas, so that the contents are also relatively broad. This makes the course very varied and you will be trained in different disciplines. The scientific foundations play a major role in this. This will provide you with a scientific foundation to learn how to holistically look at your patients and develop individual solutions and treatment plans.

A sports therapy degree is not equal to sports therapy studies. You already know that some degree programs with a Bachelor of Arts and others with a Bachelor of Science degree to lock. Which focus and which subject areas are treated exactly in the study depends on the respective university. Read through the respective module plan so that you also know what awaits you during your studies.

Contents Bachelor

The following areas may occur in a sports therapy bachelor program:

But also the practical share Of course, you will learn the necessary tips and tricks and dealing with customers best in practice.

Content Master

The content of the Master Sports Therapy differs from the Bachelor program only in that your knowledge is further deepened. Depending on which Bachelor’s degree program you have chosen, new topics may of course be included in the Master for you, but in the Master’s program, the main purpose is to further consolidate your knowledge of the Bachelor’s degree.

Typical contents are therefore:

  • nutritional science
  • Health Psychology
  • Exercise-therapeutic methods
  • Athletics training
  • Sports technology

And also in the master’s program the practical part plays an important role. Gather as much hands-on experience as possible.

Suitable colleges for sports therapy

Bachelor full time & dual

master & Full time MBA & dual


Sorry, no offer available.




  • University entrance qualification (Abitur, Meisterbrief etc.)
  • Sport aptitude test
  • possibly Medical Declaration of Safety
  • possibly German rescue swimming badge in bronze
  • possibly internal selection process

At many universities you can now study without a high school diploma. However, what requirements you have to fulfill for this is a matter of the country. In Rhineland-Palatinate, therefore, quite different requirements can be made than in Bavaria. Therefore you should inquire directly at the university, if you want to study sports therapy without a high school diploma.

For more information we have also in our article Application for sports study compiled.


  • first completed university degree in related field
  • possibly a final grade (eg 2.5)
  • possibly local selection procedure

As a rule, no separate or renewed sports aptitude test is prescribed for the Master, as the applicants already had to take an exam for admission to the Bachelor’s degree.

In addition to the formal requirements, universities can also use the Numerus Clausus (NC) as a selection procedure. In the process, the applicants are selected on the basis of their abinote until the places are occupied. Some universities use an internal selection procedure based on a points procedure, for example. The best thing to do is to inquire directly with the university about the respective admission requirements, as these can vary a great deal.

Sport aptitude test

One of the prerequisites you have to fulfill for the bachelor’s degree in sports therapy is the Sport aptitude test. As a rule, various sports disciplines are tested and only after passing this exam can you apply for the program. But beware: If you pass the sport aptitude test, that does not mean that you are accepted for the study. It’s just one of many requirements that you have to fulfill in order to be able to compete.

All information about the sport fitness test, we have put together in an extra post.

personal requirements

You should enjoy interacting with people and be able to lead them confidently. In addition, it is advantageous if you yourself are active in sports, because as a sports therapist you accompany and support other people in their physical exercises as part of the therapy.

Some interest in sports medicine topics and developments is also helpful in keeping up to date with research.

Duration and history


duration: 6 semesters
Graduation: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

In the study a lot of value practical experience As a rule, a practical semester is compulsory in the curriculum.

The first four semesters are often designed for basic general knowledge, while from the fifth semester you can choose a focus and specialize in one area.

The last semester is usually intended for the writing of the bachelor thesis.


duration: 4 semesters
Graduation: Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The practical experience also plays an important role in the master’s program, so you will often find a compulsory internship in the curriculum. That’s great, because the more experience you gain during your studies, the better prepared you are to start your career and know what to expect.

The master’s thesis is usually written in the last semester.

study forms

For your bachelor’s degree in sports therapy, there is the following study form:

  • Full-time: The offer consists mainly of classical full-time studies

The following study models are available for your master’s program in sports therapy:

  • Full-time: Most offers of a masters in sports therapy are full-time courses.
  • Dual studies: If you want to do a dual master sports therapy, you have to search thoroughly, because there are only a few offers for it.
  • Distance learning: The distance learning sports therapy is not offered too often by the universities, but a thorough research is worthwhile.

Career after sports therapy studies

With a college degree in sports therapy or a related degree program, you’ll be qualified for a variety of areas. Whether you work in the Sports science, the sports practice or in the sports medical direction go, is left to your interests, because through the interdisciplinary study, you have the necessary knowledge from all areas.

However, those who study sports therapy are probably most interested in the profession of sports therapist. By studying you will be able to independently treat therapeutically and create sports and nutrition plans for athletes or patients. With a master’s degree you are also qualified to take on management functions.

The demand for qualified personnel in the field of sports prevention and rehabilitation is growing steadily, so that your future prospects after graduation are very good.

Possible employers are u. a .:

  • health clinics
  • hospitals
  • Therapy and rehabilitation centers
  • Specialist practices for sports medicine
  • Health associations
  • health insurance


It is almost impossible to give a general salary statement. Because there are just too many factors that play a role in the amount of your salary: location, company size, industry, position, etc. These are just a few of the items that affect your salary. In addition, of course you also play a role: What degree do you have? How much work experience can you show? Which position do you apply for? And last but not least: How well can you sell yourself or negotiate??

So you see, it’s not so easy to give you here a general salary for sports therapists. As a rough guideline, one can say that career starters can count on approx. 2,000-2,500 euros.

Example salaries

For a better overview, we have selected a few salary examples for sports therapists:

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