Steering sled for 2 people test 2020

Steering sled for 2 people test

short pull rope

short pull rope

no seat cushions

Test criteria: Alpengaudi Alpen Double Race steering sledge Hamax toboggan sled snow double seater EKO steering sledge Snow Comet 120
placement 1st place place 2 place 3
Price (approx.) 60 euro 80 euro 100 euros
To the product
Our rating
Benefits short version

German quality product
better brake / control than comparison models
stable + robust
including 2 seat cushions
Glove compartment
low weight
Price / value for money

quality product
good brake / control
stable + robust
including 2 seat cushions
low weight
highest load capacity (120 kg)

Swiss quality product
good brake / control
stable processing
robust (injection molding process)

Disadvantages short version
Our report

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1, 2, 3 and sled! Young racers and their friends can now whiz down the snow slope together. For two, sledging is much more fun and our tested steering sled for 2 people makes it even safer. You can find out which two-piece steering slides are the most popular and best in ours Steering sled for 2 people test and comparison.

Explanation steering sled

A sled is a land vehicle with runners that is used to transport loads and people, but is also used as sports equipment and toys for children. For the most part, a sledge is used on snow or ice. There are different types of sledges here.

A distinction is made in sleds with their own drive, often with the help of a motor, as is the case with snowmobiles, for example. But there are also sleds that are driven by wind power. However, the most widespread sledges are pulled on the plain, either by draft animals, tractors or people. On sloping terrain (mountains, hills, etc.), these sleds will slide down by themselves, thanks to the gravitational pull. There are also different types of sledges here, which differ in size, shape and functionality.

Each of you surely knows a sled from your own childhood. While wooden sledges were preferred at the time, which were often difficult to steer, today they are modern steering sled with which it can go downhill really quickly.

At such high speeds, which can be achieved with a toboggan run even with conventional wooden sledges, safety is of course a top priority. That’s why steering sled invented. You not only have a steering wheel to keep the sled under optimal control, but also a brake. It is often located directly in the middle, between the legs or to the side of the sled. Any spontaneous evasive maneuvers can be carried out perfectly and rear-end collisions can even be avoided from the outset.

A bob or steering sledge is largely made of plastic. Here, however, you still have to choose between the single steering slide / bob for one person and the Two steering slides for 2 people differentiate, which are particularly suitable for families with children.

Steering sleds made of wood are also available to buy. They are rather rare, but very stable and also suitable for heavier adults, but difficult for children to handle due to their high weight. Steering slide made of metal form the conclusion and should not be driven by children, since it is more about sports equipment. Professionals and courageous adventures Leisure athletes can achieve extremely high speeds here and wearing protective clothing has top priority.

Purchase advice steering sledge for 2 people

As I said, there are many different models of sledges to buy. In the test, we looked at the steering sled for 2 people. This type of sled is particularly appropriate when the children are younger, because mom or dad can intervene in driving behavior at any time and are also comfortable to sit on.

Many small children are with a normal bob or. steering sled alone a little overwhelmed, because they have to steer or brake and that too sensitively and not too hard. Otherwise, steering sledges or bobs for one person can also tip over. Then winter fun can quickly become serious, since the risk of injury on snow is very high.

What should be considered before buying a steering sled?

This is how the 2-person steering sled test went

Before buying one Steering sled for 2 people there are a few things you should consider. A particularly important aspect here is a good brake, which should be attached in the middle and has good grip. This is important because such a full two-man steering sled can reach very high speeds. In 2012 there was already a steering sled test, which is unfortunately no longer accessible to the general public.

In addition, the processing and quality is of course a decisive purchase criterion, as is high stability so that you can enjoy the new sled for a long time, even if it is only used for a few weeks a year by the majority of the population.

Function / handling – All three steering slides function the same. They are first pulled up the mountain or you are pulled comfortably and then it goes down. Thanks to the steering wheel and the skid-proof skids, it is safe to go downhill. With the help of the brake, sources of danger can be eliminated and you will reach your destination safely. All three sleds are suitable for 2 people. The Hamax toboggan slide Sno double-seater can even carry loads of up to 120 kg and is the absolute winner here.

Operation – The operation of the three steering slides for 2 people is simple and relatively self-explanatory. Driving, steering and braking. The EKO plastic bob Snow Comet 120 in particular has the best braking effect here.

Design – The look of the tested steering sled for 2 people is great. They look almost like real racing cars. A great highlight is certainly the integrated glove compartment in the Alpengaudi Alpen Double Race Bob two-person steering sledge

Price / Accessories – Our steering sled for 2 people in the test are in the medium price range for sledges. Steering sledges cost almost as much for one person. For less than 100 euros there are good and cheap steering sleds for 2 people to buy. All three models have an included pull cord. The Alpengaudi Double Race and the Hamax Sno also include the two seat cushions. The Stiga steering sledge will be presented soon.

Stiftung Warentest – So far we have no steering sled for 2 people, test reports or comparisons from Stiftung Warentest. Unfortunately, there is no test of the Hamax Snoxross either.

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