Summer family vacation in austria

Relaxed family vacation in Austria

The best vacations are those that are full of variety – also and especially with children. Times Day in the hotel garden, sometimes on a bike or on the way on foot in the region. You start the day with a Family breakfast, that has healthy and delicious food for every taste. In the morning it goes around when the kids with the childminder in garden come together for snacking on berries, playing ball and making salt dough. At noon they strengthen themselves together with the Parents at the buffet or choose from the “small card” specially created for them. Of course, you can also have lunch with the childminder on request.

After lunch together, it’s time to paint your face! Later in the Splashed pools, danced and made something beautiful out of pasta. In the afternoon stands for sweet tooth sweet buffet ready and in the evening there is louder healthy organic delicacies. Something like that can be for the kids eventful day look at the Gartenhotel Theresia. Anyone who experiences so much sleeps like a marmot.

at two full payers lives per adult one child free in the room or in the parents’ suite. With more than two Calculate children we the regular children’s price for the older children of the family. The free accommodation and meals apply to Babies up to the third birthday in the entire summer season. For Children up to twelve years please refer to our price list for the specific costs or discounts.

That used in the hotel and also in the pools water is above average soft. We also add water to the pool extremely little chlorine added. If that’s not enough, we prepare it also according to the special Grander method, so that the natural protective acid mantle of the skin is well preserved even after a long swim. Swimming with no regrets and also for Children with sensitive skin!


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