Statutory health insurance – statutory health insurance

guarantee of success

Our remuneration is fundamentally based on a performance fee. In cooperation with specialized lawyers, we offer you the all-round service-Service for the review of how a switch to statutory health insurance can be implemented.

legal certainty

We make the possibility of returning to statutory health insurance and the associated protection in the event of benefits legally secure by having your new status officially certified.

Fast processing

We have been working successfully in this area of ​​law for years and can therefore deal with each individual case quickly and reliably. You will receive our answer within only 2 working days. Promised is promised.

Our cooperation partners

That is why it is worth switching to statutory health insurance

Save up to 69%* Your current contributions when switching to statutory health insurance

In old age, private health insurance can become a cost trap. More and more pensioners are fighting for their livelihood. The insurance contributions eat up your pension; Poverty threatens old age!

* Sample calculation based on a retired couple

Average pensioner’s savings
upon successful change to the SHI

Do you want to have your individual savings calculated? Fill out the form above free of charge. Together we will find a solution.

total savings

for someone over 50 today.

Contribution development of private health insurance in old age

Private health insurance is attractive for young people. Private health insurance companies are campaigning for young high earners. They attract new members with cheap tariffs. But over the years, the costs increase massively.

Contribution amount according to the age of the insured

Finally out of private:
In just 3 steps
switch to statutory health insurance!

1. Fill out the form

Fill out the request form. Your data will be transmitted to us encrypted.

2. Change is checked

We will check your option to change within 48 hours.

3. Apply for a change

Choose a new, statutory health insurance and save up to € 3,900 a year.

What should I pay attention to when changing health insurance??
Important information about switching to statutory health insurance

Important information about
Switch to statutory health insurance

Many citizens who are not subject to compulsory health insurance at a young age choose private health insurance. Mostly this is the group of people who are self-employed and well-paid employees. They are convinced of the favorable contributions and a possibly more extensive range of services, which is why they are the Statutory Health Insurance to turn one’s back. The increasing contributions of private health insurance however, increase enormously over time. Many can then no longer afford private health insurance.

The legislator has reacted and made it difficult or almost impossible to return to statutory health insurance. Insured persons who have not paid contributions to statutory health insurance for a large part of their lives should not be able to enjoy full insurance protection in old age. While private health insurance namely the contributions after this Risk (which is highest in old age), the contributions in the statutory health insurance are measured according to the amount of income.


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