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Strengthen the immune system. These tips help parents

Strengthening the immune system is sometimes easier said than done, because the child’s immune system can be described with a natural tendency to infection. During the growth phase of a child, the immune system constantly trains to become more efficient in order to defend itself against viruses and bacteria. Parents can have a decisive influence on strengthening the body in order to be fit for school, sport and hobby. The question is, is it still a runny nose and maybe just a little elevated temperature? Or does the child get otitis media or bronchitis every time? Do you need antibiotics regularly? But no one has to stand by when the child falls ill again. Even simple measures help to keep the child’s immune system fit.

Strengthen the immune system – nutrition and an extra

With a healthy and balanced diet, we can cover our nutritional needs well and thus strengthen the immune system. The offer with fresh and vital food is rich and offers many possibilities for one varied menu. Here everyone has to check for their family whether the care is optimal for themselves and the children. Because in fact it is not always easy to bring everything under one roof in everyday life. In such situations, it is also no problem to choose a fast food variant, and children love these moments. You should just remain a special exception.

However, the subject is nutrition not at the top of the list for nothing. Children are only building up their immune systems. Infants automatically get their perfect mix of vital substances and protective substances from breast milk through breastfeeding and can use it strengthen your immune system. So far everything is still very simple. As soon as it is fed, it goes into detail.
Through movement and growth phases is a continuous supply all necessary nutrients daily important, because a holistic basic diet can not only decisively improve the body’s defenses, but also the ability to learn and concentration.

These nutrients are critical in children

Studies [1] show an overall additional need for folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, both in children and in adolescents. As well as vitamins A and E in children and iron in girls.
The fiber intake is too low. In contrast, is too Intake of sugar and sugary drinks too high and leads to obesity. In the case of good fats, the polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega 3, are not optimally supplied.

And if we are honest, there is hardly a generation without an additional one support from the outside. Many still remember the much loved cod liver oil. Today, however, there are new natural ways of supplementing it organic quality, which are perfectly suitable for children and also taste really delicious, like the plant-based multitaleen or the organic berry mix antioxidants.

Strengthening the immune system means strengthening the intestinal flora

A child’s immune system must first learn to defend itself against hostile intruders such as viruses and bacteria. The most important cornerstone is the intestinal flora, because it supports the immune system by preventing pathogens ingested through food from spreading in the intestine and passing into the blood. Even more: 80 percent of all immune cells are formed in the intestine. Since digestion begins in the mouth too good chewing important to food.

These foods strengthen the intestinal flora

  • Dietary fiber such as fruits and vegetables
  • Carbohydrates with inulin from the Jerusalem artichoke, prebiotic and improve the colonization of good bacteria in the intestine
  • Kefir is easier to digest than yogurt and has little lactose
  • Sauerkraut and lactic fermented vegetables
  • Coriander and anise
  • buttermilk
  • Yeast and flakes, probiotic
  • Sprouts and sprouted grain
  • Polyphenols from dark berries or dark chocolate


Drink enough. Because when there is a lack of fluids, it increases infection risk and the immune system weakens. Viruses and bacteria can get into the body more easily through dry skin and mucous membrane, thereby overcoming the immune system. Urinary tract infections and constipation can also result. The best thirst quenchers are mineral water, fruit juice spritzers and unsweetened fruit teas. These drinks can not only strengthen the immune system, but are also really tasty. Learn more about drinking.

Exercise and fresh air

Children who grow up very sheltered and rarely come into contact with pathogens are particularly susceptible to diseases. Hence, a healthy level of Resilience is important, to build up the body’s defenses.
Those who, however, spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold fresh air stops, strengthens his immune system. Children need a lot of exercise at all. When running, climbing and romping, they can reduce stress and excess energy while still having a lot of fun. Overall, that benefits Cardiovascular System, but also posture disorders and obesity are prevented.
Cold and fresh air ensure its good Blood flow to the lungs and a gentle hardening. Movement addresses the many areas in the brain and activates the immune system. It is best to go outside in any weather and make sure that children are not wrapped up too thick. If you sweat, you cool down and catch a cold more easily!

indoor climate

Even if we like it cozy and warm in the apartment, heating air dries out the mucous membranes. This makes it easier for cold viruses to penetrate the body, especially since the number of viruses in indoor areas can increase slightly. Therefore, 3-4 times the rooms for 10 minutes well air thoroughly, this ensures a healthy indoor climate. Ideally, the room temperature should not be above 20 ° C. The optimal one humidity is at 40 – 60%. It is worth checking this value, especially in winter.

Rest periods in everyday life

Some children today are under real conditions Constant stress. This often starts with early support, followed by appointments for music and sports and much more. Stress hormones weaken the immune system and leave children sick faster become. Less is more. Children also need a lot of free time for their own creative play. A time out to rest, a game afternoon with friends, or spending time together to bake a cake or baking basic bread together yourself are important for healthy development and can strengthen the immune system.


Adequate sleep is very important for the immune system [2]. The hormones that are released at night ensure that regeneration of the tissue and can thus strengthen the immune system. Young children need about 10 to 12 hours of sleep, school children should get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. During this important resting phase, the brain can develop further, process memories, but also recharge energy reserves. The immune system is particularly actively supported during sleep, among other things important antigens for the immune defense are formed here. An afternoon nap [3] not only supports the immune system. Small children can also save what they have learned better.
That is also important Ventilate before sleeping in the children’s rooms. At night, the room temperature in bedrooms should not exceed 18 ° Celsius be.

Wash your hands

Infants and schoolchildren are particularly at risk of catching the flu or cold because they have close contact with others at school, in after-school care and in sports clubs. This drastically increases the possibility of contracting viruses. Viruses are usually the cause of colds. Washing your hands properly will interrupt this infection route. Soap thoroughly with soap for half a minute, also between the fingers and on the wrist. Finished!

Feelings affect the immune system

It has been proven that happy and satisfied people, and especially children, get significantly less sick. Who feels loved and donation and tenderness positively activates the immune system. With children, it is particularly important to give you time, to listen and to deal with it extensively, all these things help, strong and healthy big to become.

avoid stress

Children already have one schedule, which is unfortunately often too crowded and there is not enough time for free play, an appointment or the important ones relaxation phases. But the school can also become a problem due to the constantly increasing pressure to perform. It is therefore important to make everyday life stress-free in order to actively support the immune system.

Multitaleen – the extra not only for strong children

Pure nature, in organic quality. Food in the truest sense of the word, with a natural and concentrated portion of strong vital substances.

  • Vitamin B complex with folic acid
  • vitamin C
  • minerals
  • Pre- and probiotics
  • amino acids

With Multitaleen – the fruity and tasty all-rounder you can give yourself and the family a vital immune system and face everyday life with its stresses fit and efficient.
Bio, vegan and with the vital substances from nature- fruity fresh in yogurt, muesli or smoothies.

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