Student jobs – part-time jobs from 13

If you are currently looking for a part-time job, it must of course also fit in with age. So that you can get some ideas on how to improve your pocket money, here are some jobs that you can do at the age of 13.

winter service

If you live in a region where winter brings regular snowfall, here are some school jobs – provided that you are not freezing and you don’t mind working in the fresh air. When it snows, the sidewalks must be regularly cleared of snow and ice and, if necessary, sprinkled with granules, sand, salt or other means so that no passer-by supports and injures themselves. As a rule are.more »


Lack of time or lack of desire on the part of adults can give you a permanent job as a student in this area. There is always something to do in gardens – almost all year round. Provided that you are a bit close to nature, like to work outdoors and have no problem getting dirty at work. It starts with the lawn every few weeks.more »

Home help

If you are a little younger, there are not sooo many ways to top up your pocket money because most of the activities are prohibited by law. The best way to find something is in the private sector, because here you can earn money at the age of 13 or 14 – to helpgame as a domestic help. You can find such a student job by asking in your neighborhood whether you are in the household.more »

Distribute brochures

We have advertising brochures from furniture stores, supermarkets and discounters or menus from delivery services in our mailbox almost every day. Some of these are thrown in directly by post from the postman, but often they are distributed separately from the so-called "household advertising" and this is preferably done by part-time jobs. This job is great for schoolchildren because.more »

Pet care

If you have a pet, you have to take care of it every day: feeding, grooming, petting, going outside, playing etc. But not every owner always has time for it. For example, when he is on vacation, on business trips or so busy that he always comes home late. In such cases, the owners look for someone to look after. The most common pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish.more »


If mother or father or both parents are at work during the day or just want to have two to three hours in the afternoon or evening, they need someone to look after their child. If you like dealing with children, this could be a job for you. In addition to loving care for the child, absolute reliability is paramount! After all, you have full responsibility for the child during the care period.more »

deliver newspapers

Newspapers and magazines have to be delivered every day – both in big cities and in small communities. Temporary help is sought here at and you have a good chance of finding a suitable job. Large previous knowledge is not required, so you can usually get started right away. For the job you get the newspapers delivered to your home or.more »

Shopping Help

This job is one of the jobs you can do at the age of 13. For example, for people who work and do not have time during the day. But above for older people who are no longer able to walk well and who find the shopping bags too heavy. You hike / cycle on agreed days with a Go shopping and clatter supermarkets, fruit shops and sometimes.more »

give tutoring

Are you good at math, English or chemistry? Then monetize your talent! Do you still have the teaching material from last year or the year before last? If you are still able to convey the content and have a little patience, tutoring could be the perfect side job for you. This is usually about working together on topics.more »

In principle, of course, you have to consider that the Youth Work Protection Act applies to you. This regulates which activities you can do at the age of 13 and how often or how long you are allowed to work.

What can you do now to find a suitable job from the age of 13??

  • ask your relatives or your parents’ friends
  • put up a notice in the supermarket
  • Throw the throw sheet into the neighbors’ mailboxes
  • just ask in stores

Or check here if there is a suitable job for 13-year-olds in your area.

Do you have any other job ideas for students aged 13 and over? Write to us if you e.g. you already had a job that is still missing here. More information on the topic and helpful tips for the You can find a successful job search in our guide for student jobs.

Do you actually know how much pocket money others get when they are 13? Then take a look at the current pocket money table, maybe you can still negotiate a bit with your parents;)


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