Summer jobs, vacation jobs abroad

summer Jobs & Vacation jobs abroad

If you want to go abroad during the (semester) vacation, but you still lack the necessary small change, we have a tip for you: Summer jobs or new German: Summer Jobs. These are paid vacation jobs, often for students on summer semester vacations. Summer camp jobs are particularly popular – periods abroad in the USA: you can look after children there in a typical holiday camp and experience everyday life at the summer camp up close. Summer jobs in Europe are also becoming increasingly popular. These include, for example, animation, tour guide and sports jobs. All further information about the summer jobs can be found in the following article.


Where can I do a summer job?

Summer Jobs USA & Canada

The most popular country for summer jobs is the country United States & Canada, as well as the southern countries of Europe. With the J1 visa you can work as a student in the US and earn money. When you work in such a summer camp, you primarily take care of children and help you organize the day’s program. In Canada, and recently also in China, there is also the possibility to work in a holiday camp. Within Europe are above all as summer jobs Animation and tour guide activities popular. There are appropriate options for this, especially with youth travel agencies or in club complexes.

Quick info


  • Transfer the (semester) vacation job abroad
  • Gather work experience abroad
  • Earn money while abroad


e.g. in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain



Usually 6 to 12 weeks.

Recommended from abroad:

Summercamp jobs in the USA

The most extraordinary summer job you’ll ever have:

  • Camp Leaders gives you an unforgettable one summer
  • Help with applying for the J1 visa
  • including accommodation, meals & flight
  • preparation & orientation >>> Find out more now!

Summercamp jobs in Canada

  • The real Canada experience with Camp Canada experts
  • including work permit
  • including accommodation & food
  • preparation seminar

Summercamp jobs in China

  • Experience authentic Asia with Adventure China
  • Assistance with the visa application
  • including accommodation & food
  • Help with all steps of the application
  • 2-day preparation meeting before departure

Further summer job goals

Besides the USA too Canada, Australia and New Zealand popular summer job goals, here too some organizations that offer relevant summer job programs. Please note, that there are separate regulations per country regarding the visa gives!

Summer jobs in Europe

A small to no problem is the visa for Summer jobs in Europe: Here you can e.g. during the semester break in Spain, France, Italy, England and Portugal take on vacation jobs. The programs for summer jobs in Europe run often (as for the USA) under the name "Work and Travel". Further information & Summer job offers in Europe can be found on our partner site

Become part of TUI, the global market leader in tourism.

For the start of the 2019 season, TUI Destination Experiences (TUI DX) is looking for child-hearted conquerors, all-round entertainers and fitness freaks to strengthen our teams. A lot of fun and work in the most beautiful places in the world is guaranteed. You will also get to know foreign cultures, other languages ​​and new friends. Summer is yours!

How long can I do the summer job?

First of all, of course, you have to see how much time you have. It is usually the case that the summer job programs are between 6 and 12 weeks last, in rare cases too up to 5 months.

What summer jobs / summer jobs can I do?

You can do summer jobs in many different areas do. Summer jobs are especially traditional in large leisure facilities offered, you can work in a hotel there as animator, as Trainer for fun sports or for example as Lifeguard. Jobs as so-called are also very popular Resort worker in a national park in the United States or Canada. Summer jobs are similarly widespread Employees in a summer camp.

Further information:

Summer job in a national park in the United States

A summer job in a national park? You will be wondering what tasks you can take on there as a summer jobber. Here is the answer: you can there e.g. in hotels and restaurants work, help with the maintenance of buildings and green areas or in shops (souvenir shops, etc.) as Saleswoman work. During your time in the national park, you live with other summer jobbers from all over the world.

Foreign-time Tip:
Many summer jobs can also be used as internship to be counted on!

What brings me a summer job?

  • You can go to foreign countries go and give you that Livelihood earn through jobbing.
  • You collect international experience.
  • You collect Work experience in another country.
  • You improve yours Foreign language skills.
  • You get to know a lot of new people and socialize international contacts.
  • You have a lot fun.

How much do I earn from a summer job?

It varies from country to country and from summer job to summer job. Of course, earnings also depend on the business and yours previous knowledge from. Inquire in advance with the employers in question or with an organization that arranges summer jobs.

How do I get a summer job abroad?

As is so often the case here: Either you organize your summer job yourself (Job search, visa, flight …), or you book through an organization. The latter costs a bit more money overall, but you do not usually have to look for the job yourself, you do not have to deal with as many formalities and always have a contact person in case of problems on site.

abroad time-Tip:
If you have to find the summer job yourself, First contact German companies that have a branch in your target country (Maybe you have already worked for such a company in Germany.)

Otherwise there are many job search options on the Internet.

Work & Travel as a summer job

Lots of work too & Travel programs come very close to a summer job – after all, it is about working and traveling – and there is often a work & Travel offer also a permanent job in one place.

Have a look here:

Our tip: Apply now as a supervisor for Summercamp 2020!

Our partner Camp leaders has been arranging supervisors in American summer camps for more than 20 years. Apply now for the summer of your life!

Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

  • You have to at least 18 years old be old.
  • You often have to work full-time (because of the visa)-Student / in be (registered for at least one semester)
  • You should be average to good English skills bring along (with a non-English speaking country good knowledge of the respective national language).
  • For countries outside the European Union you will need one in most cases visa.

More information about summer jobs

The following links provide more information about Summer Jobs:

    Summer job information on
    Summer jobs in the USA on
    EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal.


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