Stay healthy, live tips

Live tips – life tips

Life tips the art of living to be able to live independently!

Life tips the art of living to be able to live independently!

Top fit and healthy

Top fit and in good health with the elementary building blocks of life.

No life is possible without proteins, because proteins are the basis of all life. More precisely, it is the amino acids from which the proteins are formed. Our body needs amino acids to build its structures, regulate metabolism and perform important transport and signaling functions.


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Stay healthy

When we say goodbye or congratulate someone, we often wish good luck, success and stay healthy!

Health is a state of being, of consciousness, this consciousness remains, no matter to what extent I forget who, where and what I am.

"I am" is what remains eternally the same in the middle of countable forms,

"This significant knowledge of the cause reveals that man, whether good or bad, is in fact the master of his own faith and that his imagination of his own determines the world in which he lives."

In the world of polarity

Most people to live in the modern society "I-distant", a habitual rhythm of the mind.

"I-distant" is the opposite pole of the "I-nah", therefore not in the consciousness of the "I am".

If you are currently in poor health, you can only get sickness, since you know the cause, only on the order, yes, the conception of the primal power of the imagination, "I do not feel well," is determined.

Your idea manifests in the form of illness, as a symbol or yes, as a sign that something is wrong, that you have strayed from your path.

Stay healthy means stay on your course!

Yes, we are the Lord, the captain of our life ship, that we navigate through the ocean of life. If we get off course, if we get caught in a storm, we have to go to a safe harbor.

Depending on that, the life ship was slightly damaged, we can fix it to get going again.

On our journey through life, we are captain, helmsman and navigator at the same time and determine the course.

The basic course is 37 degrees, if we leave we head into an illness.

We have countless helpers, such as the immune system, vitality and metabolism. However, these can only fulfill their task if the basis for it is given,

The captain determines the navigator to calculate the course, the helmsman holds the course until the captain determines another course. 37 degrees, here more info!

Stay healthy, yes stay on course!

The captain makes the decisions where to go and it is his responsibility to bring the ship safely to its destination port.

We are the captain and determine the course, a journey through space and time. through the infinite vastness of the micro and macro cosmos.

realize, be aware of where you are. "You are on the way" and you determine the course!

Of course, a captain has the appropriate training, to become a captain, his team has to advise to make a decision. That means we are not alone as captains either, only nobody can take the responsibility off you.

For the captain but also to always keep yourself informed, to continue your education in order to be able to fulfill your task.

In this sense: stay healthy, stay on your course!

Some see it as advertising, I see it as recommendations that can help some!

Product information “Medical scandal asthma / bronchitis”

In this ebook you will learn which natural substances are used by experts to successfully treat asthma and bronchitis.

Based on the progressive knowledge of Molecular biotechnology and alternative medicine. Scientifically documented by numerous results from research work as well as expert statements.

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Successful deacidification and purification.

A large part of the medical profession very often increases the poisoning present in the patient by prescribing too much chemistry.

How to break out of the vicious circle of conventional medicine and detoxify yourself and heal with it,

"The core of every symptom, of stress and illnesses are feelings and memories, traumatic perceptions that are buried in our subconscious." (Dr. Darren Weissmann, film "Emotion")

The film documentation Emotion impressively shows how deep-seated, emotional ballast can lead to illnesses and that working through these emotions enables physical and mental recovery. Globally renowned experts such as chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bradley Nelson, the new Einstein Nassim Haramein, the cancer healer Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D, the spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette, the holistic doctor Dr. Darren Weisman and many others.

“It is important that we understand how to remove negative emotion molecules and replace them with positive emotion molecules. That is the basis for health, life and longevity."

(Don Tolman, film "Emotion") More information here >>>e-motion – German language version

Colors of angels

The exceptionally beautiful cards of this oracle help you to absorb the light and colors of these angels as pure energy and to consciously implement their messages for self-realization in your life. There is an aura soma bottle behind each card. The aura-soma color combinations become a bridge into the world of light and the colors of the angels. You do not need to have any knowledge of Aura-Soma to work with these wonderful angel cards. The enclosed detailed instruction book allows everyone to do a completely individual oracle and visualization work. The Aura Soma teacher and author Darsho M.Willing has created the photographs of these cards over many years with activated Aura Soma bottles. In doing so, she intuitively let herself be guided by the angel energy in the colors and further developed Vicky Wall’s legacy. Colors of angels

The Soul Plan: What Determines Our Destiny

Even in the hereafter, the soul defines its development plan, which guides us through an inner call. What mysteries are hidden behind this soul plan? Drawing on the sources of her clairvoyance, Jana Haas describes the spiritual laws on earth and the influence of the subconscious and subconscious. By understanding these relationships, we can say goodbye to blockages and activate our loving heart powers. They connect us again with self-love and all-love – and give us access to a path of life full of light.

Healing with the divine power: activate your inner healing powers with Cosmogetic® Healing

Draw from God’s healing power through loving faith.

How do we succeed in our accelerated time to fully exploit our own mental and spiritual potential and lead a healthy, fulfilling life? How can we activate our self-healing powers when we get sick? Drawing on the sources of her clairvoyance, Jana Haas shows ways in which we become aware of our own strengths and how we can shape our own destiny. Your spiritual program may feed a. from meditations, blessings or exercises for the inner child and offers orientation when it comes to connecting with the divine source in order to experience healing – on the mental, spiritual and physical level.

Otherworlds: The soul’s journey into the light

Jana Haas has a special contact with the deceased and the spiritual world. As a writer and angel ambassador, she gives amazing insights into the hereafter and describes what happens in earthly death and how it goes on in the worlds beyond.

The bestselling author’s new big angel book

We live in an era of profound changes in consciousness, the energies on Earth are increasing. The Archangels help us with this ascent to a higher dimension: We can connect with these most powerful of all heavenly helpers in order to raise our own vibration frequency and grow internally.

Bestselling author Diana Cooper introduces the spirit world and the archangels, explains what they are responsible for on earth, how they help us in difficult situations and how we get in touch with them. 55 steps with numerous meditations and practical exercises support everyday problems and enable faster spiritual growth on the way to a new golden age of light and love.

Death – the great illusion

Recognize and heal light body symptoms: help from the spiritual world

Our planet is on the rise, and we are in the light body process, the process of cleaning and increasing the frequency of the physical body of all humanity. We all go through it, and this physical and spiritual development demands a lot from us physically and mentally. continue here >>>

Journey to the beauty within you
Immerse yourself in the light of your soul because the only true, imperishable beauty in the world is the beauty within. It is eternal. This beauty is imperishable because its source lies in the depth of our hearts. Awaken your inner radiance with these meditations and the light of your true beauty begins to illuminate, rejuvenate and shine in its purest form. continue here >>>

Soul dance instead of life struggle
For a lifetime we humans have the basic need to be respected and loved by our fellow human beings. We also wish that we are sufficient, that our talents are recognized and that we are encouraged to live them. If the soul dance does not succeed, then this can have far-reaching consequences, such as states of exhaustion or physical and mental illnesses. We often feel an unfulfilled longing within us and have the feeling that we are not on our path to life … continue here >>>

For lack of money, in the simple way to make money effortlessly!

At this time it is part of the daily ritual to check your emails and how calm it is when we can read.

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The mental secret weapon
You must have wished for this: to be able to influence others so that they do exactly what you ask them to do. You would be in control of other people – and without them noticing it! how to fulfill this secret wish, find out here >>>

Life energy is the basis for our health

Everything in nature moves towards equilibrium, which is ideal for our equilibrium when we feel and balance our daily energy.

Our daily life energy is essential for our health! More information here

Here I want you the book: The betrayed sky – return to Eden by Dieter Broers.

The betrayed sky – return to Eden – here more info >>>The betrayed sky: return to Eden

Product information "Gut Active with Vitamin C 200 g Vegan"

Active cultures of lactic acid bacteria with vitamin C from the acerola cherry.

Typical representatives of the physiological intestinal flora are lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacills acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. Gut active contains about 12 billion lactic acid bacteria per day. In addition is Gut active enriched with natural vitamin C from acerola.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has scientifically confirmed that vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
A large part of the immune cells – approx. 70 to 80% – are located in the intestine.
Gut active also contains Zicho fiber oligofructose More info here >>>

Product information "ANCENASAN® herbal 49 herbs"

ANCENASAN® herbal is an exclusive mixture of 49 finely ground medicinal and bitter herbs to support and care for all digestive organs. The herbs contain a variety of valuable and health-promoting bitter, spicy and tannins from the group of secondary plant ingredients, especially flavonoids, glucosinolates and terpenes. The herbs are basic and easily digestible. More info here >>>

The beneficial power of 49 herbs / bitter herbs

Without chemical lugs in the pharmaceutical industry!

Use the full power of nature to successfully defy all diseases today and in the future.

Words are a guide: Teach to find out our true identity – The Power of Now series audio CD – Audiobook

Texts by the world-famous Satsang teacher Eckhart Tolle. As clear and catchy as his book "Leben im Now".

Optimize your brain and your life >>>

Medial medicine >>>

A look into eternity >>>

Heal with the power of nature >>>

How nature copes with cancer >>>

It is a way of concentration, discipline and our will,

it is the power of self-control.

Under the spell of the numbers

Crack the secret code of your life

In her book "Under the Spell of Numbers", Jarmila Meissnest proves how amazingly easy it is with numerology to master everyday challenges better. You only have to be able to add up 1 and 1!

  • Who could not use a little more luck, success and money blessing in his life?
  • Who doesn’t want to understand themselves better every now and then?
  • Who would not like to master his destiny with foresight and calm?
  • Who is not eager to find out what his fellow human beings really think about him or her – apart from all hypocrisy and polite phrases?

With your practice-oriented numerology guide »Under the spell of the numbers« Jarmila Meissnest now gives every open-minded person the opportunity to get a well-founded answer to these and many other questions. And on top of that, even the personal lucky numbers for the lottery. More info here …

A memory like a high-performance computer

In the shortest time, THREE times as SMART as you are today!

Think!! You do this all day – every second, every hour and even at night while you sleep. Close your eyes for a moment and try not to think about anything. I bet you can’t do it! Nobody can just switch off their thoughts. This also shows how important it is that you have your thinking under control and control it perfectly. So good that you think of the right thing at the crucial moment and that there is no lack of concentration or even forgetfulness.

The basis for all thinking is good memory. What you like to call gray cells. You draw most of your intelligence from this memory. Similar to a computer. Top performance depends on various factors: fast software and high storage capacity. It is the same with the gray matter. The formula for the brain is: thinking = intelligence + memory. Science agrees today,that such great minds as Einstein, Edison or Madame Curie were naturally no wiser than an average person. The really crucial difference is that these geniuses let their thinking run free. They trained the brain and unconsciously opened the locks of thought to accomplish what changed the world.

No more forgetfulness! More info here >>>

Discover the secrets

how to make more money and
Master every situation with calm and serenity.

With this invaluable knowledge, you will be able to:

  • to have more health,
  • to be physically fit and active,
  • master stressful life situations without stress,
  • mentally agile and your fellow human beings
  • to be superior,
  • the greatest out of the most fatal defeats
  • To achieve success.

This knowledge helps you to be happy, not to be afraid.
Even if you are not feeling well at all.
Especially then!

There are abundant secrets of this kind. But the vast majority are not made accessible to ordinary people.

The insiders are not interested in sharing this with you. You want to use the advantages for yourself and use them against everyone.

At the age of 35, the trained electrician Wolfgang Rademacher was totally burned down financially and physically. High debts and bankruptcies brought him to the brink of despair. More info here >>>

Fiber Select is the best vital fiber available on the market.

This product has carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that effectively rid the organism of toxins, improve well-being and put the general condition in order. Results appear after just a few days.

The preparation is available in soluble powder form. It has a neutral taste, so it can be dissolved in any non-carbonated drink, yogurt or water. More info here >>>

Snoran Plus is the best method for snoring and for better sleep.

Regular ingestion makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep guarantees a much better recovery. The preparation consists exclusively of natural ingredients, all of which have a direct effect on the cause of the problem.

Snoran Plus is intended for women AND men who want to improve the function of their organism and thus the quality of sleep by switching off unpleasant snoring noises. Already after the first application there are signs of improvement.

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The big insider sources 2017

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Times are getting worse … So what!

With the Insider sources 2017 an enormous range of alternative countermeasures is finally available. Some of them are so sophisticated that nothing and nobody can scratch your money and assets or your privacy.

The big insider sources 2017 in large format with over 600 pages

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