Stokke® tripp trapp® a chair for life

The Stokke ® Tripp Trapp ® is not just a high chair for children, it is the chair for life. With its numerous accessories, it can be used from birth to adulthood (after all, it can withstand a load of 110 kg).
The multiple award-winning Tripp Trapp ® was introduced in 1972 and revolutionized the world of children’s chairs. To date, the Tripp Trapp ® has lost none of its attractiveness, it is more current than ever. And it is the children’s chair with a guarantee of up to 7 years!

Do you know the feeling that you are sitting on a kitchen counter or desk, for example, and your feet cannot touch the floor? So you don’t want to sit like that for a long time. And our little ones feel the same way. It takes up to the age of 10 to sit ergonomically at the table. The Stokke ® Tripp Trapp ® ensures that your Child always sits at the correct height, has his elbows at the table top and does not dangle his feet. The Tripp Trapp® grows with your child, fits in everyone Phase to the body and thus get used to comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting.
A real seat for life.

Tripp Trapp ® high chair

The Tripp Trapp® is an ingenious high chair that launched the world that revolutionized children’s chairs. It was developed so that your baby can be integrated into the events at the dining table at eye level and learn and develop right next to you. The adaptable design with the height and depth adjustable seat and foot plates offers plenty of freedom of movement. If the high chair is set correctly, your child will sit comfortably and ergonomically at any age.
The Tripp Trapp® is made of solid beech and is available in many colors. There are also models made of solid oak with a special surface treatment that reflect the character of the wood.

Tripp Trapp ® Newborn Set New

The Newborn Set encourages interaction from birth because it brings your newborn at eye level with the rest of the family. This enables eye contact and is a great opportunity to spend valuable time together and strengthen family ties. Your baby is comfortably stored in the ergonomically shaped seat.
New are the two angles of attack, which you can change with one hand, and the excellent hold for the legs.
The Newborn Set can be easily attached to and removed from the Tripp Trapp ® high chair. The bottom of the bowl is perforated for optimal ventilation. You can attach your little one’s favorite toy to the toy holder so that it is always within reach. With the upholstery set available as an accessory, you can make the Newborn Set even more comfortable. The cushion set is machine washable and easy to care for, so it is always clean for your baby.

Tripp Trapp ® Baby Set

At around six to nine months, your baby begins to sit upright alone. From this point on you can use the Tripp Trapp with the baby set as a high chair. The baby set consists of a high backrest and a hanger that extends to the crotch so that your baby can sit safely and comfortably at the table. The attachment to the chair is very easy and works without tools. The baby set is available in many colors to match the Tripp Trapp ®.
Pillows, a 5-point seat belt and the Stokke ® Tray table are available separately for the baby set.

Tripp Trapp ® baby pillow

The Tripp Trapp ® baby pillow is a small seating aid for babies who are just learning to sit. The carefully designed seams and the highly comfortable quilting of this ingenious pillow give your little one extra support when they start sitting in their Tripp Trapp ®. The baby pillow can only be used with the baby set.
Another tip: your little one should not sit in the high chair for too long, crawling around is much healthier and much more fun!

Tripp Trapp ® pillow

The Tripp Trapp ® cushion provides more seating comfort, fits all Tripp Trapp ® chairs and can be used with and without a baby set. The Tripp Trapp ® cushion is available in many designs, you can use it to change the look of the high chair. It is Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified; Machine washable up to 40 ° C AND ALSO available in organic cotton quality.

Tripp Trapp ® junior pillow

The Tripp Trapp ® high chair can be used for many years and also offers an ergonomically correct sitting posture for the young child. At this age, baby motifs are no longer really cool, and the upholstery can still be a little firmer. The Tripp Trapp ® junior pillow is available in timeless colors, the cover is removable and washable.

Stokke ® tray for Tripp Trapp ®

The Tripp Trapp ® chair is designed to fit right on the table so your baby can take part in family life. On certain occasions, however, a small table could be a valuable accessory, which is why there is a small table for the Tripp Trapp ®. With the Stokke ® Tray you transform the Tripp Trapp into an independent high chair. This is a perfect solution for overcrowded tables or feeding in between. With its clarity, the Stokke Tray emphasizes the Scandinavian design of the Tripp Trapp chair.
Please note: the Stokke ® Tray is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years only to be used in conjunction with the Stokke ® Baby Set.

Give your Tripp Trapp ® a personal touch!

In addition to a large selection of colors and accessories, Stokke ® also offers the option of having the backrest of your Tripp Trapp® ® engraved free of charge. With an engraved Tripp Trapp® ® you show your child in a beautiful way that he was made especially for your little one. The engraving is specially made for you and has a delivery time of 1-2 weeks.


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