Storytelling in family photography

Storytelling in Photography – How to tell stories with your photos

Family life writes daily smaller and larger stories that want to be captured photographically. In family photography theory, there are many storytelling tips that can help you. Because only by the combination of different photos you manage to convey the story impressively. We have broken down these different types of photos so that you can also tell fantastic stories with your photos in the future.


A first photo of the scene should show the scene as a whole and introduce the viewer into the story. Ideally, the photo can provide initial answers to the questions “Who?”, “Where?”, “When?” And “What?”. Does the story take place on the beach or in the park? Is it just winter or spring? who is still there?


The portrait clarifies once again who is at the center of the story. This can of course be a person or a group of people. A beautiful portrait of the child shows how tall the child has become again.


What happens in the story? Is baked, played or read? Capturing the action photographically is sometimes not so easy. Here it helps to easily adjust the shutter speed and take many continuous shots. Then definitely a direct hit.


The photo story will awaken feelings in us as we look at the pictures in ten years’ time, if we can capture the emotions of the moment. We usually find these as expressions on the face of the child. Is it a big laugh? A deep cry? Or an overwhelming wonderment? We usually experience these emotions at the peak of an activity. But the connection between people can also create wonderful emotions.


A close-up of a smaller element of the story completes the photo story. Because these close-ups let us stop and look at the little things in life. What details will you remember later when you think about the moment? How the melted ice ran down the hands of your children? Or you dig your little feet deep into the sand on the beach? A photo of this detail will also bring a smile to your lips later, if you think back to the time. Go up close for the detailed shot and fill the photo completely.

To do storytelling with your photos, you do not have to wait for a special day or vacation. Daily life with children creates wonderful stories every day that you want to capture in photos.

Because, as the saying goes, “our everyday life is their childhood“. Take pictures of your kids eating ice cream, playing with the train or having a good night’s sleep. So your stories do not always have to be long and tell something special. Small stories of everyday life you look at later in the children‘s album sure as well, if not even a little better.

Use these little moments as well to try out the camera for a while. Change the perspectives and the sharpness. Be courageous when designing the picture: cut off heads generously or play with colors in the background. Try to intervene as little as possible while taking pictures. Let your kids tell the story and just accompany them with the camera. And always pay attention to the moments before and after the actual snapshot.

Finally, summarize all the storytelling points for you:
Location: Where does the story take place??
Portrait: Who is at the center of the story??
Action: What happens?
Emotion: What should the viewer feel??
Details: What little details complete the story?

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