Study abroad in the usa: two patterns for a »curriculum vitae«

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A curriculum vitae (CV) looks different than a European curriculum vitae. We show the main differences. Two patterns make it easier to create your own CV.

Study Abroad in the US: The Curriculum Vitae (CV)
When applying for a study visit or an internship in the US and Canada is often a curriculum vitae (lat. = curriculum vitae) required. Such curriculum vitae (CV) resembles the usual biographies in Germany only in parts. The main differences:

  • A CV is shorter. You should put it on one side if possible.
  • The first relevant date is the graduation.
  • An application photo is unusual.
  • The data is rearranged chronologically.
  • Date and signature are missing.

It is not customary to send credentials and references (more important in North America); they are only shipped on request.

Our example CV
This is a CV of a business administration student for an internship abroad in the USA.

curriculum vitae
Ingo Botterhuis
At the Vogelsang 33
D-25341 Schweppenstedt
Phone: +49 452 342645432
Email: [email protected]
Improve my language skills; learn more about the american culture
Autumn 2000 to date Economics, major subject: marketing, University of Munich
2000 Alternative service: life-saving service
1999 Graduated from high school in Hohenhausen
Related Experience
Spring 2002 Practical training at the Hurtz GmbH in Wolfshagen, sales division
Summer 2001 Harvard Cases seminar at the Institute of Marketing, Munich
Membership in Marketing Alumni Munich association
Membership in the students’ marketing initiative MTP
Travel, volleyball, internet
Available on request

Second example CV
The following Curriculum Vitae was kindly provided by a reader. With this CV she has successfully applied for an internship in Canada.

PERSONNEL DETAILS Surname Katharina Bommel Home address . Telephone . Term address . Telephone . Nationality German Date of Birth May 02, 1980 gender female EDUCATION 2001-2002 University of Paderborn, Germany; subject: business, graduate basic study, final result: 1,9 (maximum: 1,0), since october 2002: main study on accounting and taxation 1999-2001

two-year training consisting of practical work and theoretical coursework;

»Berufsakademie Weserbergland«, Hameln, Germany (theoretical part);

“Law firm Müller & Schultz, a tax consultant, accountant, and lawyers partnership, Bielefeld, Germany (practical part):

graduated basic course with main focus taxation, final result 1./2. term: 2.1 (maximum: 1.0) final result 3./4. term: 2,1 (maximum: 1,0), successful examination at the German Chamber of Taxes, final result: 79 (maximum: 100)

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