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Our stopover in Antwerp on a family vacation trip to the UK was one of the first contributions to our travel blog. Actually, it was a 1: 1 transmission of my Oldschool Analog Travel Diary. This makes the report very authentic – but also a little unüberlichtslilch. So I just rework that a bit. – New: with structure! :)

We arranged an arrival time at 6 pm with our couchsurfing host Steven. Here in the city we arrived at three, so we have plenty of time for a picnic on the shores of the Scheldt. Steven lives very close, here at Linkeroever. My last-minute research revealed that crossing the Scheldt through the St. Anna Tunnel was an experience especially for children. Lo and behold, our accommodation is only one kilometer away from the entrance to the underpass, which was a real sensation in the 1930s.

The skyline of Antwerp from the Linkeroever (left bank).

For now, however, we sit contentedly on a park bench and look at the sluggish flowing river, while the kids romp behind us on the pirate boat playground.

Picnic at the Schelde river, next to a nice pirate boat playground.

From here we have a good view of Antwerp’s skyline, which seems incredibly paradoxical. The 123 meter high tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady directly opposite dominates the picture. At its feet are the domes and turrets of playful Renaissance buildings as well as the smooth facades of modern and modern architecture. The picture is framed downstream from harbor cranes.

Renaissance and modern architecture and a huge harbor – that’s Antwerp.

On the other side are two large container ships at anchor. This panorama is probably already the ideal summary of Antwerp.

Large container ships going to the thrid of the largest harbor in the EU.

The Wifi is open, Martin has just discovered, and so we have also found out the origin of the Discomucke, which has been resounding us for quite some time from the other bank. In every way from the other side: Antwerp is celebrating a Gay Pride parade. Good that we did not drive to the center. There is certainly the bear going on.

I wrote this entry in my travel journal on 10th August 2013.

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