Sporty children’s birthdays in the munich area – sport island taufkirchen

Munich’s sportiest children’s birthdays – here in the Sport island.

Our next birthday kids on the island:
Fri, Dec 20. Julian – 8 years II Fri, Dec 20. Johanna – 9 years II Sat, Dec 21. Constantin – 10 years II Sat, December 21. Vasiliye – 8 years II Sat, Dec 21. Luis& Rafael – 8 years II Sat, Dec 21. Naomi – 8 years II Sat, Dec 21. Kian – 7 years II Sun, Dec 22. Julian – 9 years II Sun, Dec 22. Alex – 9 years II Sun, Dec 22. Merle – 10 years II Sun, Dec 22. Derin – 7 years II Fri, Dec 27. Fabrizio – 6 years II Mon, Dec 30. Henri – 8 years II Fri, 3.1. Tamara – 7 years II Sat, 4.1. James – 8 years II Sun, 5.1. Lorenz – 12 years II Sun, 5.1. Alessio – 8 years II Sun, 5.1. Maximilian – 10 years II Sun, 5.1. Elias – 11 years II Mon, 6.1. Julia 8 years II Mon, 6.1. Sarah 8 years II Mon, 6.1. laev – 7 years II Mon, 6.1. Tim – 8 years II Wed, 8.1. Lukas – 7 years II Fri, 10.1. Philipp – 9 years II Fri, 10.1. Philipp – 7 years II Fri, 10.1. Carlo – 8 years II Sat, 11.1. Peter – 8 years II Sat, 11.1. Nina – 10 years II Sat, 11.1. Christopher – 10 years II Sat, 11.1. Moritz – 11 years II Sat, 11.1. Ferdinand – 8 years II Sun 12.1. Stefan – 7 years II Sun 12.1. Emanuel – 7 years II Sun 12.1. Sebastian – 11 years II Sun, 12.1. Nils – 9 years II Sun, Jan 12. Julius – 10 years II

All still free children’s birthday dates for the next weeks and months can be found here.
Our new children’s birthday flyer can be downloaded here.

Dear parents,

It’s your child’s birthday and you still don’t know how and where you want to be?
Do you want one RELAXED "Carefree package", where you are around NOTHING have to take care of?
You may even want to use the time to do a little yourself Sports to drive and look for a sauna recover!
While your child and their guests sporty team games is well looked after by us?
Then celebrate with us in the island!

Treat yourself and your child to a relaxed birthday party in our island.

Dear birthday child,

Is your next birthday coming up again? No longer want to hit the pot & treasure Hunt?
You want a cool celebration full of FUN & ACTION?
Then come to the island to celebrate! We have put together two sporty packages for you!
You either celebrate CLASSIC and choose from over 28 games- & Sports your favorites. Or you play with your friends in our INTERACTIVE Funcourt and we put together a selection of digital and classic games.

Now only convince your parents, book an appointment, write invitations and off you go TO CELEBRATE!

We "move" children
our team it is a great joy for the children every day with a lot of fun & to see great enthusiasm celebrating in the island. Our motivation is the joy of children in sports.
Movement, team spirit & fairness are important criteria of our sports pedagogy.

Annually give us more than 500 parents your trust and celebrate the most important day of your child with us in the island.

It is not important to us how good or how successful the children are in their sporting activity, but rather that we can get them enthusiastic about sport in general – regardless of which sport

Let yourself be surprised – we take care of everything! Enjoy a totally relaxed birthday on the island.


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