Summer baby – from good parents

Summer baby - from good parents

summer Baby

Dear expectant mother,

just now you have held the positive pregnancy test in your hand. You look forward to your child, which is to come in July or August next year to the world. Summer is such a wonderful time for a birth and for a sunny, warm and soft puerperium. However, he is not a good time to find a midwife. This is partly because summer is a popular holiday season and it is difficult even for midwives to organize just two, three-week representation. Because of course you can never really plan, if the babies someday plus-minus ten days to the actually calculated date to be born around. And then such a childbed will last eight weeks, for which a midwife as a contact for the family must be available, even if no daily home visits are required.

You now know that it is somewhat more difficult in the summer with the midwifery search. That’s why you called the first midwife immediately after the positive pregnancy test. She has unfortunately canceled, but you recommended at least two other colleagues with probably still available capacity. But even these two could not help you, among other things, because one will give up freelance even before the summer. The other one does not know how it will continue with her …

I do not know that either. The fact is that again on 30.06.2015, the professional liability insurance expires. And what happens from 01.07.2016, is so far again a mystery. There will probably be an insurance option, but the terms are still unknown. There are rumors that there will not be unproblematic three-year contracts in the future. The professional association (DHV) announced in August to know by autumn the new insurance conditions. Now winter is just around the corner and the insured midwives do not know more than then.

One can not plan, if one does not know reliably and in writing fixed, whether there will be a new insurance contract and how this will look concrete now? Maybe it is better to work only employed? Back into the understaffed delivery room … Or is it better to do something completely different? Midwives are sure to have a lot of patience, but that too will eventually be used up. How many years have we been playing this game and how long will that be? How should we, as midwives, be able to provide women with security in this particular phase of life if we no longer have them ourselves? I dont know. Many colleagues do not know it.

And you as the expectant mother will not know how reliable your midwifery care will be, if you even find a colleague who can accompany you. Summer is a wonderful time to have a baby. And I wish you and also us midwives that we can look forward to this time calmly and full of good hope.

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