Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics, test 2020

Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics, test 2020

Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics: which is the best. Top tariffs I test & comparison

In order to find the best dental insurance for orthodontics, the tariff detail pages of the individual dental insurance must be analyzed. There, among other things, the orthodontic product feature is presented in detail and the covered benefits of the respective additional dentist insurance are analyzed and discussed on the basis of the tariff conditions on which they are based. By setting your date of birth and then clicking the "Compare" button, you will get to the overview page of our comparison.

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Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics – how to find the best rates in the test?

The private dental insurance with orthodontics is one of the types of insurance that children and young people particularly enjoy. Additional private coverage can make a lot of sense, especially with regard to orthodontic services, since it completes the existing statutory insurance profile. It should be borne in mind that a supplementary dental insurance for extensive orthodontic treatment measures is offered by various providers. The best tariffs for a corresponding one Dental orthodontic insurance without waiting can be found via the tariff calculator or via a corresponding list and overview of the individual providers. The tariffs can be sorted according to the quality of the services or according to the price.

Dental Supplement Insurance with Orthodontics (KFO) – The Top 5 Tariffs

The following table shows the 5 best dental insurance policies with orthodontic services. It gives an initial overview of their secured level of performance in the area of ​​orthodontics and the overall grade achieved in the test.

Table 1: The top five dental supplements with orthodontic benefits

collective name Reimbursement rate orthodontic grade
Exclusive German family insurance for dental protection 100% 1.0
Munich Association 571 + 572 + 573 + 574 90% 1.0
Insurance Chamber Bavaria ZahnPRIVAT Premium 90% 1.1
Allianz Dental Best 90% 1.4
Signal Iduna tooth top pure 90% 1.5

Below we have linked the five tariffs shown above. Clicking on the respective tariff name takes you directly to the corresponding tariff detail page. On these tariff pages, you will find all of the secured treatment measures. Under the item / tab "More" – Details about orthodontics – these are shown in detail:

Check services directly in the tariff overview

The list on the comparison page provides a first overview of the benefits covered. However, to analyze which ones Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics and what exactly the range of services covers, it is advisable to study the tariff detail pages of the individual tariffs. A direct comparison of two preferred tariffs is also possible. All you have to do is tick the box next to the corresponding tariffs.

What are the differences between the individual dental insurance policies??

Finding out the differences in the field of dental supplement insurance for orthodontics is child’s play. These can best be seen by comparing the tariffs directly. A wide variety of characteristics of the dental supplementary insurance shown can also be considered, which reflect the price and the quality of the insurance. These include, for example:

  • Is prophylaxis paid and to what extent?
  • How high is the replacement in the field of dental treatment?
  • What services are offered with dentures?
  • What is the monthly insurance premium??
  • What is the waiting period for the insurance??

These questions should be answered in advance before it comes to taking out dental insurance with orthodontic services. As a rule, the costs of the various tariffs are based on how old the customer is when the application is made. The monthly costs are certainly an important criterion for choosing the right pension option, but customers should be the one Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics search, also carry out a condition comparison. This is the only way to ensure in the event of a claim that the dental insurance taken out also pays.

The best dental insurance with orthodontics

As a rule, there is a waiting period for most private dental insurance policies. These regulations are also applied in the field of dental supplement insurance and orthodontics. It serves to protect against misuse. In general, the tariff conditions of the tariffs clarify which benefits are covered by the insurance and to what extent treatment on the jaw is reimbursable. Basically, it can be said that orthodontic measures in children and adolescents are taken over by some dental insurance companies. Whereas adult orthodontics, through supplementary dental insurance, is usually only covered after an accident. Dental supplementary insurance to protect adult orthodontics is, for example, the ARAG dental supplementary insurance tariffs DentalProZ100 or DentalProZ90 Bonus. The tariff Z90 + ZPro of the Inter Zahnzusatzversicherung also secures services for orthodontics for adults. They also pay if the cause of the treatment is not due to an accident. However, all previous treatments should be specified when applying, since a review in the event of benefits must be assumed. Tariffs such as the AXA DENT Premium or the tariffs of the Deutsche Familienversicherung, however, only apply to adults if orthodontic treatment becomes necessary due to an accident.

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