Stahlmann – children of longing (cd review)

Stahlmann – Children of Longing (CD review)

STAHLMANN have become one of the scene sizes in terms of Neue Deutsche Härte over the past few years. The dark rockers are often named in the same breath as icebreakers or other pioneers. Numerous successful studio albums are lined up and one success chases the next. They have been booked for a long time at the festivals of this nation and, despite German texts, also inspire many fans internationally. In recent years, the formation has cared for singers and masterminds Mart Soer but with line-up changes for a sensation. Dear members, characters who made up the band, left the project in favor of other projects. guitarist Frank Herzig for example, the strings at Stahlmann were exchanged for the micro in his own project shadow man. It was recently announced that bassist too Ablaz will no longer be on stage with Stahlmann. With Children of longing appears on 03/22/2019 not just a new one STAHLMANN Album via AFM Records, but also a new section in the history of the band – at least in terms of live performance.

The silver coin is introduced with "Lost from Heaven". A scratchy start then melodic rhythms that clearly follow STAHLMANN sound. The voice of a singer Mart has matured again in recent years and has developed. It nestles deeper and more scratchy on hard guitar riffs and bass lines. "Truth or Dare" is introduced by delicate children’s voices that stand in stark contrast to the instruments used. A pattern that is repeated frequently in the song. The striking bass-heavy can be even more typical than its predecessor STAHLMANN-Recognize sound very clearly here. Already uncoupled and published with video "The best". An ode to friendship and cohesion. A song that invites you to sing along and dance with its simplicity. Simple here does not mean bad, rather the opposite. The song is catchy and stays in the head. With "My life falls" the men made of steel are a bit more experimental but also a little more solid. Calm vocals in the stanzas meet emotional depths in the chorus and give the song, which is in the floating phase between ballad and hard rock number, the necessary finishing touch. "Children of Longing" is not only a beautiful album title, but also an extremely successful song. A constant climax of surpassing guitar riffs, combined with hard clocking drums. Mart gets the best out of his voice and can shine with razor-sharp singing passages. Again from the experimental side they show up in "Close your eyes". STAHLMANN typical basslines meet electronic background rhythms. All in all, the song doesn’t seem coherent and is a bit out of rhythm. In my opinion, one could have gotten more out of this, since the stanzas offer a lot of potential, but in the chorus everything that is built up is thrown overboard. Sounds poetic, almost romantic "Do you hear how my heart beats". Not only from the title, but also from the instrumental structure. The stanzas are calm, sometimes spoken more than sung, but very dark. In the chorus, the vocals are sometimes built up in several voices, thus ensuring a deep depth. In the stanzas I feel at times from songs by Falco recalls who also played a lot with spoken stanzas. After a short break, with calmer sounds, you can "Rain" accelerated again. The song is moving forward much harder, brisk and driving. When you have surrendered to the rhythm, you are torn from the beat by a calm passage. The subsequent increase in speed only makes it more impressive. In "If you go" there is support from Blue May Rose. The singing from singer Liz, her distinctive voice fits Mart perfectly. So different in the contrasts, but together a very harmonious duo. We are approaching the end of the eleven-track longplayer. At the end everything is dug up again and with "Sensual" drawn from the full. Catchy and strong, with a lot of pressure to the front shows what Stahlmann stands for. Variety and catchy NDH, which stands out clearly and does not disappear in the uniform porridge. To top it all off, we get that AMIworx Mix of "Best friends". Experimental and tough at the same time. Very different from the original, but more than successful. You can tell that experts were at work here.

Conclusion: In the past 10 years, STAHLMANN have not only steadily smoothed their way upwards, but also regularly attacked the ear canals of their fan base. With children of longing, the Göttingen musicians definitely set new standards. An all-round successful album that will surely be well received by the fans.


01 Lost from heaven
02 truth or duty
03 The best
04 My life is falling
05 Children of longing
06 Close your eyes
07 Do you hear how my heart beats
08 rain
09 When You Go (feat. Blue May Rose)
10 Sensual
11 The Best (AMIworx Remix)

Released: 03/22/2019
Genre: NDH, Rock
Label: AFM Records

STAHLMANN: X – anniversary tour 2019
+ Support: * Kissin ‘Black

03/21/2019 Bochum – Matrix *
03/22/2019 Frankfurt – Nightlife *
03/23/2019 Nuremberg – The Cult *
03/29/2019 Berlin – Music and Peace *
03/30/2019 Hamburg – Logo *
04/06/2019 Munich – Backstage *
04/12/2019 Leipzig – Naumanns *
05/11/2019 Cologne, Under the Black Flag
10th – 11th August 2019 Hildesheim, M’era Luna Festival

Tickets can be ordered from all known advance booking offices and via Extratix.

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