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Stainless steel chimney: what costs must be expected?

If you want to operate a stove or another fireplace needs a chimney. If there is no chimney, this problem can be solved easily: simply retrofit a stainless steel chimney. What that can cost and what cost differences you have to expect, explained in detail the cost check expert in the interview.

Question: Is it really easy to retrofit chimneys – and when is this required??

Cost check-Expert: As a rule, there is hardly any building where it is difficult to simply run a chimney along the wall outside. Most of the concerns that are involved relate to the visual effect – technically this is completely trouble-free.

Basically, all fireplaces need a chimney – these can be ordinary stoves, but also an ordinary oil heater or a pellet heater. In many new buildings but no chimney was planned more – for example because you have set as the main heating on a heat pump heating, which does not need a flue. If you later come to the fact that you would like to have a stove in the living room, of course you have to retrofit a chimney in any way.

Another problem that is even more common is that although there is a chimney, it runs in a completely different place in the house than where you would like to set up the stove (just on the other side of the house). Of course, you can not lay a smoke pipe right through the whole house – that’s not possible in the oven alone. Here it also makes sense to make a wall opening directly at the place of installation and then simply let the chimney run vertically up to the wall of the house.

For the calculation of the dimensions, it is usually necessary to seek the help of skilled workers. What is also absolutely necessary before the purchase and installation of a chimney: the calculation of the required chimney dimensioning (chimney height and chimney diameter) by the competent district chimney sweep. Incorrect sizing is always problematic – if the chimney diameter is too large or the length of the chimney is not adequate, the chimney draft is too low and the exhaust gases are not transported up through the chimney, but jam behind the stove. He does not burn properly then. In extreme cases, a greatly reduced train can even be dangerous. After installation, the responsible district chimney sweep must first remove the stainless steel chimney before it is allowed to go into operation. Regular inspections are then carried out by the chimney sweep at annual or biennial intervals.

Anyone who does not want to have a stainless steel pipe on their house wall can, as an alternative, let the stainless steel chimney run inside the house. But this is associated with much greater effort and significantly higher costs.

Question: What does stainless steel fireplaces cost in general??

Cost check-Expert: This is hard to say on a flat rate, because of course this always depends on the chosen model and the required dimensioning.

In general, you will for a chimney kit in the usual sizing around 450 EUR to 600
have to reckon. In most cases, the chimney above will still have to be led through the roof surface – there are special molded parts that make this possible without any problems and without sealing problems. For the roof penetration then in most cases again between around 40 EUR and 100 EUR including the sealing materials due. Depending on the desired accessories can then be added even small additional costs – but usually it remains so under 100 EUR.

If you build your own chimney, all the costs are incurred. If you prefer a build-up by a specialist, then you have to reckon with additional set-up fees. In most cases, lump sums are required for the complete construction 800 EUR and 1,000 EUR requires.

Of course, this looks different if you do not want to let the stainless steel chimney run along the wall but build it up inside the house.

For so-called lightweight blocks are used. The chimney pipe made of stainless steel is coated with lightweight construction materials (usually aerated concrete) fireproof. The individual prefabricated parts of the kit are then put on each other and mortared. Along the chimney course, however, additional ceiling openings must be made professionally. As a rule, you will also be charged here in the best case around 1,500 EUR to 2,000 EUR during self-construction (ceiling breakthroughs by the professional) must reckon. With assembly, you will in most cases at cost of around 3,000 EUR to 4,000 EUR lie, maybe just above.

A small cost example from practice:

We have bought a stove for our living room, but our house has no chimney. We therefore want to retrofit a stainless steel chimney on the outside of the wall.

Post price
Complete chimney kit, diameter DW 160, height 5.7 m 521.95 EUR
Roof duct stainless steel, roof pitch 20 ° -35 °, DW 160 43,31 EUR
Assembly 800 EUR
approach 40 EUR
total cost 1,405.26 EUR

Of course this is just a single cost example for a very specific chimney. The prices for other chimney models, especially with different dimensions, can also be significantly different.

Our cost example already shows that the retrofitting of a stainless steel chimney on the outside of the wall is not particularly expensive – especially in comparison to the construction of masonry chimneys. For a traditional brick chimney we would have paid a multiple of it.

If we had built the stainless steel chimney ourselves (which is usually not a problem), our retrofitting would have been very low cost.

Question: What is the cost of a stainless steel chimney in practice??

Is already a fireplace available, saves the most significant costs Cost check-Expert: Of course, here are some factors:

  • whether the stainless steel chimney should be built on the outside or inside of the wall
  • which length and which nominal diameter are necessary
  • from which manufacturer the kit is purchased
  • whether a roof penetration is necessary (in some cases, the gable side is avoidable)
  • which accessories (eg train booster, special rain cover, etc.) are purchased
  • which costs incurred for indoor installation for the ceiling openings

The costs may differ from case to case. It is best to compare the prices of individual kits with each other even with known dimensions.

Question: If running a stainless steel chimney also running costs?

Cost check-Expert: As with any chimney, chimney sweep tests are also required for the stainless steel chimney.

The costs are, however, in the frame: In most cases, you have to expect a visit once or twice a year if you operate a wood-burning stove. The costs are usually included around 30 EUR to 50 EUR per year.

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