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Find, buy and save money with your summer course in Spain

Learn Spanish and enjoy everything that Spain has to offer in summer: sun, beach, culture, art, festivals and a great nightlife.

Note! Teenage Summer Camps in Spain
While some of our summer programs have a minimum age of 16 or 17, most of the students require to be at least 18. For younger students we offer teenage summer camps in Spain that take place in June, July and August.

Most popular travel destinations & schools

Check out our recommendations below for some of the best summer courses in Spain. Note that the categories are general and that the recommended schools are just a few examples of the many large ones schools, that we have available summer Spanish courses.

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Resort destinations (beaches and nightlife)

Ibiza: Also known as the capital of night life. An ideal destination for everyone who is looking for a Spanish course, an idyllic island life, a non-stop party and an exciting summer. For more information: Spanish courses in Ibiza

Instituto de >

  • Students per class: Max. 8
  • Students per class in summer: 120
  • Students per class all year round: 40
  • Opening year: 2008
  • Classrooms: 9
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Duration of lessons: 45
Positive / negative

Ideal for getting to know Spaniards and thus promoting language skills (Spaniards have German or English lessons in the same school)

Friendly atmosphere, few students per class and interactive lessons.

Many other languages ​​are spoken on the island which can lead to distraction.

Few courses are offered

Cultural goals (art and history)

Madrid: A large metropolis with friendly residents. Madrid has it all: culture, history, nightlife, delicious food etc. only the beach is missing. For more information: Spanish courses in Madrid

Sampere Madr >

  • Students per class: Max. 9
  • Students per class in summer: 125
  • Students per class all year round: 45
  • Opening year: 1956
  • Classrooms: 15
Positive / negative

Over 50 years of teaching experience.

Courses have a very good reputation.

Few students per class, which makes interactive lessons possible.

Price for short-term courses

Salamanca: The perfect study destination for those interested in student life, rich culture, and gaining exposure to one of the purest forms of Spanish spoken in the country. More information about: Spanish Courses in Salamanca

Salamanca University

  • Students per class: max. 15
  • Students per class in summer: 2000
  • Students per class all year round: 2000
  • Opening year: 1218
Positive / negative

Quality of the courses

Many minor subjects to choose from

Access to all facilities and facilities of the university.

Price compared to other universities.

There are not many levels.

Mixed destinations (beaches, nightlife, & Culture)

Barcelona: An artistic, absolutely international metropolis with a lot of history. But that’s not all because beautiful beaches and an exciting nightlife also belong to the city. For more information: Spanish courses in Barcelona

Camino Barcelona

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Students per class in summer: 390
  • Students per class all year round: 200
Positive / negative

The only school that offers accommodation in the same building

Does not offer Spanish courses for children on

Valencia: Valencia offers a big-city lifestyle combined with plenty of history and all of the benefits of a coastal location. A great option for those who want a taste of everything .. More information about: Spanish Courses in Valencia

Hispania -Valencia

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Students per class in summer: 250
  • Students per class all year round: 250
  • Opening year: 2002
  • Classrooms: 15
  • Minimum age: 16
Positive / negative

Two terraces where students can get to know each other and relax.

Flexible timetable: Students choose their timetable

In winter, courses are only offered once or twice a week.

Spanish courses over the summer

Summer courses are offered in all levels, from beginners to advanced and the The course of the courses is the same as in the other courses. The classes consist of Spanish grammar and conversation. At some universities, you can also choose additional subjects such as art, history, literature, etc., depending on the number of teaching units selected and / or your Spanish skills.
These courses can be attended at most universities from 2 weeks to 4 months in June, July, August and September.

If you are looking for a cheap course then click on Top 5 cheapest summer courses in Spain.

Who are these courses best suited for?

These courses are suitable for everyone. However, since these courses are similar to the intensive courses, they are particularly suitable for those who want to combine learning Spanish with holidays. Summer courses are also suitable for students who have no time the rest of the year and want to learn Spanish in a short time

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