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forgive me.

Category: life stories Author: MajaBerg


0 3 18

"What the hell do you want What do you want to hear?!"
"It’s enough, okay?"
"Damn you tell me what you want to hear from me! I have no idea what else I can say. I have in the [. ]

The ritual

Category: Stories to think about Author: René Oberholzer


1 0 12

Every Friday they line up in the living room, they on the left on the wall and he on the right opposite. Then they look at each other for a long time. Every 5 minutes they put one foot in front of the other and move [. ]

A lot of hot air for nothing

Category: Funny stories Author: Nelly


2 1 23

A lot of hot air for nothing

I don’t know about you, but I see myself standing in front of the fridge with a big question mark more and more often. And I still have it [. ]

Are you still hiking or are you already making a pilgrimage?

Category: Funny stories Author: Nelly


0 1 14

Are you still hiking or are you already making a pilgrimage?

"Hiking is miller’s lust" is an old, wise saying. And for some time now, these words have become "new spirit" [. ]

Hi! It’s me!

Category: Stories about feelings Author: fraeuleinsarah


1 1 13

Hi! It’s me, the depression. I am often called ‘a phase’ or ‘imagination’. I really exist! In this story I want to introduce myself to you.

Let’s get to where I live. [. ]

Forever maybe, maybe forever.

Category: Love stories Author: Narcissus


0 1 35

To J.
And the time when we were so carefree and peaceful.

This story is about love. But not that kind of love where everything is always beautiful. With the, the [. ]


Category: Funny stories Author: Humbalum


1 2 12

Too late! I need the recipes for pancakes, from you, no more! I will deal with other questions in the future: “Has he quality old Plato the Retsina really [. ]

Oh help me

Category: Love stories Author: DvD


0 0 11

Hear my supplication,
hear my request.

Oh help me,
help me not to lose my great love.

I am a human,
I am a woman,
full of emotions, full of [. ]

Summer in New York

Category: Stories to think about Author: Maid Marion


2 2 80

In the summer of 1983 I was on a student exchange during the semester break, including in New York. I strolled through Central Park and met a man who made artificial flowers [. ]


Category: Love stories Author: l.Maja


0 3 54

I don’t remember where I was.
In a dark room or in a clearing.
I was somewhere in between. Somewhere, between light and dark blobs of paint.
Just a feeling was [. ]

Works particularly recommended:


Category: life poems
Author: Compressor


8 17 148

I held out my hands like a child,
always wanted to lift her higher.
I believed that something would fall on it,
because some star dust belongs in every life.

But through the spread [. ]

A look from you

Category: Poems about feelings
Author: Wolfgang Sonntag


5 14 161

It happens before,
your look into my eyes,
my soul opens its gate,
to soak up feelings.

A look from you is so rare,
happy to catch one,
like a flight into others [. ]

A year has passed

Category: About poems
Author: Wolfgang Sonntag


5 13 115

Where to with my works,
my family little interest,
would like to note recognition,
Recorder network, the address.

A year has passed,
I’m happy with you here,
had this [ . ]


Category: Other poems
Author: Angélique Duvier


5 12 86

Something came and took my breath away,
a foggy shadow fell
heavy on my chest overnight.

Like a gray veil of clouds
came suddenly approached
and [ . ]

What I wanted to ask …

Category: love poems
Author: agnes29


6 12 88

Love can get tired?
Burn yourself with their embers
She feels the pain like me
I’m so thankful that we know each other.

It is she who gives me warmth
But it can sometimes [. ]

Applause in the moonlight

Category: Poems about feelings
Author: Angélique Duvier


1 11 45

Applause in the moonlight

Whenever she played,
on the theater stage,
in tragedies or comedies,
the good or bad.

When the applause roared,
penetrated through stage walls,
to become [. ]

Do you have time

Category: Poems to think about
Author: Wolfgang Sonntag


5 10 76

Do you have time,
you never have time,
you hate time,
priceless, time,
the time comes,
the time is over,
therefore take [. ]

The last night…

Category: Season poems
Author: agnes29


9 9 91

Beautiful things were written on this page
I thought come on, I’m looking for space
Walked through a snow-covered field
With me a radiant star tent.

The evening was full [. ]

Thoughts in the time of the rough nights

Category: Poems to think about
Author: Ikka


9 8 91

There is still a smell of roasting in the air
Leftover one at Christmas
homely burning candle .

Christmas joy, radiantly bright
happened already last year
Is it still there initially [. ]

Words …

Category: Poems to think about
Author: forget-me-not


3 8 51

You can achieve a lot with words,
they can settle some quarrels,
but they can also destroy,
where they don’t belong.

You can understand each other without words,
and [ . ]


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