Supplementary child insurance: benefits, comparison of tariffs

Supplementary insurance for children

As a member of a private supplementary health insurance, your children are not automatically insured with you. Therefore, you have to insure each child individually and with their own contribution. And because every child has their own health needs, the supplementary child insurance must be designed individually.

Of course, you can also have your partner’s non-biological children insured. The private supplementary insurance will not fail because of the family and family relationships of the child. You do not only insure benefits for your child. You can also arrange individual services yourself, for example when preparing for the birth decrease financial burdens.

"With private supplementary health insurance, parents cannot insure their children free of charge. Each child must be insured separately. The main advantage: children make a very small contribution, but still perform excellently. ”

Free tariff comparison to private supplementary health insurance

Current tariffs from 2019 adapted and optimized for you personally.

Scope of supplementary child insurance

The scope of additional insurance for children differs only slightly from tariffs for adults. Additional visual aids, treatments with a naturopath or dental services can be insured in supplementary child insurance. The only difference to private supplementary health insurance is the additional insurable birth-related benefits. Here you can get reimbursed the costs for things like a birth preparation as an expectant mother or as an expectant father.

The benefits of supplementary child insurance are divided into three basic areas: hospital, Dentures and visual aids. Like you, your child can become a private patient in addition to the basic services of the health insurance company in the additional service areas. For example, the option of rooming in your child could make your hospital stay easier because you can stay at the bedside.

If your insured child leaves your household beforehand, your supplementary child insurance ends when you move out. Therefore, please note the exact deadlines in order to be able to seamlessly conclude an adult tariff if necessary.

Additional child insurance tailored to your needs

Supplementary insurance for children is just as numerous as private supplementary health insurance for adults. You may find some policies immediately useful, such as child supplementary insurance for dentures and glasses. Many children are treated with orthodontics, for which you can get part of the costs reimbursed with private supplementary insurance.

In order not to conclude policies, the benefits of which you actually do not need, a need-based protection is necessary. When comparing providers, make it clear which treatments for your child you attach particular importance to and in which areas you will face costs. An independent insurance expert can help you choose the best supplementary insurance for your child.

Health check on supplementary health insurance for children

With regard to the formal aspect of supplementary child insurance, children are considered as adults. Just as you have to pay your own contribution for your child, a separate health check is carried out for the child to be insured. The insurer will send you a questionnaire with general health questions. You answer that truthfully for your child. Under certain circumstances, a second, special questionnaire will be sent to you, for example to clarify details about allergies or individual previous diseases.

If the insurer also has questions about the health of your child, he will contact your pediatrician and ask for more information. If desired, you can agree that such additional information should not be obtained directly from you, but directly from the doctor treating you.

Waiting period for supplementary child insurance

In general, there is also a supplementary health insurance for children Waiting period of 3 months. The most You can only claim benefits for your child after this waiting period. The doctor’s diagnosis is the date of the illness or treatment. The costs for orthodontic, dental and psychotherapeutic treatments, however, are subject to one longer waiting period of 8 months. Treatments after an accident can be reimbursed immediately because there is no waiting time.

No additional insurance for children

In view of the many possible additional insurance policies for children, there will sometimes be policies that you personally consider to be unnecessary. For example, if your child does not have any particular visual impairments, you can first consider opting out of glasses insurance. On the other hand, treatment with a naturopath may be so important to you that your supplementary child insurance must include this benefit.

In addition to your own wishes and ideas, you should ask an independent insurance broker for advice so that you can have the benefits of individual supplementary insurance for your child explained. In the end, you personally decide which child supplementary insurance is unnecessary for your family and which is not.


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