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Sangam sees that world through a thick curtain of threads – ten hours a day, seven days a week. Sangam sits behind a knot chair with other girls. Her work grows knot by knot until after around two months a carpet has been created: knotted by a child in India, intended for sale abroad.

As a colorful decoration, it ends up in German living rooms. Sangam is one of 73 million children worldwide who have to work in conditions that are hazardous to health and exploitative. The Sternsinger project partners are campaigning against this injustice. Please help!

Many boys and girls in India


Together against exploitative, harmful child labor.

Keep your eyes open when buying: The fight against child labor begins with shopping!

Child labor is not possible. By consciously shopping and opening our mouths, we help children grow up freely all over the world.

"Clear and clear: Outlaw child labor! Respect children’s rights! "

Child labor is part of everyday life in the slums of Fiserabath. Children melt glass rings together over hot gas flames. With her little fingers they skillfully stick arm rings with mini-small plastic gemstones. Of course I tried to ask them questions, but they didn’t have time to answer. Because, as always, they had to work quickly and concentrate so as not to make mistakes and not burn themselves on the gas flame.

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facts and figures

There are worldwide 152 million child workers

Work from it 73 million Children under exploitative and dangerous conditions

70 out of 100 Children work in agriculture.

Especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and India children have to work, often under exploitative and dangerous conditions.

Exploitative child labor by sector:
Child labor by region:
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The project

International law protects children from exploitation in almost every country in the world – actually. The reality is different: For many millions of boys and girls worldwide, exploitative child labor is a sad daily routine. They have to work because their families are poor and their parents do not have a secure income. The children’s missionary organization ‘Die Sternsinger’, together with the author’s collective "Butterfly Rebels" from Austria, is working against this injurious cry.

The result is three awakening spots that show that child labor is not far away – we encounter it very concretely in everyday life: at the breakfast table, while baking in the kitchen, while playing in the garden. As consumers, we have to question our own consumer behavior. When shopping, pay attention to fairly traded goods that were produced under fair working conditions and free of child labor. Get active and support the fight against exploitative child labor with your donation.


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