Strengthening the immune system: the best tricks

Strengthening the immune system: the best tricks

The immune system is ours body’s protective police against all kinds of intruders. However, how effectively our immune system can work against diseases also depends heavily on ourselves.
There are several factors that make up this Weaken the immune system – and usually they are homemade. The biggest enemies of a healthy immune system include:
• stress
• Wrong diet
• Too little movement
• Lack of sleep

Those who are constantly under power, hardly sleep, eat too little fruit and vegetables and rarely do sports can damage their immune systems. They become more susceptible to infections of all kinds and, for example, have to struggle longer with a cold. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially in the high season for colds and the like. His To strengthen the immune system does not require much effort and certainly no medication. The most important thing – not only for a strong defense – is a healthy diet. This is especially true for child nutrition.

Foods that boost the immune system

There are some food myths about which foods are the best for a strong defense. So it is wrong, for example, that you can prevent a cold by doing as much as possible vitamin C consumes. Since the vitamins complement each other in their function, one should pay attention to a balanced intake and avoid a one-sided diet. In addition to vitamin C, vitamins A and E are also important (e.g. in carrots, peppers, vegetable oils) as well as sun vitamin D..

vitamins: In their interaction, vitamins activate certain immune cells and their formation. With the exception of vitamin D, which the skin produces using UV radiation, our body cannot produce vitamins itself. It is therefore important to provide him with it through our diet.
➤ Nutrition tip: Vitamins can be taken in well from fruits and vegetables. Carrots and peppers, for example, contain a lot of vitamins A and E, citrus fruits mainly vitamin C. The B vitamins can be ingested through protein-containing foods such as milk, cheese or yoghurt, but also with meat and whole grains.

Besides the vitamins are too nutrient such as iron, zinc, iodine and the trace element selenium are essential to activate the immune system.

pay more attention to hygiene. Otherwise applies: keep the balance between hygiene and the proverbial bacon dirt.

What harms the immune system

Whether you should get your child vaccinated or not, there is still a lot of discussion – especially about the six-fold vaccination in infants. In general, vaccinations are definitely not harmful to the immune system. Because the pathogens are administered in a very weak form when vaccinated, the immune system can respond well and learn about the infection.
Are definitely harmful to the immune system Cigarette smoke and fine dust. Therefore, at least smoking should not be done at home or in the car! Also molds in the home can damage health if the spores are inhaled and damage the lungs. Again, the immune system is not directly affected, but if it is not fully developed, it is also more susceptible to pollutants.

So that your family gets through the cold period well, you should make sure to support the immune system all year round. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise and enough sleep are the be-all and end-all. If you are caught, we have a few tips for you so that you can get well quickly:
➤ Home remedies for colds
➤ Cold in the baby
➤ Cold in children
➤ Cold during pregnancy

Exercise keeps the immune system fit

A healthy diet does a lot, but unfortunately it doesn’t work without a bit of sweat. Because exercise keeps the immune system fit: Sure, we already knew that. So here are a few other tips. And one will give you a lot of pleasure!

Movement is good – sleep too

Regular endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming or cycling is ideal to permanently strengthen the immune system. All-clear for sports muffle: long walks are also sufficient. The goal is to keep the cardiovascular system going. But don’t overdo it with sports. Anyone who permanently demands top performance from their bodies is putting a strain on the immune system.

Which brings us to the next immune booster: relaxation. In addition to sufficient exercise conscious breaks important for our defenses. Those who suffer from permanent stress weaken their immune systems. The body pours that when it is tense Stress hormone cortisol from – and this can have a negative impact on the immune system. Sure, avoiding stress is not always easy. All the more conscious you should treat yourself to a break: be it in the warm bathtub, the sauna or simply on the couch.
In addition, stress is often the cause of problems falling asleep and lack of sleep. And that is definitely something to avoid. Because our immune system works more effectively at night. So if we sleep too little all the time, it can affect our health. How many hours of sleep the body needs is entirely individual. As a rule, one proceeds from adults seven to nine hours a night out. Children should sleep between ten and twelve hours depending on their age. However, the quality of sleep is particularly important. The deep sleep phases are particularly important. For children even more than for adults. Children need sleep to process what they have experienced during the day and so that the body can regenerate and grow. Unfortunately, is it increasingly common for children to have problems falling asleep regularly? Read about what helps against this here.

More tricks to strengthen the immune system

The is still underestimated intestine. It is due to unsavory associations that we don’t give him the attention he deserves. About collect in the intestine 70 percent of the immune cells making it the largest immune organ in the body. An intact intestinal flora is therefore very important for our health. So we should say goodbye to the wrong shame and pay more attention to the intestine. If you want to take care of him and do something good for him, you should look for one Diet rich in fiber respect, think highly of.
But it’s not just the care program that is good for our bodies. Sometimes you can be tough on him. Harden it and make it cold-proof. That goes with, for example Sauna or cold shower. Switching from hot to cold temporarily stresses the body, but in the long term it is good training for the immune system.
We saved the most beautiful trick for a strong immune system until the end. As simple as it is beautiful: kissing. Kissing is a real miracle package for our defenses. Viruses and bacteria are exchanged, but this is absolutely gentle training for our immune system. In addition, kissing stimulates the circulation and is an excellent stress killer. So don’t just write more cuddles on the to-do list, not only in the cold season!
Of course, not all of these tips are suitable for children. Hardening the body with a sauna or bars is not recommended. Read on the next page how to gently strengthen the immune system in children. One thing is particularly important: the training.

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