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Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00 o’clock

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The branch offers you a variety of unique services for your sports equipment

  • treadmill analysis
  • Ski and snowboard service
  • bike workshop
  • flocking
  • 2D footscan

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consultation appointment

Consulting completely tailored to your needs: Book your personal shopping advisor in the store.


GPS and pulse watch maintenance

Inline Skate Service

Ski and snowboard service


The first step for the perfect shoe is to determine the exact foot measurements. With our 2D-Footscan this is easy, fast and free of charge. So we can recommend you a suitable preselection.


Do you have a specific wish for what should be written on a jersey or T-shirt? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we offer individual inscriptions on textiles.

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The best training device is useless if it doesn’t work properly. Often it is due to empty batteries. We change the batteries of transmitter (chest strap) and receiver (watch) in our branches.


If you are active on inline skates, you have to get the skates up to scratch from time to time. With our Inline Skate Service we offer role exchange, cleaning as well as stock oiling and exchange.


Whether the sport of climbing is something for you and how you do it on the wall can be found out directly in our branches. On the climbing wall you can try out the sport of climbing and experience what it’s like to go up walls.


Before the running shoes are tied, there is a running analysis! Here you can quickly find out which running type you are and what you have to pay attention to when choosing your shoes. The results of the running analysis are fast and precise due to the automatic evaluation.


In our bike workshop you can expect comprehensive service around the bike. This includes, for example, replacing tyres and coats, repairing spokes and rims, fitting pedals and luggage racks and oiling chains.


A racket for tennis, badminton or squash should always be strung according to performance and use. No matter if the strings are worn or torn, we choose the right strings and string the racket according to the type of player. We also change the grip tape.


To ensure fun on the ice, skates should be sharpened from time to time. We sharpen the edges of your skates: depending on how much the edges are worn out!


Shoes are the be-all and end-all in sports. You shouldn’t start training without the right footwear. The demands on shoes are different and depend on the respective sport. On our shoe test track you can test different surfaces and find the right shoe for you.


If the skier or snowboarder goes out on the piste or into the park, he or she should get his or her skis and snowboard in shape. Our ski and snowboard service prepares your skis and snowboards for the snow fun. The service includes repairing and grinding edges and surfaces, waxing surfaces, adjusting bindings and repairs as well as punching. Just come with your skis or snowboard to a SportScheck branch near you!


The most important things for skiing and snowboarding: The boots must fit really well. Who wants to have painful feet and blisters on the piste and in the powder? We support you in choosing the right model with a 3D foot measurement. Maximum comfort can be achieved with our individual ski boot adjustment. We offer processing and stretching of the ski boot shell (ankle, kanbein, halux area) as well as production of special ski boot soles for an optimal fit.


The most important thing with new sports shoes: they must fit without restriction. With our individual sole adjustment to your foot, we get even more out of your new sports shoes. We offer various pre-shaped sole variants as well as foot warming systems and customized soles, which can be adapted directly to your foot. Just let us advise you on site!

SportScheck Stuttgart

The SportScheck branch in Stuttgart is less than a five-minute walk from the main train station at Kronenstraße 3 (corner of Königstraße). Our sports shop can be easily reached by all public transport thanks to its proximity to the main railway station. If you prefer to come to us by car, you can park almost 1,900 cars in the four multi-storey car parks in the immediate vicinity of the Stuttgart branch.

On four floors in the SportScheck branch in Stuttgart you will find everything that will make your heart beat faster. But not only the selection of equipment, gear and clothing for all sports is huge, the service in our sports shop in Stuttgart is also almost unique. For example, snowboards, skis, tennis rackets, skates, inliners or complete bicycles are assembled or prepared and optimally prepared for their respective use by specialists. In our sports shop in Stuttgart there is also a running laboratory where your running style is analysed before you buy your shoes, so that you can take exactly the right shoe home with you. The results from the running laboratory will be sent to you by e-mail. Apropos shoes: Your new ski- or snowboard boots will be adapted to your feet directly on site. And if you would like to design your jersey or T-shirt completely individually, then simply speak to one of our expert staff members and let them inform you about the possibilities of our labelling service.

In our sports shop in Stuttgart you can also become active in sports. Once a week we meet in the SportScheck store in Stuttgart for running, walking and Nordic walking. A very special highlight is the 17 meter high climbing rock, which you can climb regularly.

You can feel like a celebrity when you are in our sports shop in Stuttgart with the personal shopper you have booked. With him you can make an appointment in advance at the SportScheck branch in Stuttgart free of charge and without any obligation. This service is aimed, among other things, at all those who want to start a new sport and are full of questions. Your shopping advisor prepares intensively for your visit and together you explore your new sport with us.

So you see that we love sports at least as much as you do. Just come directly to our store in Stuttgart and experience for yourself how modern shopping feels in the sports shop in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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