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What happens today and in the following episodes at ‘Storm of Love’? Our preview will always tell you the latest news.

21st October 2019

A weak moment by Christoph leads to an emotional confrontation between him and his sister Linda. Christoph has successfully repressed the painful memories while they are still present for Linda. Paul is plagued by a guilty conscience after having lost control in alcohol. His friends are worried and fear that Paul won’t be able to stop drinking. Henry’s knitting skills, with which he helps Alfons out of a jam, make for scorn and mockery in Bichelheim. In a blazing speech, Jessica defends Henry. To distract herself, Franzi wants to flirt a bit with the darts, because the strange rider simply can’t get out of her head.

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The preview of ‘Storm of Love’ for the next 10 episodes:

October 22nd 2019

Furiously Christoph throws Linda out of his room. But when he is alone, the memories of the past make it difficult for him. After Werner and Annabelle have agreed on a price for their shares and agreed on a transfer location, she appears incognito in the immediate vicinity. In the course of the contract negotiations for the bakery, Andrè finally understands Werner’s actual intentions towards Linda. Denise gets a great offer to help with the restoration of Notre-Dame in Paris.

October 23rd 2019

For Denise, Joshua, who is in love, would also accept a long-distance relationship. But suddenly her job in Paris is on very wobbly legs. Denise had already promised her apartment to Franzi and Lucy, and Linda finally gets the chance to return the favor to Andrè.

October 24th 2019

While Denise and Joshua are planning their future together, Annabelle finally wants to complete her murderous plan. Jessica wants to make a good impression on Henry’s mother Marianne. But she’s not particularly enthusiastic about her son being with a beautician. Without further ado she extends her stay in Bichlheim.

October 25th, 2019

Annabelle enters Denise’s apartment unnoticed and stands in front of her bed, where Denise and Joshua sleep soundly. Will there be a catastrophe? Christoph learns that Werner has made the deal with Annabelle and confronts him. Jessica believes that breakfast with Henry and his mother went well. But she is wrong.

October 28th, 2019

While Joshua desperately searches for Denise, Christoph and Werner find Annabelle’s old diary, which shows how long and deep her hatred for Denise has already been fermenting in her. Marianne tries everything to separate Henry and Jessica. She sets a nasty trap for Jessica and thinks she is the winner. After Paul has criticized the advertising concept developed by Lucy, the two of them get into a fight.

October 29th, 2019

To save Denise, Joshua risks his life. Meanwhile Christoph tries to catch Annabelle. Influenced by Annabelle’s hatred for her sister, Lucy remembers the sincere sisterly love between her and Romy. When Fabien steps in for the hotel pianist, he attracts Marianne’s attention, who makes him an interesting offer.

October 30th, 2019

Boris speaks to Christoph because he has the feeling that his father is hiding something. This, of course, makes Christoph feel a little predicament. Lucy doesn’t want to confide in Franzi because she doesn’t want to admit her own feelings. After Valentina’s return to the court, Fabien promises to stay with her forever. Michael’s attempt to power himself out in sports and finally sleep better fails.

October 31st, 2019

Jessica gets into Marianne’s trap and gets Henry into trouble. But Marianne rejects the guilt. Denise and Joshua are painfully missed on their bachelor farewell. Valentina wants Fabien to seize the opportunity. But the thought of a separation hurts her a lot. The preparations for Denise and Joshua’s wedding destroy André’s plans with Linda.

November 1, 2019

Denise is looking forward to her wedding and everything between the Saalfelds is harmonious. Until suddenly an unexpected guest appears. Jessica wants to talk to Marianne. But she makes it clear to her how little she thinks of Jessica’s relationship with Henry. Alfons can’t really enjoy Hildegard’s new passion for pottery.

November 4th, 2019

Franzi can hardly believe her luck when suddenly her dream man stands in front of her. Meanwhile Linda tries to convince Christoph to finally tell his children the whole truth. Fabien wonders whether he should forgo the scholarship for Valentina.

‘Sturm der Liebe’ runs Monday to Friday at 15:10 on ARD. The telenovela is all about love – with many obstacles, pitfalls and emotional moments. What awaits you as a viewer in the series, you can read in our preview. Current repetitions of ‘Sturm der Liebe’ are available on ARD the day after the first broadcast of the episode from Monday to Friday at 9:55 a.m.. Also on Monday to Friday on MDR (7:40 am), NDR (8:10 am), RBB (7:10 am), BR (6:30 am), SWR (7:30 am) and HR (approx. 12:10 pm). The episodes of ‘Storm of Love’ can also be viewed in the ARD media library for 30 days after the broadcast.

Older seasons of ‘Storm of Love’ are also repeated on the ONE channel.

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