Stolen prams! When does the insurance pay

It is happening more and more frequently, especially in big cities: high-quality and expensive prams are stolen. How can you protect yourself from theft and when does the insurance pay??

The stroller is gone! Stolen! It happens more often than you think. It is better to lock the stroller to make it difficult for the thief.

Anyone who lives with small children in an apartment building knows the problem. Where to put the stroller? Carrying the car into the apartment after every walk or excursion? Maybe even on the 4th or 5th floor in the old building – without an elevator? Then you’d better leave the stroller down in the stairwell. Thieves often take advantage of this situation.

Especially in big cities they take Stroller thefts to. In particular of expensive luxury strollers, for example the brands Bugaboo, Emmaljunga. The police have even informed the parents with information sheets in the kindergarten.

How can thefts be prevented??

Most of the time, thieves are already deterred from taking them with them when the property is secured. For the parents, this definitely means securing the stroller with a lock. It is best to choose one high quality lock, one is available from 20 euros.

In addition to the price, the security level of the castle is also decisive. A higher one security_level means that the lock is more difficult to crack.

Weight and flexibility of the stroller locks are also important. This should be considered when buying. Remember that you always have to take the lock with you to be able to connect the stroller on the go – for example in front of a café. It may also be advisable to secure several bikes. Therefore one can cable lock be recommended. These are difficult to cut with a bolt cutter.

But be careful: the modern, high-quality strollers in particular convince many parents to buy them because they are so flexible and easy to disassemble. Unfortunately, thieves know this too. That is why individual parts of the strollers are now being stolen.

Tip: Have the stroller coded

Strollers can be used by police just like bicycles encoding be provided. This consists of a combination of numbers and letters and is either engraved in the handle or attached with a special film. The advantage: The stroller is easy to identify and can be assigned to you as the owner and since the coding is unmistakable, this also discourages thieves from taking your stroller with them. Many local police stations offer coding for actions free of charge.

Can strollers be parked in the stairwell at all?

Basically there are hallways and stairwells common areas, that are used by all tenants or apartment owners. There is no regulation in tenancy law that prohibits or clearly clarifies the placing of objects in the stairwell. However, there are numerous judgments, the the Have dealt with the legal situation.

Look in your rental contract and the House rule. Regulations are certainly included here. If the tenant does not comply, this is a breach of contract. If the parking contract or the house rules generally prohibit the parking of prams, this clause is ineffective. Especially when no alternative parking space is made available to the tenants. Parking in any case is prohibited if the hallway or staircase is so narrow that the escape routes are restricted in the event of a fire. That’s why strollers shouldn’t be connected to the stair gate. In an emergency, the strollers must be removable. A brief stop is not forbidden. If the stroller is not used for weeks or months, it must be removed.

Tip: Under certain circumstances, ask your property manager or the landlord whether parking is permitted or whether there are alternative spaces. Speak too with the Neighbors from the ground floor, whether the parked strollers are disturbing and if possible, fold up the strollers.

What insurance pays for theft?

If there is one theft it’s always annoying, of course. Especially if you are standing in the hallway with your toddler on your arm, actually wanted to take a trip and then find that the stroller is no longer there.

As a rule, household insurance comes for the Loss of the stroller on. However, a distinction must be made between so-called “simple theft” and “burglary theft”.

The Household insurance comes for damage to the insured household items. A stroller is part of the household items. The only question is whether this is also the case if the stroller was in the stairwell – not in the apartment. Household insurance protects everything that happens Insured has been found and stolen by burglary. The Einbruchsort in addition to the apartment also includes the associated basement or attic rooms or storage rooms. It is important that a housebreaking is present. Such is the case when someone breaks into a closed room in the house or enters it with the wrong or stolen key.

This would also be the case if a thief breaks into the hallway. Because the stairwell also belongs to the common rooms. Some insurers require that the stroller is also secured with a lock in the stairwell so that the insurance coverage takes effect. Here should she with Consult with your insurer about the extent of the insurance coverage.

Easy theft or burglary?

The situation can be different if one simple theft exists, for example, if the stroller is stolen in front of a café or in front of the kindergarten, regardless of whether it is connected or not. In such cases, home insurance is unlikely to pay for the damage.

A simple theft occurs whenever the perpetrator steals the thing without burglary or use of force. You should check the insurance conditions here.

For example, the GEV tariff Direct max also the simple theft of one insured strollers not connected, if it is on a footprint in the hallway or in the stairwell.

It is important for most insurance companies that the theft has been reported to the police. The display the insurance must be forwarded.


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