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Caution: remodeling work in the brain!
Sometimes parents don’t recognize their pubescent children – the physical and mental changes that boys and girls go through are so strong. In one way or another, most parents experience their children’s puberty as a dramatic cut in family life. Which is not surprising given the fundamental reconstruction work in the brain of adolescents, the permanent hormone releases and the medial overstimulation. At some point the question then arises whether all education was useless. Of course it wasn’t!
Many parents are afraid of their children’s puberty because they reduce this time to conflicts and equate them with crises. Nevertheless, something new often emerges from the crisis, and a young adult ultimately turns out to be a child. The support of parents is always important – even if it sometimes consists in letting go at the right moment!

Puberty is also a new beginning for children and parents! Because puberty can also be handled productively. The accompanying crises are an opportunity for parents to enter into a new partnership relationship with the growing children – a relationship that is not based on power and control, but is characterized by mutual respect and respect – a relationship in which parents are role models are because they exemplify the principle of their children: "You are ok the way you are, you are important, you can do something, you are needed! ”How can parents help their children during this time? And what need them to it?
To help parents find their own way in education and to bring more openness, clarity and humor into everyday life, the German Child Protection Association has been offering its parenting courses "Strong Parents – Strong Children" ® for many years.


Building on the concept of "Strong parents – Strong children® wants the course: "Puberty: Departure, change – no breakdown “consider the positive aspects of this often difficult life stage and convey to parents how they can master everyday family life calmly and confidently even in conflict-laden situations.
The courses take place under the professional guidance of trained course instructors and are based on the standards and principles of the Child Protection Association.

duration: The Kinderschutzbund offers courses for parents, as an evening course (10 units) or as a compact course (4 Saturdays, 4 hours each).

Participation fee: 10 units € 80 for individuals, € 120 for couples, 4 units € 30 per person

Free courses for: Families in special life situations (single parent, low-income, separation, divorce, multiple childcare, migration background, early parenthood, children with disabilities, etc.)


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