Study: children love magazines

Study: Children love magazines. Parents too!

popular with kids. Correctly read. And yes, we mean booklets made from good old paper!

The Children’s Media Study 2019 * clearly shows that children between the ages of 6 and 13 can still enjoy reading a magazine today. 74% of this age group read at least one of the 46 children’s magazines offered by the publishing houses and queried in the study.

Children read more, not less

There is a clear trend that our children reach for and read a magazine several times a week even in these digital times: the use of magazines, comics and books has increased by a further 5% compared to 2017 and is now a good 76%.

From the first to the last page

Our children even love their magazines so much that 90% of them soak up the booklets from the first to the last page without missing a word. And even when the magazine has been read, young readers still like to leaf through it and read their favorite passages a second or even third time. Why? Quite simple: 91% of the girls and boys surveyed simply enjoy reading and are happy that they can learn something by reading.

Only me and my notebook

And contrary to the trend among adults, who are mostly multimedia users and often use another medium while reading, our children want to concentrate fully on their reading fun: 81% do not want to read anything else while reading their magazines, listen or watch. The kids’ creed is only me and my magazine!

Children also seem to love the tactile handling of paper, because 75% of 4 to 13 year olds read their magazine in the classic print edition, only 8% read the digital version every now and then.

The magazines queried are read by an average of 6.3 million parents. This is because parents consider children’s magazines to be more valuable and meaningful than content on television, radio or the Internet. The reasons for this are as simple as understandable: 89% of parents think it is good that magazines can and will be used repeatedly, and 86% are positive that their children can discover the print media at their own pace. 84% assume that their children learn something from children’s magazines and 77% believe that the booklets prepare complex content in a way that children can understand. In addition, 74% of parents consider reading magazines to be a useful activity.

And what do children prefer to read these days??

The children’s tops in popularity are magazines that we parents already knew – perhaps that’s why so many parents like to read or even browse through their children’s selected booklets. For the 6- to 13-year-olds, “Disney Funny Paperback”, “Mickey Mouse Comics” and “Just Kick-it” take the places on the podium. “Benjamin Blümchen”, “Bussi Bär” and “Winnie Puuh” top the ranking for younger children aged four to five years.
Except for “Just Kickit” all titles that we parents had in childhood – if not as a magazine, then at least as a radio play or comic in newspapers.

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