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Do your problems seem too big to deal with? And does nobody seem to care? Sometimes these feelings of despair or apathy can cause people to think about suicide. What does the Bible say about this??

Suicide is nothing new. Seven suicides are reported in the Bible.

–> Abimelech
(Judges 9: 52-54)
Abimelech lacked their own identity.
(Judges 16: 25-30)
Samson died for a purpose he believed in and for revenge.
(1 Samuel 31: 4)
Was stressed and under pressure because he could not meet certain expectations. He felt excluded and as a failure.
Saul’s weapon bearer
(1 Samuel 31: 5)
He wanted to die spontaneously with his boss. 40% of adolescent suicides are impulsive.
(2 Samuel 17:23)
Ahitofel was embittered because his advice was not followed.
(1 Kings 16: 15-20)
Rebellion; Simri had problems with superiors.
(Matthew 27: 3-5)
Judas was depressed and trapped by materialism and guilt.

But what does the Bible tell us about suicide?

God has a great plan for your life. God created us according to his own image (Genesis 1: 26-27)! He created us for a purpose and has a meaningful plan ready for each of us.

"Because I only know what I intend to do with you: I, the Lord, will give you peace and free you from suffering. I give you future and hope again." (Jeremiah 29:11)

God’s plan is life, not death. The Bible teaches us that both physical and spiritual (spiritual) death are the consequences of our sins and disregard for God, but eternal life is a gift to those who accept it.

Because sin is paid for with death. But God gives us, in communion with Jesus Christ, our Lord, the eternal life that begins now and will never end. (Romans 6:23)

Jesus taught that death and destruction are the work of “the thief” (Satan). He said, "The thief comes to steal, slaughter and destroy." (John 10:10). John 8:44 states that Satan is a "murderer" and "enemy of truth". The feelings of despair that lead to suicide are caused by some of his lies.

Jesus wants us to have life. He said:

The thief comes to steal, slaughter and destroy. But I bring life to everyone who belongs to me – and this in abundance.
(John 10:10)

Life belongs to God. It is No way to take our own life or someone else’s life.

Or have you forgotten that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit that God gave you? So you no longer belong to yourself. God has a high one Price paid to buy you free; therefore now serve with your body the image of God in of the world. (1 Corinthians 6: 19-20)

If suicide is not the solution, then what?

The solution to despair and hopelessness is not suicide but trust in God.

We put our hope in the Lord, who will help us and save us. He is all our joy; we trust him, the holy god. Lord, let us know your kindness, we hope for you! (Psalm 33: 20-22)

Christ promises that He will free us from our problems and give us peace.

"Come to me all you who struggle and suffer from your burden! I will give you peace." (Matthew 11:28)

Please tell someone. Try telling someone you think about suicide: your parents, your brother or sister, a teacher or a trusted tutor, your pastor, or your youth leader. If a friend tells you that he or she is serious about suicide, you have to tell someone who is responsible and can help.

Accept the free gift of eternal life if you haven’t already. Romans 10:13 says: "Because everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." And John 1:12 tells us: "But those who accepted him and believed in him were given the right to be children of God."

When we accept Christ, God gives us a whole new life and considers us completely righteous and holy.

"If someone belongs to Christ, then he is a new person. What was before has passed, something new has started." (2 Corinthians 5:17)

"For God has charged and condemned all our guilt to Christ, who was without sin, so that we are free from this guilt and become people who please God." (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Because of God’s redemption through the death of Jesus on the cross, we can be sure that we have eternal life with God.

“Therefore, pay close attention to what I am saying to you now: Whoever hears my word and believes in the one who sent me will live forever. God’s death sentence will not affect him because he has it border already passed from death to life ”(John 5:24).

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