Stuttgart with children – tips for family vacation – excursion

Family vacation Stuttgart with children

What to do in Stuttgart with children?
We were for a family vacation in Suttgart and can give you a few tips in Stuttgart with children, plus excursion destinations around Stuttgart. The center of Stuttgart is located around the Schlossplatz. The streets of the city center are not the best with children-commercial.

Family vacation Stuttgart
Children enjoy other things on a family holiday in Stuttgart: the large Stuttgart Zoo with its many animals (called Wilhema), and when the weather is fine, the Killesberg with the playgrounds and the tower. Or a boat trip on the Neckar. When it rains in Stuttgart, my children love a visit to the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes Museum.

Sightseeing Stuttgart with children – by bus

This is what children love: by bus through Stuttgart

A hopp-on hopp-off bus is operated in Stuttgart. It starts at the main train station in the middle of the city and stops at the most popular family-friendly sights. We sat down and were thrilled. On the way to the sights in the city of Stuttgart there is something worth knowing about the city through headphones. In this way, the journey to the attraction itself becomes an attraction. There is not a lot of historical data and facts to be heard in the headphones, but stories about Stuttgart and interesting facts about the districts and buildings. The “radio play about the city” is offered in several languages.

A radio play for children about Stuttgart

Interesting on a family vacation in Baden Württemberg in Stuttgart: Parents listen to the first channel in German – or alternatively channel three, where you can hear the German version with Swabian dialect. Children choose the best channel two, where they hear things prepared for children: where is there good ice cream, how were the Swabian dumplings invented … In addition, this sightseeing bus is ideal with children because it also leads directly to family-friendly sights: That Pig museum is visited, the Mercedes Museum, the Wilhelma Zoo or the Killesberg. Children find the view from the double-decker from above particularly cool.

Stuttgart with children – the Killesberg

Discounts in Stuttgart with children

The StuttCard with children

In combination with the bus tour through Stuttgart, the StuttCard is ideal. As a family you can see the well-known family-friendly sights in Stuttgart with the map without additional Visit costs. They are valid for one day, two days or three days. If you want, you can also buy a StuttCard including local transport and then use all public transport at no additional cost. If you plan to see a lot in Stuttgart with children on your city break in Germany, the StuttCard is worthwhile.

Stuttgart Sightseeing Children

What trips are worthwhile with children in Stuttgart?

Are you looking for “Stuttgart Sightseeing Children? – Then you are right here. There is a children’s museum right in the center of Stuttgart on Schlossplatz in the young castle. Historical regional topics are conveyed to the children. We weren’t there ourselves, but should be interesting. There are many benches here in the central square in Stuttgart, where you can sit down comfortably with children on summer vacation and enjoy an ice cream. Twice a year there is a large folk festival with lots of rides on the grounds of the Cannstädter Wasen am Neckar, once in spring and then in autumn. An entertainment mile for children.

In the Stuttgart Automuseum with children: The Mercedes Museum and the Porsche Museum are an experience for children

Car museums in Stuttgart

The existence of two extensive museums around the automobile is unique in the whole world. A visit to the Mercedes Museum is particularly great for children. Over 100 cars are shown there. The Porsche Museum is also a tip for larger car enthusiasts. We were in both car museums!

Stuttgart Zoo – the Wilhelma

The zoo in Stuttgart is also known. The diversity of species is very large here and the zoo is in the top ranks throughout Germany. We don’t like the zoo so much, so we just drove past it with the sightseeing bus and preferred to get off at Killesberg.

By ship to Stuttgart

Children who would like to take the ship can do this together with their parents on the Neckar.

Excursion around Stuttgart with children

What to do at the gates of Stuttgart with children?
In the Stuttgart area there are some vineyards where you can go cycling with children and go for walks. In addition, the foothills of the Swabian Jura are not far. Family-friendly hikes are possible there. We used the family vacation in Stuttgart to visit the famous castles near the city. We were once on the castle tour through Hohenzollern with children. Another impressive castle in Sigmaringen is nearby. An excursion with children led us here too: that was our impression of Sigmaringen Castle with children.

Other families use the location of Stuttgart also for a trip to Lake Constance with children or even going to the Black Forest – but that’s a long way, I think.

Skiing in Stuttgart with children

In winter you can even go skiing with the kids around Stuttgart. Practice takes place in the trampoline hall in Stuttgart. For the weekend, a day trip to the Swabian Jura and other family ski areas around the city is worthwhile. We have created an overview of where it is worth skiing with children around Stuttgart, which family ski areas are available in the Stuttgart region and where you can also book ski lessons for the children.


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