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Summer time is vacation time. But when a person in need of care is dependent on help, recovery is often neglected. This is because barrier-free accommodations are rare and if additional staff care and aids have to be organized, it often becomes complicated. The organization of a care bed is an almost insoluble problem in most classic hotels.

Against this background, the Federal Working Group on Family Relaxation is promoting a network of 30 family recreation centers with barrier-free rooms in Germany’s top tourist regions with its brochure “Holidays with the Family”. The rooms are often even equipped with a care bed and a local care service comes into the house.

Since handicap-bazar focuses on grants, we will go into three below Points more specifically:

  • Some states provide a small grant for a vacation in a family recreation center on request. There are certain requirements for this.
  • The Dr. med. On request, the Heide Paul-Toebelmann Foundation can subsidize a recreational measure for caring relatives.
  • The nursing service can also be financed on vacation under certain conditions through preventive care if the caregiver, e.g. would like to do their own activities on an hourly basis (see this article on preventive care and hourly prevention of the caregiver).

State grants for families

In the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Saxony, families with at least one child receiving child benefit can receive grants for staying in one of the houses. A prerequisite for a successful application is a family income below a certain income limit, for which the federal states have defined different income limits.

For example, that would state Bavaria If the requirements are met, a subsidy of € 15 per day (€ 20 for a child with disability) give when one or two weeks Holidays are spent in a family resort. The application must be made before booking the trip.

In order to decide whether the income limit is met, the income must be determined. All income of the previous year in the sense of the Income Tax Act (EStG) counts as income. The income also includes so-called transfer payments such as B. Unemployment benefit I, federal parental benefit and pensions. Not included, for. B. Child benefit, child benefit surcharge, Bavarian state education allowance and childcare allowance.

From this, 27% and 22% are deducted for tax and social security contributions for employees who are not insured or who are not subject to statutory pension insurance.



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