Summer holiday with the children in Dabki Ostsee Magazin

A holiday report about Dabki with children (August/2018) by Karolin J.

After we spent our last winter vacation in the Baltic seaside resort Prerow at the German Baltic Sea, we went this summer vacation with the children to the Polish Baltic Sea. It is not the first time that we spend our holidays there. Especially for families the Polish Baltic Sea offers many advantages and is worth to be explored. In which place did we get to this summer and what do you actually do if you forgot your camera at home? Our highlights and much more can be found in this article.

What can I read here?

Where is the Baltic seaside resort of Dabki?

Dabki lies about 70 km behind Kolberg and is a small fishing and farming village. Translated into German the village is called Neuwasser. It belongs to the community Darlowo, in German Rügenwalde. From Berlin you can reach Dabki in 4.5 hours by car. Especially with children, this is a pleasant driving time, which can be easily bridged with a midday nap in the car and small breaks at rest stops. We wanted to be surprised by the place and only knew one thing in advance: Dabki is located between the Buckower See and the Baltic Sea. That sounded interesting.

Arriving at Dąbki we were surprised by a small, lively place that has a lot to offer. For the children it was especially nice that they could ride ponies and carousels there. We were very happy about the many great restaurants and shopping facilities that were within walking distance of our accommodation.

Our accommodation for summer holidays with children

Our cottage was situated directly at the end of the village Dabki, at the border to Bobolin, in German Böbbelin. It was a quiet, fantastic location, because the Baltic Sea can be reached from there by foot in 10 minutes. Our accommodation was on a fenced property with even more houses. In the middle there was a playground for the little ones and the big ones with a trampoline, a slide, small houses and much more. They could play to their heart’s content and read and relax on the terrace.

Holiday cottage VALHALLA / Picture & Offer >

We particularly enjoy the family-friendly environment and facilities. We didn’t have to bring a travel bed or a high chair, which saves a lot of space in the car. The house even had an extra baby cot and a sofa bed available. For the children there was a table with chairs and great toys. 14 days of sunshine, we had a lot of luck. So we went to the beach at least once a day. The children kept longer midday sheep in the beach shell than in our quarters :-).

You should read that too!

Summer, sun, sunshine in Dabki

Excursion to the lighthouse in Jaroslawiec

One morning we drove with the children to Jaroslawiec, formerly Jershöft, to see the lighthouse there. This has become a tradition, because there are so many lighthouses at the Polish Baltic Sea.

The Püppis love the view from the lighthouse and climbed the many steps with great pleasure to enjoy the view from above.

And as is often the case we saw in Jaroslawiec a notice for a zoo about 40 km away. This should be our destination the next day.

Charlotta Zoo in Slupsk

We have already visited several zoos with the children, but only the Charlotta Zoo offers such a great backdrop with fairytale characters. The girls made big eyes when they saw the house of the seven dwarves and snow white. All figures are carved out of wood and painted by themselves.

In the house of the seven dwarves you can also admire the little beds. We enjoyed it very much and it was a very successful trip.

There are not only fairy tale figures, but also a mirror cabinet. It is also possible to visit the zoo via water safari. Another attraction are the seals, which can be admired in an extra enclosure and perform the tricks. Especially in Poland it is very cheap and as a tourist you get a lot for your money. For four persons we paid only 20 Euro entrance fee and had a wonderful day in the zoo Charlotta.

And why forget the camera now?

When we were already on the motorway on the way there, I remembered that I had actually forgotten my camera. Of course I was mega sad and didn’t really feel like taking photos all day via smartphone – I’m more traditional. So in Koszalin we went looking for a disposable camera and found one. And what should I say, I think the photos have something special, I just like the mood of the pictures. Of course they can’t be compared to digital photos, especially since you never know what you’ve really photographed. It just has a total surprise effect and I love that. I actually had to wait a week until the shots were developed – it takes a little getting used to. But it is also worthwhile to use the good old analogue camera.

Maybe you’ll be tempted to travel and you’ll be drawn to the Polish Baltic Sea. Have fun travelling with your children.

Love, Caroline.

Note: This is the correct Polish spelling > Dąbki. For reasons of search engine optimization Dabki was written with a normal “a” in this article. This also applies to the “ł” in Slupsk and Jaroslawiec.

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