Start your voluntary social year

The volunteer social Year, FSJ for short, was set up for all young people who want to make a difference.

Anyone interested in the living environment of people with disabilities, seniors, Children and adolescents Interested in daycare centers, kindergartens, children’s homes and wanting to gain experience in teamwork, can discover a lot of new and valuable things in the FSJ.

Nothing is impossible and everything is in there! The FSJ relies on curiosity and the commitment of everyone.

I never thought that I was so interested in working with people in the social field

Randrianarimanana Mamy Ny Ony Martinah, Montessori Children’s House Otterfing

I found out
the curative education nurse
is the right job for me

Honey Christine, FSJ at Know-How-Social
Job site Dr. Loew Social Services, Vohenstrauß House

I have developed a lot of self-confidence

Jessica Dülk, FSJ at Know-How-Social
Job site Dr. Loew Social Services, Gerolzhofen House

I have myself as a person
very developed

Taiyo Groening, FSJ at Know How Sozial e.V.
Location: Social Pedagogical Day Groups in Munich

I found out,
that me working with
People and also the
social area lies

Sebastian Schornbaum, Dr. Loew social services
Koenigstein House

I learned that one
nothing but a matter of course
should look at

Johannes Sprödhuber, Dr. Loew social services
Bayreuth House

I am grown up
become and have
learned more patiently
to be

Tamara Mayer, FSJ at Know-How-Social
Location Theresien Gymnasium Ansbach

I am more open and
become more independent

Sevcan Uzun, FSJ at Know-How-Social,
Job site house for children in Munich

I now have one
different picture of older
People get

Muamera Bisic, FSJ at Know-How-Social,
Retirement and nursing home in Upper Bavaria

> your advantages

The FSJ not only gives you insights into one of the most exciting areas that the world of work has to offer – here you can grow in experience and do something for it Learn life.

You devote your time and attention to people who need help and are happy about every minute you give them.

> facts

  • a monthly allowance & Grants for accommodation & food
  • the social security amounts (health, pension, accident insurance, etc.) are completely taken over by the place of deployment
  • Vacation and working hours are contractually regulated
  • at the end the volunteers receive a final confirmation and a certificate with professional qualifications
  • there is still a right to child benefit
  • The FSJ counts as an internship year for your vocational training in the social field
  • an FSJ ID card


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