Supplementary dental insurance for children, 100% for orthodontics

Supplementary dental insurance for children, 100% for orthodontics

Child Dental Insurance: Find the best dental insurance

Supplementary dental insurance for children offers two main advantages: It offers financial protection because the costs of treatment in orthodontics can quickly be between 2,500 and 6,000 euros. The second aspect is our children’s dental health and beauty. Dental supplementary insurance for children is an investment in the future, because your child will have something of healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime! You will find different tariffs with us, so that you will find the best supplementary insurance for your child that optimally covers your requirements.

Your advantages of

  • The right, best dental supplement insurance for children find quickly
  • with this performance-assured (without surprises when submitting invoices from the orthodontist)
  • Secure premium and moreover later in the case of accompanied contacts be included (patient lawyer line in case of an emergency).

The 3-way combination of the service package (performance support) can only be found here, only at Find the best dental supplement insurance for children with us!

Best dental supplement insurance for children (test winner)

ARAG Dent90 + dental supplement insurance for children

90% for orthodontic treatment of children without advance payment from the statutory health insurance, 90% max. 1,500 euros with advance payment from the GKV. Top performance in the first few years. Comprehensive services for braces, tooth preservation and dentures 90% even without bonus booklet and without waiting times!

ARAG Dent100 dental supplement insurance for children

90% for orthodontic treatment of children and adults without advance payment from the statutory health insurance. No waiting times, top performance in the first few years. Comprehensive services for braces, tooth preservation and dentures up to 100%.

INTER QualiMedZ® Z90 + Zpro dental supplement insurance for children

Without waiting times. Absolute top tariff for orthodontic services (braces). A total of 3,000 euros for braces can be called up in the first three years.

signal >90% orthodontics for children with and without advance payment from the statutory health insurance, 90% plastic fillings, 90% implants, 90% bridges, crowns and inlays even without a bonus booklet. No waiting time.

ARAG Z90 bonus dental insurance for children

80-90% depending on the bonus booklet for implants, inlays, bridges, crowns, 90% root canal treatment, 90% periodontal treatment, 90% high-quality plastic fillings, 80% braces (orthodontics) for children and adults.

How to get out of the tariff jungle of child supplementary insurance quickly and safely:

  1. Request a quote or nationwide toll free 0800-5337934 Contact us by phone.
  2. Get contacts, discuss tooth status and jointly select the dental supplement insurance that is best suited for your child, take out at,
  3. Collect a premium and secure performance support free of charge.

Frequently asked questions about children’s dental insurance

Why does dental supplement insurance make sense for children??

The fact that an orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents with a treatment duration of 3 to 4 years can easily cost 1000 to 6000 euros is undisputed. And also that the statutory health insurance (GKV) only pays for children and adolescents with severe tooth misalignment. Decisive are the jaw indication groups (KIG), which reflect the severity of a diagnosis in levels 1 to 5. Therefore, protect yourself from the high costs with good dental insurance for children with orthodontic services!

Why additional dental insurance for adults and additional dental insurance for children?

Supplementary dental insurance for children and supplementary dental insurance for adults – these are two different areas of focus. This lies with adult dental insurance in the area of ​​dentures (bridges, crowns, implants, etc.) and in the area of ​​tooth preservation (professional tooth cleaning, high-quality plastic fillings, root and periodontal treatment, bite splints). For children, these risks are of a subordinate nature. The difference lies in the The main focus of dental supplement insurance for children is clearly in the field of orthodontics (Children braces). A very good offer for adults includes little or no orthodontic services for children. And vice versa, one or the other dental supplement insurance only offers children relatively good benefits for dentures. That is why it makes sense to take out special dental supplementary insurance for children in adolescence – and for adults to take out additional dental insurance.

What does the statutory health insurance fund do for orthodontic treatment??

If your statutory health insurer pays for orthodontic treatment (KFO), you will get first 80 percent of the invoice amount is reimbursed. You pay the remaining 20 percent yourself. Families who have several children under orthodontic treatment pay only 10 percent per child. In both cases, the money can be returned on request from the health insurance company upon written confirmation from the dentist after successful completion of the treatment.

The health insurances only perform services in the KIG (jaw indication groups) 3 to 5. These are serious misalignments that hinder chewing, breathing or speaking. The prerequisite is that the Treatment started before the age of 18 has been. There is generally no service in KIG 1 and 2. Costs for more complex forms of treatment and better quality in KIG 3–5 have to be paid out of one’s own pocket. The biggest financial risk for us parents is the diagnosis in jaw indication group 2. That means 2,500 to 6,000 euros total costs – and no benefits from the statutory health insurance at all. Good private dental supplement insurance can help children here – if it was taken out in good time.

When should you take out dental insurance with orthodontic services for children?

The need for orthodontic treatment is usually determined in the 8th to 12th year of life, in rare cases earlier. The degree should be completed beforehand, between the ages of 5 and 7. The ideal time is shortly before the so-called mixed dentition. Please note the recommended recommended age for each tariff due to the performance scales in the first years. Very sober: once the diagnosis is made, however, it is no longer worthwhile to complete the orthodontics department. Orthodontic treatments advised / intended before the contract is concluded cannot be insured. And: please don’t consider yourself smarter than the insurers. In the event of benefits, regular access to the patient register is requested. And that in the last 3 years before signing the contract. How can they not? Right! Not the insurers, but the patients’ parents do. And that is exactly what is asked politely. If it is about dental supplement insurance for children, it is best to let us advise you in advance.

Why not buy supplementary dental insurance directly from the insurer but from the specialist

  • Because the consultants at always check beforehand whether and which dental supplementary insurance makes sense in your specific case. In counseling, the blunt truth is said (… which is more important than you think). In the worst case, it is even discouraged to conclude.
  • Because all dental tariffs offered pass the 41-question test, one of the toughest of all tests for supplementary dental insurance, and you can be sure that it says VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD.
  • Because all prices direct prices from the insurer are free of additional fees and the high-quality personal advice does not cost an additional cent. Because at the end of the contract, now and later when submitting invoices, you have a fixed, specialized contact person. Because the fun factor in the form of a thank you bonus comes into play at the end. Because the combination of standardized dental supplementary insurance for children plus individual advice by phone and personal support in the event of benefits up to the patient attorney line has so far been unique … especially since there is even a nice bonus.

Which are the main insurers that have developed dental insurance for children?

Very good dental insurance with orthodontics for kids covers 80 to 100% of the benefits in KIG 2. This is particularly important because in KIG 2 there is no benefit from the health insurance. In addition, if possible, part of the additional costs for better quality / more complex forms of treatment should be borne in the KIG 3-5. The most important developers of dental supplementary insurance for children are (in alphabetical order): Allianz, ARAG, AXA, Bayerische, CSS, Concordia, Deutsche Familienversicherung DFV, Deutsche Krankenversicherung DKV, INTER, Janitos, Münchener Verein, R + V, Signal Iduna, UNION / UKV and universa.

Which additional dental insurance rates offer children the best benefits?

The tariffs that are considered the best supplementary dental insurance for children are in alphabetical order: ARAG Z90Bonus, AXA DENT Premium-U, Allianz ZahnBest + ZahnFit, Bavarian VIP dental Plus (can only be concluded after prior insurance), Concordia ZT + ZB, DFV KinderZahnSchutzbrief, DFV Zahnschutz Exklusiv plus, DKV KDT85 + KDBE, INTER QualimedZ Z90 + ZPro, Janitos JA dental plus, R + V Premium (Z1U + ZV), Signal Iduna ZahnTOPpur and UNION ZahnPremium (UKV).

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