Start – theater studio 14h

Start - theater studio 14h

Theater studio 14H

Small and large theater in Offenbach a.M.


Welcome to Theater Studio 14H. Come in!

Located in the center of Offenbach am Main, our theater is still somewhat hidden in the back yard of Bleichstraße 14. What started as an internal rehearsal room has grown into a public place for culture over the years and has since become established as a renowned event space. Since 1999 the theater studio has been offering a regular schedule with evening programs and children’s theater. As a continuous cooperation partner, the Office for Culture and Sports Management of the City of Offenbach a.M. is a guest here with various events.

children’s theater

In addition to guest performances by external groups, own productions are also shown. The ensembleTHEATERATELIER 14H has developed a repertoire of pieces for children from the age of four over the past few years, which include: can also be played again and again in the “Sweet Sunday” series of events. The children’s theater productions are mobile and can be performed at a wide variety of venues. In addition, the members of the ensemble also conduct theater projects and courses for children at schools and in the theater studio.

evening programme

For the adult audience, an evening program with in-house productions is offered at irregular intervals, in which work is sometimes carried out with guest artists. Impressions can be obtained from the selection from videos and press articles. There you will also find information about bleaching streets about what was formerly current and have been able to browse through the programs since 2003..

Our sponsoring association, the Project Bleichstrasse 14H e.V., was founded in 1991 as a studio community of various freelance artists from the fields of drama, visual art and photography. Since then the association has been supported by a private initiative of free artists, financed by them and thanks to the support of sponsoring members, companies and institutions. The artistic work of the Bleichstraße 14H project was recognized by the city of Offenbach a.M. in 1999 with the cultural award for the performing arts.

The rooms of the theater studio can be rented by (theater) groups, associations or private individuals for different occasions. Lectures, seminars, workshops, readings, theater evenings, musical theater, private celebrations … – our rooms have already provided the right framework for many things. Even more is conceivable and negotiable.

Of course, the theater studio can also be used as a rehearsal room. Whether for a limited time for a production or for regular theater work, we are happy to provide information about the occupancy options and conditions.

In addition, the ensemble is happy to enrich private fixed programs with artistic assignments on request and, with its many years of experience in the event area, supports you in planning and program execution.

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