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Why Pinolino relies on solid wood

Photo: © Pinolino Children’s dreams

Pinolino children’s furniture is largely made of solid wood. Why we chose this material, what advantages it has has and, what it brings you, you can read here in the Pinolino blog

At that time, in our clique we had one who knew all about wood – his nickname: "Henni Holzwurm". While the rest of us were completing our Abitur and thinking about studying later, Henni as a carpenter was immersed in his material, his material: wood! – … hence the super nickname …
It was practical, even if he was a little "different" than the rest of us. So he always built us all sorts amazing Things – of course made of wood, always had a squared timber on hand and also otherwise we always had a lot to laugh about and great stories in our group.
Today I understand once more his passion for solid wood at that time. The many advantages, this wood with character! A large part of all children’s furniture and toys from Pinolino children’s dreams are made of this natural and environmentally friendly material. Only woods from secured stocks are used. In this way, children will continue to grow up in a healthy environment.

Children’s room Natura made of oiled beech. (Photo: © Pinolino children’s dreams)

When furnishing a children’s room for the first time, parents should take special care to ensure that the little ones grow up in a healthy and natural atmosphere. Solid wood children’s rooms offer a pleasant, natural and pollution-free room climate for sleeping, playing, romping and learning.
In addition, each piece of furniture made of solid wood is unique. The wood works and contributes to a healthy indoor climate through the constant absorption of moisture from the air. Tension cracks in the wood surface can occur and slight color changes can occur due to leaking wood substances. But that is exactly what brings variety of colors and individual grain. Open branches and different grain are practically beauty features of natural wood.
That’s why Henni Holzwurm always had his squared timber with him (only on the tennis court did he switch from a wooden racket to “non-wood” at the time) – he loved this individuality and uniqueness of the material: wood – just great!

Tennis rackets then and now: top made of layered wood, bottom made of lightweight plastic. (Photo: Collage © Marco Santi Amantini / Fotolia & Alexi TAUZIN / Fotolia)

Today he has a great woman at his side, whom he had years ago against exchanged his squared timber … but which is just as beautiful and unique ☺ – @Henni: If you need a nursery soon, please let me know – I have something really good out of solid wood!

Smilla children’s room made of white glazed pine. (Photo: © Pinolino children’s dreams)

Solid wood is high quality and very stable – children’s rooms must be functional, safe, practical and stable. Solid wood is therefore ideally suited because it naturally brings the desired stability with it and at the same time conveys the cozy feeling of security and warmth.

Wood is also a durable material. Properly processed, it can accompany you for decades. Our Pinolino children’s furniture therefore carries the 10-year ‘Pinolino Plus Guarantee’ .

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Learn more about the 10-year ‘Pinolino Plus Guarantee’.


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