Strollers – test, experience and tips

The stroller is one of the products that parents buy and own early on before the child is born. Parents also think a lot about the stroller. After all, it has to offer plenty of storage space, give the baby plenty of space and also be practical for everyday use. This can also include that it has to fit in the car.

If really every requirement has to be met, the selection of strollers is no longer so large. Compromises are often required. For example, a really large tub for the station wagon usually closes. a small pack size. Hard rubber tires exclude the greatest possible driving comfort and a sibling stroller rules out that the stroller is lightweight. What are your demands on a stroller and how is your everyday life going? Do you live in the big city and travel by bus and tram, or are you more rural and dependent on the car? Does the stroller go to the garage or down the stairs to the basement? Maybe he has to be carried up stairs to the apartment? Is there an Elevator? Questions after questions. We will help you with our advice on everything to do with strollers.

Mountaineer Capri strollers 3in1: 10-piece set

  • HUGE DELIVERY This stroller package leaves nothing to be desired and will accompany you and your child from infancy. Included are both a baby seat (for the car), a baby bath and a pushchair seat (buggy). The individual stroller attachments can be changed in a matter of seconds. The sophisticated construction is easy to use. Due to the low weight and the slim design, you can easily stow the stroller in the car.

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Hot Mom combination stroller with buggy attachment and carrycot

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Kinderkraft Moov 3in1 pram with buggy baby seat (dark blue)

  • KinderKraft Moov 3in1 combination stroller: gondola for children up to 8 months, buggy for children from 8 months and baby seat for children up to 13 kg.

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Mountaineer Venice Nostalgia Retro 3in1 combi 10-piece set

  • INGENIOUS PRICE / PERFORMANCE RATIO Already during the conception and the first drafts, our focus is on security, comfort and design – and at an affordable price. The Bergsteiger strollers offer exceptional features and quality at an ingenious price / performance ratio. It is not without reason that our strollers are becoming increasingly popular.

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Froggy MAGICA 2in1 stroller with carrycot and sports seat

  • Practical, ultra-light 2in1 combi pushchair as a couchette with a baby bath or as a buggy; Suitable for children from 0 to approx. 36 months; Multi-adjustable, removable, sturdy, robust aluminum frame with easy-click system and only 11.5kg in weight

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Froggy® children’s buggy DINGO Jogger Jasper

  • DINGO buggy stylish ultra-light stroller for children from 6 months to 3 years or max. 15 kg with many extras for more comfort and safety; practical "ONE HAND FOLD" One-button folding technique for easy folding with automatic locking

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Clamaro ‘CORAL 2019’ 3in1 pram

  • Clamaro 3 in 1 "Coral 2019" Combi stroller complete set system – consisting of compact aluminum steel stroller frame (can be folded up small), sports buggy attachment, carrycot attachment, ISOFIX-compatible baby car seat of group 0+ (0-13 kg) ECE R44 / 04 certified (ISOFIX-compatible with ISOFIX base which separately can be purchased)

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5 important points before buying

Now you have a smaller selection of strollers, but still no idea which one to choose? Then the following points can help you make a decision.

Point 1. The tires

There are different types of tires for strollers and of course the different types have different advantages and disadvantages.

Type 1. Pneumatic tires

  • Suitable terrain
  • quiet rolling noises
  • smooth
  • good grip
  • very well damped, therefore well sprung
  • Tire pressure flexibly adjustable
  • wear
  • Danger of flat tire
  • Repair costs may apply

Type 2. Hard rubber tires

  • robust and insensitive
  • ideal for the city
  • no risk of breakdown
  • not requiring maintenance
  • weatherproof
  • durable
  • not suitable for the terrain
  • no spring action or damping
  • even small vibrations can be felt

Type 3 air chamber tires

  • Suspension and damping
  • practical combination of pneumatic and hard rubber tires
  • good for downtown
  • no risk of breakdown
  • Not requiring maintenance
  • smooth
  • medium rolling noise
  • Suitable terrain
  • Small stones can get into the air chamber

Important at wheels! The size of the wheels can also be critical. Small bikes are suitable if you are often in the city center or want to drive the stroller to the supermarket for shopping, because they are very agile. Larger bikes are ideal for trips in nature, in the park or on forest trails.

Still important for bikes! How flexible are the wheels? Can you turn 360 °? If so, good, because then the bikes are very flexible and manoeuvrable and offer good handling of the stroller while driving!

Point 2. Height-adjustable sliding stands for ergonomic and comfortable steering

Why is that an important point? Well, surely mom and dad will take turns pushing the pram. For this, the push bar must be adjustable in height. So you don’t have to adopt an unnatural posture. What benefits your back and shoulders.

Or if friends and relatives want to take over pushing the stroller, this function is particularly important!

Point 3. Handyness

Now what is meant by handiness? Quite simply, the stroller has a folding function with which you can fold it up. This can be particularly important on the next family outing when the car is already full of suitcases and bags.

This function is not only important for transport, but also for storage at home. Not everyone has plenty of space and so, this feature can be very useful.

Point 4. Brake

The brake is available in two different versions and is particularly important on trips in nature or in the city. Many models have a parking brake. Either on the front tires or on the rear tires. Some even at all four. Models are now also equipped with a handbrake.

Important! Make sure that the brake is fully functional for the benefit of your child!

Point 5. Are there seals of approval??

When a manufacturer launches a new stroller model, it has to meet various safety standards. If the model has passed the test, it receives the GS seal for tested safety. The TÜV seal stands for the fact that the pram has passed various TÜV stress tests.

Once a stroller has passed these tests and has the certification mark, it can usually be trusted that the stroller has good standards.

In addition, there is the CE seal, which says that the strollers meet various EC directives. European Community directives.

In addition to the test seal, a 5-point seat belt is another useful addition to ensure even more safety.

Stroller test: That’s what Stiftung Warentest says

Stiftung Warentest has set itself the task of carrying out independent tests on various products. So there was also a pram test with many different models. In the test, models in a price range between 299 and 1080 euros were taken to achieve concrete results. According to Stiftung Warentest, only 3 out of 12 strollers scored “good”.

The three test winner models are Britax Go Big, ABC Design Condor 4 and Joolz Geo Earth.

In some models, pollutants were found in the handles, which are said to be carcinogenic. This pollutant was discovered in the handles of the Teutonia Bliss, in the mountaineer Capri and in the Knorr Baby. The name of the substance is naphthalene.

You can either use other models or replace the handles.

Flame retardants were found in the handle of the most expensive model of the Bugaboo brand. Just like naphthalene, the substance (TDCPP) is also said to have a carcinogenic effect.

Because children often hold on to handles or sometimes put them in their mouths, you should be particularly careful here.

Useful accessories for the stroller

A stroller can make everyday life a lot easier for parents. It offers enough space for the child to sleep, protection from the weather, children can play with toys in the stroller, parents can move the stroller without any problems.

But not everything is included when buying a stroller. You have to buy some supplements separately.

A footmuff for the stroller

A footmuff can be a useful addition to the stroller, especially the different models also offer different functions. So there are footmuffs for summer and some for winter. A lambskin footmuff is e.g. very water-resistant and offer good heat protection. Thanks to the fabric used, this footmuff offers natural heat regulation.

Summer and winter footmuffs, as the name suggests, are perfect for the respective seasons. While the summer footmuff with its light, skin-friendly and breathable materials is the ideal companion for summer, the winter footmuff provides the necessary warmth in the cold season.

Then there is a hybrid model. The universal footmuff. This is a combination of the previous footmuffs and is suitable for all seasons.

Particularly important! When buying a footmuff, the length of the footmuff should match that of the stroller and should not be too long.

Baby car seat and stroller

Get out of the car, into the stroller! That’s how easy it can be! To make this scenario a reality, you need an adapter for the stroller. This makes it possible with one click & and Go function attaching the baby seat in the stroller.

Before that, of course, you should check whether the stroller is compatible with the adapter and the baby seat with the adapter.


Regardless of whether wind, rain, snow or sun with the right weather protection, you are prepared for everything! Too strong sun or too much wind can be dangerous for a child, so you should buy suitable weather protection for your stroller!

game bow

Babies want entertainment and adventure and not just lying around. That is why there is actually a suitable pram chain for every pram. Various toys such as rattles, crackling figures or bells can be found on it. This means that your child can also work alone during an excursion.

Which stroller is the right one?


The combi stroller is often more expensive to buy than a sports stroller and buggy, understandable, because it combines a large part of these functions and usually serves as an all-rounder for many years. The combination stroller is initially used as a normal stroller with a spacious carrycot for the baby. If the baby can sit independently, parents like to switch to a sports car or buggy. At this moment, the carrycot can be removed from the stroller and the pushchair attachment can be fitted in a few simple steps. From now on, the combi stroller is a sporty and comfortable buggy.

With many models, the baby seat from different manufacturers can also be installed or the manufacturers of the stroller have their own infant carriers Parents who travel a lot by car enjoy this advantage. The frame of the stroller comes in the trunk and the child with the attachment – i.e. the baby seat – can be safely placed directly on the back seat.

Sibling / twin strollers

Parents who are looking for a sibling or twin stroller are faced with major challenges. Happiness in a double pack also means increased demands when it comes to choosing a stroller. However, the selection is considerably smaller. First, the decision must be made whether the children sit next to each other or in a row. For siblings who were born a short distance away and both are still being chauffeured in a stroller, the long variant offers the kids sitting in a row. The child in front then usually sits in a sports car attachment and the sibling is in the back, directly with the parents, in the carrycot. Different essays can be used at the same time. If later both babies children sit in the sports car, they can also look at one child sitting backwards in the car.

Arranged one behind the other, a sibling carriage is less wide. The flexibility is retained and you can continue to walk through the checkout areas in the supermarket, for example. With a twin trolley with babies lying next to each other in two bowls, shopping is often very difficult. At the checkout, it mostly fails because of space.

Side by side also has advantages. Children both have a clear view to the front, or alternatively both have a clear view to the rear of their parents. In addition, they always sit next to each other and can thus deal with each other. Of course, with every nonsense that belongs.

Both versions are bulky, unfortunately there is no way around it. But as a parent you are blessed with double happiness.

Zoom Twin and sibling cars from ABC Design

ABC-Design strollers are among the most popular strollers today. Very sporty in style and constructed in such a way that weight, flexibility and storage space are harmonious. The Zoom twin and sibling trolley is long, but not too wide for it and therefore maneuverable enough to fit through rows of shelves and checkout areas even in the supermarket. Arguments convince the parents.


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