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@polenz_r @DB_Bahn I understand the criticism, but in fairness you have to mention that many conductors are on hand to help. Likewise the fellow travelers. I have never seen someone with a stroller who was not helped. And if I tackled it myself..

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@ms_pieper @DB_Bahn This only applies to the train staff, as it is not part of their area of ​​responsibility. The people from DB Station and Service (the ones with the red caps) are responsible for carrying strollers or suitcases and they also have appropriate security..

@CarstenLincke Well, each baby heals in the stroller eighth in the stal parkeren hatches in Amsterdam Zuid!.

@DB_Bahn @CarinaZimniok Why is such a service not insured so that the staff can help on a voluntary basis? Sometimes it is almost impossible to get in with a pram without help, so there has to be a solution..

The whole page where the @DB_Bahn Tips for By the way, I find traveling with prams a mockery. Has anyone who wrote this tried it out??.

In addition, it is also particularly exciting, which the @DB_Bahn itself recommends for traveling with prams:.

@DB_Bahn @CarinaZimniok What a lame apology. Then insure something like that, damn it. Or build trains so that people with prams, wheelchairs etc. can get in! I can not believe it!.

This is the everyday excuse of the train for disabled people. And in contrast to the pram, wheelchair users are left standing again and again. Despite registration. Where are high fines and compensation analogous to passenger rights? Until then, the railways don’t care..

The with the no problem in &# 127468;&# 127463; is also not quite true, work at Starbucks in the UK, I was not allowed to carry strollers with children up the stairs or lift them for insurance reasons. Is that shit? Yes! But it will still be so.

@synchronicbot We are not insured, unfortunately we cannot carry a stroller.

@DB_Bahn @CarinaZimniok From now on I won’t open the door to anyone, help people across the street or with their stroller or wheelchair. Thank you DB, without you I would never have guessed that my everyday helpfulness could one day put me in trouble! Much love..

@axel_gutmann @DB_Bahn The mere fact that trains are on the move without a level entrance &# 128580; Wheelchairs, people with prams or bicycles, people with reduced mobility – bad luck..

@DB_Bahn @Hier_Vera I can’t at the station in Zuffenhausen with the stroller get out when nobody helps me. Really does not work. Where can I book the mobility service? I do not find it..

#PSA for rail travelers with strollers who need help getting on and off: Request support from the Mobility Service Center before starting the trip. Because: Train attendants of the @DB_Bahn are not insured if they drop the stroller.&# 128580; @CarinaZimniok.

@KlotzJohann Yes, of course. But this applies to negligent acts as well as negligent omissions. In addition, it is likely that the train is at fault if a passenger asks for help with a pram, does not receive any and then something happens..

@DB_Bahn @KleineRebellin However, it should be the responsibility of the staff to not help a pregnant woman with a lockable stroller and to ensure that she does not injure herself and is not a hurdle for other passengers when getting out..

2020 – The year in which, as a pregnant woman, the # Mobility Service d. Already overwhelmed with assistance for wheelchair users. Deutsche Bahn should order to be supported when boarding a train with prams. Flexible as fuck! #DBakel @DB_Presse.

@DB_Bahn @CarinaZimniok to carry a stroller on the train or to help is a matter of course in society. Whoever comes first to insurance has a cold heart and not much else..

A real family does not need a stroller for the train.


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