Stilt house for children – a play house that inspires children

Connect the stilt house with the natural connection to nature

Have you always dreamed of having your own tree house as a child? Many adults had this wish as a child. You can now fulfill this childhood dream for your children by signing up for one Stelzenhaus decide. That kind of play house, that Stelzenhaus ,awakens the desire for adventure and you can be sure your child will spend a lot of time in that Stelzenhaus spend, especially in summer. It connects the natural attachment to nature with the child’s fantasy world, while at the same time serving as an exploration the nature, the child is encouraged to want to get to know nature better. Children are very curious and don’t just become that Stelzenhaus explore quickly and explore every nook and cranny, but they will also go into nature and observe creepy crawlies. Girls and boys are pretty much the same, with boys being given more adventures. However, both immerse themselves equally in the fantasy world and feel the thirst for adventure equally, also with Stelzenhaus.

Stilt house or rather build your own tree house?

To build a tree house you need a large tree and very few have a garden with such a large tree. You also have to keep in mind that when building a tree house, safety, as with the other playhouses, comes first. You have to plan the amount of wood very well and this must also be bought. Before everything can be bought, a plan for the tree house must be in place.

You will have to reckon with a long working time for the tree house, unless you are experienced in building tree houses and have strong support in building the tree house with families or friends.

In contrast to a delivered one Stelzenhaus or another Playhouse wood , not only save yourself time, but also invest in a well thought-out solution stilt house or another playhouse, that has already taken safety into account in its plan, with an introduction to the construction and the associated correct and tested material.

If you look at the advantages of a finished playhouse, e.g. one Stelzenhaus or another wooden playhouse, you will quickly decide on the already finished version. The selection of good quality playhouses is large. There is Stelzenhaus, Log houses and other wooden play houses.

A stilt house can be expanded …

Furthermore, one can Stelzenhaus also expand by adding an additional sandpit, for example. But there are already a lot of stilt houses that have already integrated a sandpit in the stilt house. The stilt houses are not attached to trees for a fixed stand, it is enough Stelzenhaus set up firmly on the floor and firmly anchored in the floor.

You must make sure that the area on which the house is to be built from stilts is at ground level.

The actual playhouse that stands on the stilts is reached with a ladder. This is important to know, because age and therefore motor development for the child is crucial and should be considered by you.


The expansion options of a stilt house are huge. A swing or a slide can be ordered quickly and easily or ordered in addition and set up quite quickly. This gives the little ones another opportunity to let off steam. You will have a lot of fun with the playhouse.

Depending on the size of your garden, you can build a small adventure playground for your child or children. In the age of digitization, it is not just the children of the Nature and to inspire the game outdoors. With a Stelzenhaus you will most likely succeed. Expanded with a swing, a slide and a sandpit is the adventure playground in the garden Perfect. There are already stilt houses with the mentioned properties in the whole package. So you can sign up for one right from the start Stelzenhaus decide with slide, swing and / or sandpit.

Watch your children play and you will see and know that your imagination can be small. From a Stelzenhaus becomes a spaceship or a pirate ship, a castle or another exciting story from the playhouse in no time.

In the case of a children’s playhouse which is usually smaller and which is also available in plastic, such as from the manufacturer SMOBY, since the smaller size means that these playhouses can also be built in plastic, that is Stilt house considered for larger areas and gardens.


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