Stroller test 2018 – the best combination strollers – buggies

Anyone who is concerned with the purchase of a stroller will quickly discover that there are now numerous different types with many differences in the models. The variety of different properties is almost unmanageable, especially when viewed in combination with the different types of strollers. In our stroller test, we take a closer look at the best models. Whether a combination stroller, buggy or special model. We have you in the check (updated on 20.02.2018).

Knorr Baby stroller

If there is a certain requirement for the design, it will be really difficult and sometimes really expensive.

With everything around, you should always keep in mind that it matters most to you Transport the child safely and comfortably in the stroller. That is why it is particularly important to us in the test reports that the functionality is always checked against the background of the customer’s requirements.

At this point it is important to divide the tests into different categories. Because there are now several types of different stroller models.

At we have tested strollers in all categories.

We have differentiated into the following models:

  • Pram
  • buggies
  • Pushchairs or classic strollers
  • Sports strollers also called joggers or tricycles
  • Twin stroller

We are aware that these are not all types, but these are the models that we have tested in the various categories and that Have chosen the test winner. We repeat that with new models every year and so get it You at always delivered us the best and most popular models.

You can find a detailed description of the different models here: Overview of stroller types >>

Of course, you can also view the test results of the strollers by manufacturer:

Or they prefer the direct comparison in the leaderboard: to the comparison table >>

Now let’s take a look at the test winners in the different categories.

Test winner in the 2018 combi stroller: Britax Go

The best in the test: Britax Go

The Combi pushchair Britax Go is the test winner in this category. In the combi-stroller category, the model impressed with the best rating and was able to prevail against last year’s winner Knorr Baby Voletto.

This was also achieved at the Stiftung Warentest Model by Britax-Römer the best test results. In the last pram test of the Stiftung Warentest 02/2015, the Britax Go with the grade “good” (grade 2.4) was the test winner.

A very high quality workmanship of the stroller frame and the attachments attract attention. A high stability and long durability is ensured. The Britax Go is also completely convincing in terms of safety. The lying comfort for the child is very good and the textiles and fabrics used are perfect. The pushchair’s handling is smooth and even a bumpy surface is child’s play thanks to the very good suspension and good tires.

In the basic configuration, the model from Britax-Römer is unfortunately delivered without the stroller attachment. The carrycot must be purchased separately.

Who one Premium strollers of the highest quality addiction, with which young parents have fun in everyday life, takes the Britax Go. For us, this is a very clear purchase in the area of ​​combi pushchairs.

Buggy test winner: Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 buggy

Test winner: Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 buggy

The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 buggy made it to us in the first place in the buggy category and it was immediately clear to us why it had been one of them for a long time absolute bestsellers on Amazon heard.

Because he customer reviews with very high ratings across the board and thus convinced most customers in the practical test. You should never ignore this factor when buying, because the hardest critic of the products is always the end customer.

If we encounter a product with this number of ratings and a high rating average, then the alarm bells always come on and we have to test this product right away.

What did the Zapp Xtra 2 do in the test?

The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 buggy falls through as usual with Quinny a great look and outstanding design. The processing and the materials used are excellent across the board. Quinny achieves extreme maneuverability thanks to the structure with three wheels. The suspension compensates for uneven floors very well.

The scope of delivery includes a Adapter for an optional baby seat included so that the model can be used from birth. The price is also cheap if you compare it to the quality and features of the buggy. Supplied with a mountable rain cover, a mountable sunshade, a shopping basket, a parasol clip for optional accessories and the adapter for a baby seat.

The price-performance ratio of this model is absolutely okay and it was the test winner in 2016 in our buggy test.

Test winner Jogger: Knorr Baby tricycle sports car Joggy S

Test winner jogger: Knorr Baby Joggy S

We were also impressed by a Knorr Baby model in the jogger category (tricycle stroller or pushchair). The Joggy S tricycle sports car convinced not only us in the test, but also numerous customers at Amazon.

Because it also shines with excellent ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars and has already collected numerous customer reviews. He convinced us in the test its very successful look, an excellent suspension system with large air wheels and 360 ° rotatability included.

Nevertheless, it is a relative lightweight with just 11 kilos and the dimensions are very practical for stowing after folding in the car. The brake grips well and securely secures the model even on steeply sloping slopes.

The cover can be removed to wash it and there is also a basket for carrying various things. When it came to handling and operation, it completely convinced with the full number of points in the test, since it is very easy to fold and very quickly ready for operation.

A height-adjustable slider and a triple adjustable backrest round off the functionality of this sports stroller model. When folded, it is just 95 × 61 × 47 cm and can be transported in a small car.

New report: Joie Litetrax 4 Air Buggy

Joie Litetrax 4 Air Buggy

In our latest report, we look at a buggy. The Joie Litetrax 4 Air. This compact stroller has been on Amazon’s top-seller lists for years. There are also excellent reviews and testimonials from buyers.

In terms of price, it is in the middle of the range and convinces with its practical function and good features. You can hardly find dissatisfied customers. Always a good sign if there are many reviews. All details about the buggy can be found in the following report.

The manufacturer Britax Römer presented

In our latest article on well-known manufacturers of buggies and prams, we looked at Britax Römer this time. The models from the Britax series are among the best on the German market. The company was able to place quality and test victories from its own ranks far ahead of the best-known producers.

We introduce the company and the most popular stroller models from Britax Römer.

Which stroller models are there?

To decide as a future parent for a new stroller, you first have to know which stroller models are available at all. In our stroller test, we therefore provide detailed information on the different types of strollers in front. Because whoever believes there are only a few models here is extremely wrong.

As in every lucrative market, the manufacturers have come up with a lot here and now Stroller models for every need developed. In principle, this is a good thing, but it is also relatively confusing for newcomers. To be able to make a good decision, you first have to get an overview of the different models and options. Some are better for the city suitable, others are real all-rounder and some have been developed for jogging and sports.

But let’s take a look at the different models.

The combi stroller – a real all-rounder for parents and children

Combi pushchair from Knorr-Baby

The very popular combi-strollers – often also offered as stroller sets – allow the offspring to be transported in a lying and sitting position. They are through special pram attachments, perfect for both newborn babies, small babies and even then toddlers.

Good combi strollers usually come with several pram attachments as standard. The term combi stroller refers to the fact that you can quickly convert this model with the various attachments and accessories and thus get a classic couchette, so to speak, and at the same time a stroller with a seated position and a buggy. Most of the models we tested had a carrycot, a buggy attachment and often even a baby seat for the car .

This baby seat can then be used on the stroller and released at the same time and then directly into the car with the sleeping child. Perfectly solved. Because the The child must be transported lying down for the first six months and only classic couchettes are suitable for this. Then you would theoretically have to buy a new or a second stroller with which you can then drive the child sitting. Pure waste of money, of course, because modern combination models make both possible.

From babies to toddlers – pushchairs make it possible

As already briefly mentioned above, this is the real advantage of modern combi strollers: the child can be comfortably and comfortably transported in good models from baby age to 3-4 years. This is only possible with a combination model. Most cars are designed for up to one Child’s weight of 15 kg. There are of course exceptions. Special models – mostly for physically limited children – also hold up to 30 kg and more.

Maxi Cosi baby car seat or another system

Some manufacturers of such stroller models work with the very well known Baby car seat manufacturer Maxi Cosi together. Most models, however, are prepared to put one on. Some manufacturers rely on their own system, but they all come with a baby seat in which the baby can be transported safely and comfortably from the start. The advantage of the Maxi Cosi Among other things, it is natural that baby car seats can also be used as a car seat in the car. However, this is usually also possible with the competing models. Therefore, find out in advance whether there is any functionality here.

If the child then reaches the age of six months, combi strollers can be converted with another attachment and then serve as a buggy or sports car. Simply replace the attachment with a few simple steps and the whole thing is done. Simply practical!

Special properties and advantages of combination strollers

Here we want to once again briefly present the special properties and advantages of the combi pram models:

  • Lying and sitting transport of the children possible, from baby to toddler with approx. 15 kg
  • Easy conversion with different stroller attachments
  • Steerable front wheels and parking brakes on the rear wheels
  • Thanks to large pneumatic tires – with good models – they can also be pushed well on uneven surfaces, such as walking paths in the forest or dirt roads
  • Numerous accessories from the brand manufacturers ensure good adaptation to your own needs (e.g. mosquito nets, shopping bags, sun canopy, etc.)
  • You get a couchette and a buggy

The first buggy – only suitable for infants

A classic couchette is a so-called first car. It is intended for the newborn or infant the first few months safe, comfortable and convenient to carry. These stroller models only allow the baby to lie in a lying position. Its purpose is to be particularly safe for the first few months. Especially with babies you have to make sure that as few vibrations as possible reach the baby seat, because the spine of the babies does not yet offer a lot of stability.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, some of the baby seats on the strollers are also suitable for the car seat. Good models are characterized by the fact that Safety in the foreground stands and, as already mentioned, vibrations are minimized as much as possible by a good suspension system and large, air-filled tires.

The disadvantage of first-time wagons is, of course, that they only make sense for six months. Then the babies want to be transported sitting and see something of the world or look at their own parents. An expensive fun for a few months and in our opinion not necessary. Because the good combi strollers deliver everything that a classic couchette can do and can be used as a seat carriage after six months.

The buggy – from six months

The buggy is used for small children who can then sit. Usually you use them until the child is about three years old is. Even if the toddlers can already walk, you can of course not cover distances like the adults. So you can go shopping with a buggy and even walk on flat paths. Buggies are agile, flexible and light. You want to make it easy for parents to transport this model, open it and fold it up.

They also fit because of their compactness also in every small car and are ideal for young parents. Because of its maneuverability it is the ideal shopping companion in narrow aisles and department stores. For this, many manufacturers have integrated practical shopping bags, nets or even entire shopping baskets. Sometimes they are available as standard and sometimes you have to buy them as accessories.

Depending on the price and model, the comfort, safety and equipment of the strollers naturally vary. In contrast to its big brother, the sports car, buggies are quite common less suitable for bumpy surfaces. A missing suspension system, usually paired with plastic tires or solid rubber tires, ensures little comfort for the youngsters. That is why they are only used very rarely when walking in the fields or in the forest. Here you should get a better sprung and more comfortable sports car To fall back on. In principle, these are constructed similar to a buggy, just a little more comfortable and usually also more expensive. But they are heavier and not that easy anymore.

A comprehensive article on this topic can be found here:

The sports car – a more comfortable buggy

The sports car is from the structure designed similarly to the buggy. However, its structure is more comfortable, larger and more robust. You can also walk with your toddler on bumpy ground, such as forest and dirt roads. Of course, this is also reflected in the price. The interior of the seat is slightly larger and better designed for comfort. It is a middle ground between a fully-fledged pram and a light buggy. However, only one sitting position is possible with him and therefore suitable for children from 6-8 months.

The jogger – pushchair for sporty parents

The biggest peculiarity of a so-called jogger (pushchair) is the fact that it only has one front wheel. This can usually be rotated through 360 ° and ensures high flexibility and maneuverability. With the large and air-filled tires, it ensures comfortable transportation of the child while jogging. Good children’s pushchairs are equipped with excellent suspension and ensure that your child feels good even when walking in the woods.

The target group are very clear sporty parents, who like to go jogging in the forest or on country lanes. It is of course also suitable for skating.

By the way, a so-called is recommended for skaters Stroller suspension line to buy. This is attached to the push handle and on the wrist. If you fall down while skating, for example, the pushchair is braked and does not continue to roll, which can be dangerous.

The multiple wagons – sibling wagons, twin wagons and other models

With the multiple wagons, one differentiates again under different requirements. Basically they are meant for that several children in a stroller to transport. We are often asked about the difference between a sibling and a twin.

It’s very simple: the difference is that you can transport two children of the same age in the same sitting or lying direction with a twin stroller. A sibling trolley is suitable for transporting a baby in a lying position and a toddler in a sitting position (often in different directions). There are also triple carriages, quadruple carriages and even more children. A specialty are the so-called Tandem stroller. This multiple stroller has the seating and / or lying areas one behind the other. This makes it not as wide and you don’t need as much space.

The test criteria presented

Quinny Zapp Xtra buggy from the test

When testing the different types of strollers we have one uniform scheme of test criteria based on. We tested the different models in all categories and they ranked according to their performance. Let’s take a closer look at the test criteria.

An overview of the quality criteria

The test criteria have been developed to correctly classify the quality of a model. All test criteria together give the overall grade of a car.

Our test criteria are presented in the video

Test criterion 1: functionality and processing

The functionality and processing is one of the most important test criteria for our pram test. Here we take a close look at the functions of the models and look at how practical they are and whether they do what they promise in practice.

Depending on the type of stroller, there are of course different things to consider. For example, let’s take a look at how easy it is to convert a pushchair. Because such things are just very important in everyday life. They sound relatively banal, but if you have to fold up your combi stroller every day to store it in the car, you will quickly get annoyed when it is not easy to handle.

For three-wheeled strollers – also called sports strollers – we consider, for example, whether it has a 360 ° turning circle, which is particularly important for these models. At the same time, it is important for jogger models that they have excellent suspension so that the toddler is not exposed to hard impacts. The smooth running of the wheels is also important for all models and is tested by us.

The durability of the materials plays a major role in processing. What materials were used for the individual components and how well are they processed. If the seams are flawless, there are signs of wear or the fabric may fade quickly. Are the edges of the frame smoothed or are there potential for injury. How about the handles, is the rain cover stable and easy to attach, etc.

Test criterion 2: handling and operation

When it comes to handling and operation, the functionality of folding or assembling and assembling plays a decisive role. Here we check how quickly this works and whether there are any problems.

When it comes to operation, factors like this play in turn Attaching the sun and rain protection a role, how smoothly the car runs, how easy it is to remove the baby seat on certain models, is the child shaken here or is it really easy. This can be comfortably buckled up in the car. And numerous other things that we take a closer look at in handling and operation in the test.

In the overall picture, it is simply important that parents have it as easy as possible with the stroller in everyday life. After all, it shouldn’t make life difficult, but make it easier.

Test criterion 3: customer ratings and reviews

In our test, only the models that were found to be good by numerous customers made it. We have not even tested models that have already been sorted out by customers with low average ratings. On the one hand, this would not be possible for us from the amount of time and on the other hand, in our experience, it is not worth it.

Because if 30 customers have already assigned an average value of less than 60% of the maximum number of points, then we assume that this is not a high-quality model. Because so many customers can’t be wrong. It looks different if a product has two reviews and one of them is extremely negative.

Here it may be that a competitor has rated poorly or that some customer was too "stupid" to operate the part. We have already had everything. For us it is Test factor customer ratings and reviews one of the most important ones. Because who knows better what a good product is than the customer who uses it every day.

Reviews of customers who have been using the product for a few months are particularly valuable and will be evaluated by us. If you already rate the product after unpacking it, your rating is not worth much. But anyone who has had a pushchair with their stroller for a few months knows what they’re talking about.

Test criterion 4: price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio is an important buying argument when buying a stroller. Because of course we all don’t have so much money in our pockets that we want to throw it out. With this test factor, we consider exactly which functionality, workmanship, service quality is delivered to us for the corresponding money.

Because one thing is clear: if you spend € 800 on a stroller, you can expect more than if you spend € 150. That should be immediately clear to every customer. Against this background, we generally put customer ratings into perspective. Because some customers just haven’t understood that you can’t ask for a perfect stroller for € 100. However, if you spend € 800, you can make a few claims. This is how we put the price-performance ratio in relation to the qualities and services offered.

Stiftung Warentest tests prams and buggies

In the April 2016 issue Stiftung Warentest tests the best buggies. One criticism of the testers was that the children were sometimes squeezed. The slide height was also often not ideal for large parents. Five buggies performed well in the test report.

Another criticism was the fact that manufacturers sometimes offered their buggies as suitable from birth. According to the DIN standard, this is legally permitted, provided that the seat can be opened by at least 150 °, but is still not recommended. Here they should Babies are still transported lying down to relieve the spine. It also helps children move and sleep better. The somewhat restricted seating position of some buggies speaks against using them from birth, according to the testers of the Stiftung Warentest. You can find the complete test report here: to the test report of the Stiftung Warentest

In the February 2015 issue, the Stiftung Warentest then once again tested strollers. Here too, the product testers criticized the Freedom of movement for babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, pollutants were sometimes found in the materials of a few strollers. Although this has improved significantly compared to the test report before (5 years before) and over the years the manufacturers have done a lot here, but there were still a few exceptions.

Two strollers had polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (BAK) or naphthalene, which is suspected of causing cancer. The entire test report is available on the Stiftung Warentest website.

Ecotest results presented

Unfortunately the last one comes Ecotest test report from May 2013 and of course many current models are no longer included here. Ökotest has tested ten combination models in its test report. Here too, the test institute unfortunately found pollutants in some of the cars. Among other things, the stroller models after the DIN standard EN 1888 tested under laboratory conditions. This standard specifies a precisely defined test procedure for strollers in detail. Go to the test report from Ökotest here

Security for the next generation

Young parents know: you take care of your baby or toddler like you do your eyeball! Especially with the first child you make a lot Security concerns and concerns of the child. This also includes transport in a pram or buggy. And if you are honest and look at the accident statistics, you unfortunately have to find out that accidents occur every year. Most of the time this results from negligent behavior of the parents and sometimes they’re just bad luck.

What else you can look out for in order to take your child safely from A to B in a pram?.

The parking brake

Parking brake on a buggy

Anyone who buys a new stroller will quickly find that almost all modern models now have relatively good parking brakes.

But when buying, make sure that the brake secures well and you can easily do that:

  • Apply the parking brake and block the rear wheels of the stroller
  • Now push with increasing effort and see whether the rear wheels turn or not.

If they do not turn and the stroller slides over the floor, then the parking brake on the stroller model has sufficient braking power. Of course, you cannot prevent it from slipping. But if the stroller wheels start to turn or even release the brakes, then you are dealing with a model that we cannot recommend to you.

But checking the brakes is only one point. Most accidents occur because the parents do not apply the parking brake when parking the stroller.

Always activate the parking brake

Whenever you park your stroller somewhere, even during a short conversation with friends or neighbors, you should Activate the parking brake. Because this is important for the safety of your child. Even on slightly sloping terrain, which is usually not visible to the naked eye, the car can roll away while they are talking.

The stroller is not always in view and the accident has already happened. But even on a flat surface, it can of course always happen that a passerby gets stuck on the car and rolls off. Unthinkable if this happens, for example, at a tram stop and the car stands in the direction of the tracks. Another scenario is, for example, an emerging wind or a boom. Due to the large contact surface of a stroller, it is quickly grasped and starts rolling. This way, a child can land on the road quickly and there is a terrible accident.

With the stroller in trams, trains and buses

Unfortunately, not all trains and buses are designed for prams. Even at many stops you still have steps to get on public transport. Barrier-free entrances are being expanded more and more, but of course not everything can happen overnight. So there are still many public bus and train stops in the country, where there is only the possibility of accessing the means of transport by stairs.

They quickly have someone to help them, but make sure that this does not happen too obliquely, so that your child could fall out of the stroller. So it is very important that the slider is brought into the means of transport first. So always in its direction. That’s how it is Child better protected by the backrest. Under no circumstances bring the pushchair pusher into the means of transport as the latter. Here the risk of your child falling out is far too great.

Check the baby seat or seat attachment before getting in

Before you get started, you should definitely check again whether the attachment on the stroller or the baby seat is firmly connected. Is the holding mechanism properly engaged or is the whole thing loose? Very dangerous and you should always check here briefly. Of course they will have a tight fit 150 times, but maybe not any more at the 151st time. For this reason, make it a habit to check that the baby seat and / or attachment are firmly seated on your stroller before the train or bus arrives. Because then it usually gets hectic and it’s already too late.

Safety in public transportation

If your baby is lying in the stroller, then position the stroller in the direction of travel. In the case of small children who are already transported sitting in the stroller, the stroller must be placed exactly opposite to the direction of travel of the means of transport. This is for safety when braking hard. Sometimes you can also find them in public transport, such as trams or buses Specially designated parking spaces for young parents with her stroller. Because while driving you should lean it firmly against a partition or other fixed object – such as a pole. Because when the brakes are applied hard, he cannot roll away.

Again, make sure that you have activated the parking brake on the stroller.

Choice of colors for safety

Especially in the dark season, in autumn, winter and even early spring, it is dark early. If you are now on the road, it is of course much more difficult to see with a dark, single-colored stroller than with a colorful or neon model. Because on crosswalks it is easier to be overlooked if, for example, you have a black or one of the very popular brown strollers. So it can Choosing a more colorful model actually something for Child transport safety contribute. You shouldn’t think so, but that’s the way it is.

However, if you already have a dark model or don’t want to do without it, you can also use the stroller special LED lights or reflectors Attach. These can be bought very cheaply and then attached to the stroller. So you have a large area available and even drivers can hardly overlook it. Some manufacturers have already thought about this and have already attached reflectors at the factory. Exemplary and recommended when buying.

Conclusion on safe transport

We know that such a topic is sometimes not particularly interesting for many. However, anyone who has just barely escaped an accident knows what we’re talking about. It is simply important to think a little about safety in the stroller and adjust its habits accordingly. With these tips and their undivided attention, nothing can go wrong.

Frequently asked questions about the stroller

In our FAQ you will find the answers to the most common questions about the stroller. If your question is not answered here, then we look forward to your email. Otherwise, please simply check the questions to see if your concern is included.

Checklist – the initial baby equipment

Expectant parents have more to choose from than a stroller. Because you need a few things right from the start. From the changing table to a child’s bed to pacifiers and bottles. So that the purchase does not degenerate into stress shortly before the birth, most parents look for corresponding checklists beforehand. That is why we once put together a checklist for the initial equipment of your baby. Everything you need in the beginning is on there.


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